Texts from 'A'

An inspiring idea taken from the very brilliant wroting of Sara Shephard in the novel "Pretty Little Liars" but with my own twist!! :)


3. Friends kill.. Though secretly

"I was murdered! Kill her! Kill her!! Kill Kill Kill!!!" - Alison heard Amy's voice when she slept every now and then. She was starting to doubt if Khushi had really murdered her best friend. Earlier that day,  Alison had met her at the ice cream parlor but was a bit worried. She had been getting texts from "Amy" since many days and it started to worry her. So she had decided to go snooping into Khushi's house and she had found a collage with pictures of Amy. But what kind of pictures...?? Slashed with the word revenge. Alison quickly went away from that place, her doubts confirmed. She called up the police and said : "Yes, I have a plan. We will be at the ice cream parlor."

Sometime later, she asked Khushi to meet her at the parlor and Khushi w+as caught. But the doubt remained - WHY??

"She stole whatever I had. I didn't get selected for the cheering squad because of her. She ruined all my chances of getting trophies. She took away EVERYTHING from me! I  called my friend and asked him to drive the truck over her. He is a reckless driver anyways." - was Khushi's explanation.

After Khushi and the driver were arrested and put behind the bars, Alison knew what she had to do next. She went to Amy's grave next day and whispered-

R.I.P. Amy. You will be missed.

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