Under the covers

16 year old Angel thought that her life was a normal one, an average one, but then her brother came along and opened her up to a world full of lust, passion, love and friendship.

17 year old Teddy always loved his sister, but then one fateful summers day, every changed and nothing would ever be the same between them again.

There are NO sex scenes in this novel, however it is implied through various chapters, due to this, NO under 16's should read this novel. Thank you.


10. Nightmares.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while! But here it is!

Teddy's POV 

"OH MY GOD" Ashley's high pitched, panicked voice pierced my pounding skull. I slammed on the breaks as the unknown figure rolled off my car. Without acknowledging Ashley at all I rushed out of the car slamming the door behind me. As I approached the figure I began to realize who it was I'd hit. My blood ran cold and my heart stopped. The wind was abnormally strong for this time of year and it blew her dark brown hair around her head and against the ground, raising the dust which blew away with the wind. We were on a dilapidated gravel road that was really out of the way of the entire town, so there was not any traffic. I collapsed to my knees next to her. "Angel?" No response. "Angel!" I began to shake her, my arms numb and my head foggy. I could see her head snapping back and forth, like a rag doll, my beautiful, postmortem rag doll. I could see my own tears begin to fall against her face, creating a line of ghostly pallor as they rolled down her face, removing the dust that had settled. I could faintly feel myself shaking harder, my arms trembling, the far away, desperate, mournful howls that I slowly realized were my own. My vision blurred and my world shook as I sobbed desperately. I cradled her in my arms, stroking her soft, bloodstained hair. A shadow engulfed me, and my grip on my sister tightened.
"Help! We accidentally...we hit a person!" she manages to keep her voice steady,
"M—m—may street...we—we're right outs—s—side t—to—wn" Ashley stutters out, tearsstreaming down her face.

"Let go, son." the paramedic says gently. She has a calm face, a kind, caring face, the kind that always seems to comfort people. My grip on Angel loosens, I suppose, because two others take her from me and put her on a stretcher. I follow them instinctively.
"Sir, do you want to ride?" the kind faced woman asks, and I nod weakly.
"I-I ran over my baby sister." I weep, once inside the truck that was barreling through the time space continuum. One of the men, one of the men sticking needles in my sister looks over.
"This is your sister?" he asks, surprised.
"Y—yeah" I whimper,
"I'm so sorry..." he glances at her, "I'm sure she'll pull through." 
"If she doesn't, I—I'll follow soon after."

We eventually reached the hospital and Angel was rushed into the building, the nurses frantic. A doctor sat Ashley, who had been following the ambulance, and I down to go over what had happened. Yes, I hit her. No, we hadn't been driving the speed limit. He got our information and called my father at work and my mother, and Ashley's mother. I was thankful that Ashley never left my side. I held her hand like a small child would their mother's, and each time I faltered, she squeezed my hand to give me strength. "Thank you... Thank you for helping me. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't been there." My eyes were trained on a spot on the floor that the janitor must have missed. It was a splotch of coffee that had stained the tile, I think. 

She actually smiled at me, and took a second to reply as if contemplating what she should say. "Anyone else would've done it." she sighs. My mother and father arrive in a rush, my mother sobbing hysterically and my father whispering soothing words into her hair. Ashley's mom arrives soon after, 
"I'm so sorry..." she says to my hysterical mother,
"I—it's no one's fault...it was an accident..." Mom replies, calming down. By now, I'm in some sort of shell shock. I stare out the window as the day turns gloomy, a fog weighing down on the sky. "Angel is stable, and on her way to recovery. You can see her if you want to." he addresses me and my parents. Ashley and her mom stuck around to see how Angel was doing, but eventually went home. 
"Hey, if you ever need to talk, here's my number." Ashley says softly as she hands me a card from the thing at the front. I tuck it into my pocket as I follow my parents and the doctor, Dr. Hill, to room 785, where we saw Angel still asleep. Twenty stitches in her head, and a broken arm. There are IVs in her arms, and half of her head is shaved. My poor Angel...I did this to her...
"Now, she'll need to stay here for a week or two as she recovers from the minor trauma. She should be ready to leave by then." Dr. Hill assures us. We stay there until my mom reminds me that I have school. Dad drives me home because Mom insisted on staying with her.

After school, Ashley calls me and asks if I want to talk. 
"Sure, I guess...but I'd rather do it in person..."
"Oh, I understand, how about we go to Denny's then?"
"Sure, but you're picking me up, because I will never drive a car again." with that, I had a sort of date with Ashley Richards.

"Hop in, Teddy." Ashely told me as she pulled up in an impressive red car. Ashley was more impressive. I smiled impulsively at her and got in. So, her hair is straight naturally. Her skin seemed to glow, and her eyes sparkled. She was pretty even without makeup. Even more unusual, she wore casual clothes, jeans and a T-shirt. Honestly, I liked her better this way. I told her so and she just laughed, "Well, it's much more comfortable than a slutty dress and high heels." 

The car ride was surprisingly pleasant. She's so...she's being so nice. 
"What do you think of the New York Giants?" 
This question surprises me, I'd never been much of a baseball person.
"You like...baseball?" 
"I kind of grew into it, my grandpa loved baseball so my mother just is crazy about it, and my dad proposed to my mom at a baseball game. And of course, it was at a Giant's game. So we follow them. But personally, my favorite team is the Red Sox, but don't tell my mom." That's so...well, that's a really good reason to like baseball. 
"Oh...I'm not much of a baseball person..."
She smiles, "I love how you don't lie to me." For some reason that makes me feel terrible. No, I know exactly why...Angel...

I was surprised to hear that she likes off-road transportation.
"This one time I was riding through some trails at my family's cottage, and storm had just passed and the dirt turned into muck. When I tried to turn around my tires sunk in! I was covered head to toe in mud and, on top of that, I had to walk all the way back to the cottage to get help!" We both laughed over her happy memory.

The diner was quiet and nice. We ourselves chatted and laughed until it closed. We decided to just wander around afterwards. She distracted me from the painful ache in my heart. She distracted me from my feelings, distracted me from what I'd done.

She took me home around ten thirty. 
"This was really...nice." 
"Yeah. I had a really good time."
"We should hang out more often." 
She gives me a half hug and a smile, then she's gone. Then I get a text, Teddy, where are you? I haven't seen you all day...your sister has been asking all day! 
Shit! I forgot about Angel!

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