Love Story

This is an idea I've had for ages about my own Romeo and Juliet:
Within one night, Romeo couldn't not think about Juliet. In one night, he was mesmerised by her beauty, and bewitched by her smile. There was only one problem, their families hated each other. For reasons unknown, but Romeo demands a reason why he can't spend the rest of his life with her.


1. Preparations

"Do I have to attend the ball tonight Mother?" Romeo didn't see why he had to go. It was his Mother and Father that had to go. She handed him over an outfit that she wanted him to wear. She smiled encouragingly, but by looking at the expression on his face, it didn't make much difference. He didn't have much of interest in women, more in his buisness. But his Mother wasn't going to take no for an answer, she wanted him to have a women, so he had a chance of having children. He was all for having children in the future, but when he had his own income. Not his parents, but they disagree with him. "This ball will be a good place to meet eligible women," Romeo just rolled his eyes. Not bothering to argue, "If you say so Mother." He agreed, but he wasn't going to try hard. But just enough so his Mother would be unhappy.


She left the room, leaving Romeo with nothing to do. Except regret telling his Mother he will look at the women tonight. He threw himself onto his quilted bed, and burrowed his bed into the pillow. The embroidered purple silk was smooth and sleek against his rough skin. His parents were rich, so since he was little, he's learnt lots of different skills. Including  sword-fighting, archery and forest skills. Foraging and climbing wasn't supposed to be taught to him, but he insisted. Even though it wasn't in his interests to live in the forests, he thought it was common skills to know. When he was old enough, and wise enough. His father said he would pass on the family buisness down to him. But he had to prove to him first that he can handle a smaller buisness. Romeo lied back on his bed, just trying to rest before he had to endure all Hell later tonight.

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