Diary of a Vampire.

Well, I am a BIG fan of the Vampire Diaries and I also enjoy all the twilight films. So, I thought I might use these as inspiration to write a poem based on the thoughts and feelings of a vampire who falls in love.


1. Diary of a Vampire.

Dear Diary,

We moved here two weeks ago,

And I'm still made to feel like an outsider.

They look at me as some kind of creature,

But they don't know the half of it,

They don't know anything at all.

I'm a vampire you see,

But I'm not scary or evil like you read in the books,

I want to make friends and live civil instead,

Not chase after and eat anything with a pulse!

Of course nobody knows this secret I hold,

Nor will they ever find out.

I just want to be me and have a normal life,

Well as normal as a vampire can be.


Dear Diary,

People just don't seem to understand me.

I'm not the stereotypical girl,

Nor your usual vampire,

I do not wait around after closing hours,

To hunt down my next victim.

I'm a vegetarian you see,

Well it's different in the sense that you would be.

You see I eat animals not humans,

I do not kill humans for food or for pleasure,

That's just not me,

I want to be as moral as a vampire can be.


Dear Diary,

I'm getting used to it now,

The constant stares,

The quiet sniggering,

Maybe it's because my skins so pale?

Or maybe just because they all think I'm weird.

But not everyone is like that,

I have made a few friends!

They'll never understand but at least they are someone to lend a helping hand.

We go out a lot and have fun together,

I never thought that it could be,

That a vampire becomes good friends with people like these.


Dear Diary,

Who is that boy I often see,

Walking around surrounded with girls,

'That's Mason. He's Mr Popular' said one of my friends, 

But I can tell he's trying to lose the crowd.

He looks at me and no smile I see,

How can this boy be so glum?

For he is the boy that everyone loves,

The one the girls go mad for.

But not me, no way, no how, not at all,

For I am just a vampire, with a heart made of stone,

Well that's how vampires are meant to be.


Dear Diary,

He looked at me and smiled today and asked me out on a date!

Mason, that is, the boy I told you about,

Maybe he's intrigued by my mysterious ways,

Or maybe I'm looking through rose tinted glasses,

And maybe it was just by mistake?

However, we met and he said how he loved my hair,

And the way I'm not obssessed like the rest.

Could it be that this is happening to me,

I thought I would never get like this,

Not over boy, especially a human boy!

But this isn't just any boy,

It's the boy that everyone adores,

Imagine me with a boy with such charm,

A couple surely hard to beat.

I can't work it out, did that really just happen?

It can't be true, how can it be, for a vampire like me?


Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven't written in a while, life has just been so busy!

What with me and Mason going out a lot now,

Did I mention we're together? Just over three months now.

I get lost, deep in his eyes,

Everytime he smiles I melt inside!

My mother disapproves but I don't really care,

Who'd have thought a vampire like me could be so lucky.

But, the issue in this is my true identity,

What if he finds out and then it all just ends?!

Or maybe I should tell him and  just get it done with?

Oh, why was I born with this horrid curse!

Sometimes I wish I wasn't a vampire,

Life would be so much easier, this relationship would be so much easier,

Maybe it's just not meant to be?


Dear Diary,

Well I did it, I told him.

I explained everything!

Can't say he was too impressed,

But just as he was about to walk away, he stopped,

Turned around, looked at me and said,

'I love you'.

'What?!' I was in shock, no one had ever said that to me before!

'I love you' He repeated, 'For all that you are.'

I leaped on him without a second thought,

'I love you too!' I screamed to the world.

I must admit this journey's been hard,

But most definitly worth it.

Yes, I am a vampire,

Yes, I have fallen in love,

Yes, he loves me too!

But never did I think that this could ever be,

That this would ever happen,

To a vampire like me.




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