mathues epic fight

this book is about a brave worrior who has to fight a horrible monster called andla he wins but his mother comes back with a bite will he survive this time round???


4. Setting off to the fight

They walked and walked untill finally Mathue and his band of three brave men were at the furthest hill of the more. The air was humid and you could tast it on your toung, it was a windy day with the waves like gushed of wind tingling your spine, there was suttle fog but it was visible and just in the distance was a small wh9isper of somke coming from what looked like a small wooden hut. That was ware they were heading, the village of vogalac. Their feet ahed under the preacure of all of their war armory and weponry. A trikle of swet fell appon Mathues cheak. As they walked the could begin to make out the siloets of housed and catlere that were grasing in the rear by medow. It distincly looked like one of they old weston towns you see in black and white movies. Nearer and rwarer they got and now they could begin to hear the sounds of market sellers yelling what deals they have on very piculiar fruits, also you could hear the voices of actors putting on a play writed by Shakspear himself its called romeo and julliet. It sertainly seamed like a very enthusiastic bundle of people and the four men seamed very happy to go there. Now they were near the medow people were beggining to whisper like the sound of trees in the wind and the men thought it was about them so they became increasingly worried. As they all walked slowly through the cobbled streets of vogalac they notised the piercing eyes of everyone around they and their ghostly voices. They all looked at eachother with a nervous look in their eyes, but they persivered and strode threough the streets to a huge hall called movalaks hall. They had to use all of their strenth to push the huge wood doors open to reviel a huge hall with tables and brass rails and a huge throne right at the back with a slumpy messty looking man slouched init. He had tanned skin with a food stained robe with a long maggly hair and a long untamed beard he looked very suspictius and he had wisky in his breath. As Mathue walked closer his other companions stayed back with the other men bacause of the way that man on the throne looked. Mathue asked very nicly in his most polite voice if they new of any infomation of the resting place of the horrifing monster that was andla. The strange man looked up at Mathue with his one gleaming eye his breath was visable in the cold air of the hall. The man spoke with a cunning smile appering in the corners of his mouth, he spoke of andlas home and what it looked like and how it had been into the village before and terrorised everyone and everything it was horrific time for the people of vogalac. The men really didnt want to be in the gaze of the man who Mathue found out his name was Movla. They made their way out of the hall and down to the path to face the mountains,thats ware they would head.

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