Under the covers

16 year old Angel thought that her life was a normal one, an average one, but then her brother came along and opened her up to a world full of lust, passion, love and friendship.

17 year old Teddy always loved his sister, but then one fateful summers day, every changed and nothing would ever be the same between them again.

There are NO sex scenes in this novel, however it is implied through various chapters, due to this, NO under 16's should read this novel. Thank you.


5. Flashbacks.

Angel's POV It's not as if I had been doing anything wrong, and not as if I had been cheating. I'd just been getting a pencil back. But I felt as if I betrayed Teddy by simply liking another male. The look of confusion and hurt on his face hit me heavily, straight to my heart.  It reminded me of when we first started feeling wrongly about each other.  *flashback two years* Summer of 09. The beginning of the end. I started high school that year. Of course, my snotty older brother, Teddy, was already in high school. Up until now, our relationship was normal. We fought and we embarrassed each other, but in the end we had each others backs. I suppose, that it was me who started having off feelings about my brother, but he made the first move. It wasn't a big sudden realization. It was more like a slow and scared sort of coming about.  It was after Ashley came over, the same one whom Brad used to get closer to me. I had just gone to get us the Diet Cokes she wanted. My brother, I assume, walked in, got the little ****'s attention, and like good teenagers, they started making out in my room. I'd been padding to my room, the door ajar, when I hear my brother's voice as I'd never heard it, rough and labored. I'd discover at a later time, that this was the voice he used when he was getting hot and heavy.  "Damn, you're such a good kisser." he rumbles. "Mmm, I can tell." her voice is silky, and I assume, supposed to be arousing. I listen to their animal noises for a little while longer. I'm still on the innocent side, only having liked boys from afar. They were still too foreign, to awkward to be around in middle school. I gather the gall to peek. My brother, on my bed, on top of my friend. It bothered me. I saw his hand snake up her shirt. Anger got the best of me. I closed the door, then sprinted in, yelling "I've got the C-!" They freeze. "MOOOOOOOM When she's gone, and Teddy is still in my room, I stare at him. His hair is all messed up and there is a large bulge in his pants, that I can't help noticing. His eyes are out of focus and he's biting his lipstick smudged bottom lip.  "...you were making out with my friend in my bed."  He's silent. "...I know you don't want me to tell mom." Again, he's quiet. "...get out of my room." he just stands there, his eyes still glassy. I push him. He snaps out of it. He's angry.  "Don't push me!" he pushes back. "Don't make out with my friends in my bed!" I shove him. "Don't have such hot friends!" he pushes me hard. I end up against the wall, with him pinning me. "Don't be so horny all he time!" I snarl, removing my hands from his grasp. He pins me with his body. I can feel his boner on my bare leg. I had chosen to wear a short skirt today, and was now regretting it. "I can't help it." he murmurs. He rests his head on my shoulder, the anger seems to have gone. "I'm sorry, Piglet." he mutters, using the name he used when we were little and still watched Winne the Pooh. "It's okay Eeyore." I couldn't be mad at my brother. I could feel the bulge on my leg grow. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..." he mumbles, and presses closer. It seems to swell each time he says sorry. My mother calls for dinner, and the spell is broken. *flasback over* Slowly, the game progresses. He sneaks into my room and kisses me a few times on the mouth. I come into his room late at night and we kiss. They continue, until finally, he's hovering over me, asking in a desperately quiet voice, "How does this feel? This? How about this?" and I'm telling him he's doing fine. No, we didn't have sex that year. We got close, but that didn't happen until I was fifteen and he was sixteen.  I sigh, and look at the paper I'm writing on, then look at Brad, who's an egotistical jerk who attracts my attention like Teddy did that summer day of '09, and out the door window, to see that he's gone.

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