Mother's mistake

Ali Ferdison was abandoned when she was a baby. At least, that's what everyone tells her. She feels like there's no one in the world left to trust. When she's taken away on her 11th birthday, Ali goes on a wild journey to find out who she is & what secrets her future holds for her. Ali's about to find out that in the real world, nothing's what it seems.


1. Introduction

The sound of a crying baby. That was the only sound heard at first. A child's tears as her mother clings her tight. The woman stops for a second to look around to look around her. One second. That's all it takes. Then she knew she'd lost the battle she'd fought so hard to win.

A group of robots surround her. They move to the the side as they let their leader through. The rebel that had been on the run for so long surrendered. The leader smiled. Now for the fun part.

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