I've decided that in order to reinstate myself among Movellians, my best bet is to write a series of narrative revolving around the >Ahem< completely fictitious love of my life. And my hypothetical lack of succes with her. Enjoy :D


2. Closing the Gap

I'm sorry, Jack, but you screwed it up. You well and truly screwed it up. You managed to not only screw it up, but you managed to do it on the one occasion you might have actually had a chance! I mean, when is she ever alone?

I suppose that's kinda what I like so much about her. She's never alone. Always friendly, always cheerful, always just catching your eye in time for one of those perfect smiles to hit you and throw you off your feet once more. She never even tries, and, I suppose, and the way she is so easily perfect is what I love so much about her. Not some bimbo, strutting around, fake tan in one hand, boyfriend in the other, but she manages it anyway.

On the note of bimbo's, she doesn't really dress like half of the county, either. Always jeans, or trousers, and a wooly top that she holds the wrists of. I don't think I've ever seen more skin than the back of her hands in my life. The tops make her look quite, I dunno, cuddly, and so help me if she decided to just hug me, I don't think I could ever let go.

But that's not it. You screwed it up and you know it.

You could have done what other boys do, act all smooth, and say something like "You, me, Nando's, 8 oclock," but no, you did the stupid nerdy thing. You asked her if there's any chance she'd want to do something at the weekend.

"Ooh, sorry, I'm busy".


Take two, fast forward three weeks.

"Actually, yeah, I'd really like to do something. When are you free?"

Hell yeah.

No, don't muck up, say something cool, you're the smooth older guy here.

"Ah, great! I'm free all weekend!" Oops.

"I just asked my parents, I'm busy. Sorry."


Take three, another month later. Come on, third time's the charm.

Warm her up a bit, get flirty.

Yes, this is working.

"Hey, what you up to at the weekend?"


She says, "I can do Sunday?"

"Yeah, cool by me. Sunday afternoon?"

"Sounds good!"

"It's a date!"

Fuck. Done it again.

"My parents don't tell me anything- can't do this weekend. I'm with my nan."

And it goes on. I pretty much gave up after that cock-up. In fact, I spent most of my days watching my mate's new girlfriend get all close and cuddly with him, and spent a brief period deciding that I was going to die alone when the world ended on the 21st. But no, life had one more surprise for me.

Suprise, meaning, I almost got it.

"You free this weekend?"

"Er, hang on... Yeah, I am. Why?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to do something..."



"My parents said no..."

Stay calm. Minor setback.


"They won't let me out alone with a boy..."

Deep breaths...


"Yeah... Sorry."

No, not like this. There must be a way!!!

"Could you, maybe, pretend I'm a girl?"

It's honestly not that hard...

"No, Jack, I can't."

"Can I talk to them?"


"Okay then."


But she's kinda forgot about it now. Christmas has come and gone, and the world didn't end, and, somehow, she's not epic-ly annoyed with me. Strike one.

Maybe, with a little coaxing, just a little... Maybe I can start to bride over. Maybe I can start to, you know, close the gap a bit. Close the gap. Yeah.

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