Texts from 'A'

An inspiring idea taken from the very brilliant wroting of Sara Shephard in the novel "Pretty Little Liars" but with my own twist!! :)


1. The Final Goodbye.... Not.

"Amy!! Come back this moment!! NOW" screamed Alison, running after her. The Marshall family had decided to go fishing to relax after a long week. Yet again, two pretty girls were fighting amidst the calmness of the scene.

"Why? I won't. I am going to Khushi's house. Atleast she has a better sister." Khushi was Amy's only friend. She and her family had shifted to London last year.

"It is a family trip. You can't go away. You know how it upsets mom and dad if we fight. This is the third time in the week we have fought and without a reason!", Ali said, her mind slowly settling down.


""Fine", Amy replied shortly, "But only if you promise I ---"


Well, Amy was never able to complete her words. The next day, Amy Marshall was buried in her own backyard. Because no person in this world can still be alive after being crushed by a truck carrying a massive load of eighty pounds... Or can they survive?

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