Seeing Life Through Aviators and XNieko

I have never really done anything as such before, I decided to write (or should I say type) this certain genre.


2. How I See This World.

I guess everyone sees the world in a different way.

Some see it as war and evil whilst others see it as love and inspiration.

I, on the other hand see this world through a very different way altogether.

I see the world through aviators and Xnieko.

Okay hold on give me the chance to explain.

Emotions, not my best skill, but capturing an emotion, well that I can do no-problem.

laughter is the brightest quality, whilst tears, show mystery, but a frown shows spirit.

I see the world as...

As what I want it to be, If I think of it as a war zone then to me it seems as a romantic bond breaker.


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