Seeing Life Through Aviators and XNieko

I have never really done anything as such before, I decided to write (or should I say type) this certain genre.


3. Fuzzy Focus.....

So if anything I can say 

These are sort of the first words coming out of my mind....

Well, anyway, it is nearly Christmas!!

Hurray..I am.. really.. exited..

I am although it doesn't really sound like..

I really need to stop the whole dot dot dot thing..


Thats a good start.

Focus is probably the main key to good photography.

Especially if it is done manually using a DSLR, looking through a fingerprint covered lens.

It may sound gross and horrible, but it honestly works.

Because the "looker" wants to see a clear picture.

Everyone does, in the end I guess, but thats the problem with us humans.

We want to see everything clearly, when that is just impossible really.

Everyone wants to have a clear planned out future but in the end the plan never goes well.

It will always be out of focus.

I hope your pondering.

Focus on the Fuzzy....

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