mathues epic fight

this book is about a brave worrior who has to fight a horrible monster called andla he wins but his mother comes back with a bite will he survive this time round???


2. The day Mathue was told of the monster

It was a foggy morning and the hills were covered with a gray blanket, it was sort of warm with a slow gentle wind blowing from the north. The trees made a sound like the waves chrashing on a shore. You could teast the damp air on your tonge. Mathue woke up to a very ordinary day, he woke to the sound of Louiese and to the smell of breakfast. He got dressed into his finest armor (he did this every day to show of) and walked triumphantly down his stairs. After breakfast he went to meet the king in the palace gardens. There was a large water fountain in the middle with a large winding path going round it, the flowers were of a pinkish purple colour. Everything wos made perfect for the royal family even the pogolias that were in the corners with a little water feature an the middle of it. It was like walking into some sort of new rich world full of colour and happness. As they walked down the path the king began to speek to Mathue about a terrifing monste. This monster was described as being seven feet tall with long mangy silvery black hair that hund from his brown hairy face and body. His hands are the sies of footballs and his claws are always covered in blood and his feet at the sise of two footballs and his toenails are long, dirty and not looked after. After Mathue had heard of this terrific monster he asked for its name and where it lives as in which the king  answered in a hush but quick voice, he said he lived in the far hillswide about a two day walk south and its name is Andla. Mathue perclaimed that he would kill this monster and stop any danger from it coming into the village.

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