Under the covers

16 year old Angel thought that her life was a normal one, an average one, but then her brother came along and opened her up to a world full of lust, passion, love and friendship.

17 year old Teddy always loved his sister, but then one fateful summers day, every changed and nothing would ever be the same between them again.

There are NO sex scenes in this novel, however it is implied through various chapters, due to this, NO under 16's should read this novel. Thank you.


8. Caught.

Teddy's POV Click  All the doors of my car locked simultaneously. I had to be quick, no one could see. I struggled to slide my retainers down. "Oh Kim Kardashian! Your body is enough to make me drool! I wish I could meet you in a dark alley at night!" If only my phone was bigger! I wish I had a bigger screen! I wish something else was bigger too... But that won't happen either. It's funny what goes on in my head when I'm alone. I slide my finger across my screen to reveal another photo. "Oh, that beautiful sapphire blue dress fits perfectly on those curves!" Heavier breaths. Heavier breaths. I needed this. This tension was just too much. Not having Angel is killing me. I mean she's no Kim Kardashian but she's got a nice ass. Maybe I could convince her to get plastic surgery! She may not be the real thing but I'd settle for that. The thought excited me.  Thud  Was that a car door? Ugh, I don't even care. Feels.... So... Good! My head tilted back as the cookie crumbed, and there couldn't possibly have been a better time for my mom to knock on my car window.

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