Mother's mistake

Ali Ferdison was abandoned when she was a baby. At least, that's what everyone tells her. She feels like there's no one in the world left to trust. When she's taken away on her 11th birthday, Ali goes on a wild journey to find out who she is & what secrets her future holds for her. Ali's about to find out that in the real world, nothing's what it seems.


3. The sentence

As, Pheobie stared around her, she analysed her surroundings. The window directly behind the chair. The control panels bolted onto the back of the robots. The screen tied uselessly onto the table. None of these were any use to her in an escape plan. A hooded figure sat down before her, trying to read any type of expression,on her seemingly blank face. "Pheobie Hannah Rachels, do you deny that you had a child out of wedlock?" A surprisingly gruff voice came from under the hood. Pheobie spoke in a voice that was so sharp, it was cutting the air. "Why, I can't help it if you morons make marraiges so expensive, that only the rich can afford it. Anyway, maybe I didn't want to get married."

This comment didn't go unheard. There was a sharp intake of air among those in the room. 3059 & they had to bring the wedlock law back didn't they? Well, it doesn't matter what you think, what's done is done. They can't order Emma to be unborn, can they? Emma - that's the baby's name. The most beautiful girl in the world.

"Miss Rachels, please stand for you sentence." As she stood up, her emerald eyes glinted. "As a punishment for disobeying law 4962, the wedlock law, you will be inprisioned in our containment cells for 13 years. Robots, take the baby to our time nursery." This last sentence had a large impact on the already distressed mother. As if a connection had occured between the mother & her daughter, the baby started screaming obviously not wanting to go with this metal tin can. Suddenly, a needle was jabbed into Pheobie's arm filling her body with darkness. As, she felt a tired feeling overcame her, she saw her child being pulled out of the room.

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