Under the covers

16 year old Angel thought that her life was a normal one, an average one, but then her brother came along and opened her up to a world full of lust, passion, love and friendship.

17 year old Teddy always loved his sister, but then one fateful summers day, every changed and nothing would ever be the same between them again.

There are NO sex scenes in this novel, however it is implied through various chapters, due to this, NO under 16's should read this novel. Thank you.


4. Lab partners.

Teddy's Pov My mind was cluttered with conflicting thoughts today at school. While the teacher droned on I was preoccupied thinking about last night. Why? Was she just thinking about him? Or did she actually think it was Brad...no. That can't be possible.  The room was quiet as Ms. Pellerson, my bitter and lonely teacher, assigned us a five to ten page paper on William Shakespeare due a week from now. When she finished, I walked up to her desk. She was a crow of a woman, with beady black eyes and too long, black hair, a beak-like nose . I take her little stout form and convert it in my mind to Angel, and staring at me with those big eyes. I can hear my voice, soft and sensuous, "Ms. P, may I go to the bathroom?" Angel smiles at me and straightens her skirt. My mouth waters thinking about what's under Angel's skirt, but cruel reality hits me, and the crone returns.  "Of course." she replies silkily. She never lets anyone but me go to the bathroom, and now you know my secret.  Since I was done with my business, and I didn't exactly feel like writing about a dead guy who wrote in old English that I couldn't really understand, I'd wander the halls. Maybe I can pass Angel's class and see how she is. I still don't know about this whole Brad thing, but it would be nice to calm my raging ego and the evil, snaking suspicions wiggling around in my mind. I sighed and began strolling down the halls, heading to the east wing. Angel's Pov I walked into class looking rather less-than-perfect. I was in no mood for pretty today, and perhaps the fact that I felt like a hobo, probably looked like a hobo, no make-up, a loose ponytail, god, sweatpants and Teddy's shirt, with "Bite me" lining the top and a little vampire face that was rumpled and had a questionable stain on the hem, were signs to anyone who addressed me to please go eat **** and die. I hadn't even done the usual walk and talk while the little people watch with my following of stupid ***** today; in fact I barely made it to school. Teddy was already gone by the time I walked out of the bathroom so I was forced to walk. It didn't help my appearance today at all.  I sat down at my desk and rubbed my temples with my index and middle fingers. I kept reliving the events of last night in my head, or rather, the event that led to a night of guilt, silence, and shame in my own bed. Why would I have said Brad's name? He was an insensitive jerk who would **** anything that walked, and who also made me feel like a cow bawling in fear of being slaughtered. But perhaps I was being too hard on him. No, no I'm not. I can't even make excuses for him. He's a disgusting pig, and I want him. Not in the way I want Teddy, no, this was lust. This was pure lust and I was on the way to giving in to it. As he ambled in, and looked at the very female teacher very sorrowfully, somewhat like a puppy that chewed up your sandals, but you couldn't be mad at him, even if they were designer, I thought to myself, perhaps, just perhaps, being normal might not be so terrible. It's not like he'd be any kind of challenge.  The teacher was now announcing to the class that we'd be starting a group project and that we got to pick our own partners. I would, of course, not come to him. I made eye contact with him, and beckoned him with a finger. He smiled smugly and ambled over confidently.  "Want to be partners?"  "Maybe, or maybe I could get some brainiac to come and help me." I replied lazily. Even looking like a hobo, I could tell it was working on him. Today was looking up. "Oh, I know you won't, because you want me." he smiled a winning smile and sat down. Hmm, fine. He can have this one.  "So how's your girlfriend?" I say casually, pulling my ponytail out, raking my fingers through my hair, and replacing it in a high, tight, cheerleader style ponytail. "Oh, Ashley? I was only using her to get to you. She wasn't nearly hot enough to deserve all this!" he announced, gesturing to himself as if he was Adonis. As if. I actually laughed. It felt good to actually laugh about something. He grinned, pleased with himself. We laughed and talked amicably until I dropped my pencil, the one I was using to take notes as we talked. He reached down and picked it up, handing it to me. I grabbed it and our fingers touched. I pinked a little and turned my head to Teddy peering at me through the door.

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