Loving You

This isa 300 word story about a very lucky girl who becomes an overnight celebrity by meeting Niall Horan...


1. Chapter 1

God, I hate the paparazzi! Niall was somewhere ahead of me, calling my name, and my bodyguard was clearing a path for me to walk through. When inside the hotel, I saw Niall and gave him a big hug, the paps get me every time and he knows that.

‘I’m sorry.’ He said to me as we pulled away. ‘For bringing you into this, I wish my life was more private.’ His Irish accent stood out from my Welsh one.

‘It’s not your fault, your amazingly talented and gorgeous!’ I smiled up at him and kissed him lightly on the lips. ‘Come on we’ve got to unpack for the concert tomorrow.’ We walked to our room hand in hand. I met Niall a few months ago through work, I was on night duty at the café I work at, when a very famous face walked in, luckily I was first to serve him. He gave me his number and we met up a few times; every girls dream come true. ‘Good night Meg.’ He said to me as I snuggled up to him in bed, breathing in is sent and slept the best I had in a long time. An early start the next morning meant another long day performing. Me and Niall were on tour together since he was taking a break from One Direction. I got dressed and walked into the kitchen. ‘Morning babe, ready for your big day? Your home town…wow!’ Niall asked me with a hug. ‘Yeah, pretty nervous though.’ I reply. We head down to the coach and set off for Cardiff stadium.

 When we arrived we skimmed through beauty and stood backstage. I was shaking, but I faced my fears, walked onto the stage into the roar and camera flashes of my home-town fans.

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