mathues epic fight

this book is about a brave worrior who has to fight a horrible monster called andla he wins but his mother comes back with a bite will he survive this time round???


6. The fight

The piercing scream made the worriors cover their ears in pain. Mathue pulled out his sword his men were nerviously waiting for him to come up. the light from the sun under the water shon into the monsters eyes this made the turn and Mathue took his chance. he sliced and stabbed but inly the scales were scared so he looked for a part of the monsters that didnt have scails but sadly it was on its neak. Mathue dodged and duckeed the monsters giant claws. When Mathue was behind them he took his chance and stabbed one of the monsters in the neak.  This red blood pored out of the horid monster and Mathue stabbed the other monster to red bllod covered the entire lake. Mathues men though he was dead so they all took of their helmits in horror and sorrow but in the think bloodie fog a shadowie figure came out from the smoke it was mathue alive with both of the monsters heads in his hands!

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