Mother's mistake

Ali Ferdison was abandoned when she was a baby. At least, that's what everyone tells her. She feels like there's no one in the world left to trust. When she's taken away on her 11th birthday, Ali goes on a wild journey to find out who she is & what secrets her future holds for her. Ali's about to find out that in the real world, nothing's what it seems.


2. How she came to be unpopular

P.E. A lesson of hell to Ali. While everyone else is perfect at P.E, Ali can't run to save her life. This lesson was no exeption. "Run Ali, run like you actually can!" Coach Anlifall would say every week. Yeah, like that's possible. As always she would run like she was walking. She would come last.

As Ali came out of the Gym, Coach Anlifall came up to her. "I'm afraid I can't take it anymore, Ali." she said shaking her head in a pitiful way. Ali sighed, knowing what was about to happen. This wasn't the first time she would go down a level.

She gave her a slip of paper & told her to take it to T9. Strange, that wasn't the timetable commisioner's office. When she got there her eyes filled with delight - a classroom full of happiness. The textiles room.

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