Texts from 'A'

An inspiring idea taken from the very brilliant wroting of Sara Shephard in the novel "Pretty Little Liars" but with my own twist!! :)


2. Welcome back

Two years later, Alison had finally gotten over the loss of her sister. But something troubled her. A few days later after Amy's death, Khushi had come over to the Marshall house. She was crying but somehow there was an evil glint in her eye. She almost looked relieved. Somehow Ali and Khushi were now bestfriends. But a few days after their new found friendship, Ali got an anonymous text.

It said -

Friends with the murderer? Watchout Ali, Khushi is dangerous.

- Amy

Alison was surprised and planned to keep it a huge secret. Also she didn't believe her eyes. Amy was dead. It can't be her. But the question remained-- Has Khushi really murdered Amy? These thought lingered in her head for quite a long time but she managed to keep shut.

Khushi on the other hand was quite strange these days. She had been saying many unusual things and was acting weirdly.  She kept muttering words like "kill", "murder". But then again. Friends are to be trusted... Aren't they?

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