mathues epic fight

this book is about a brave worrior who has to fight a horrible monster called andla he wins but his mother comes back with a bite will he survive this time round???


7. when Mathue came home

As we strode back into our village with our head held high we were greeted by the sound of chears and claps. In front of us was a red carpet and at the end sat the king in his fine silk cloths covered in jems. the jems glisned in the sun as they walked confidently down the red carpet. have way down Mathues men stopped and told him to go on because he was the one who done all of the killing and saved the town. When mathue reached the end he was presented with a medal and there was a three day party to celebrate Mathues bravery. It was the best party the town had ever seen and even to this day Mathue in that little town in sweeden is still called a hero today even though he is 97. 

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