mathues epic fight

this book is about a brave worrior who has to fight a horrible monster called andla he wins but his mother comes back with a bite will he survive this time round???


5. Past the mountains

Mathue, Ben, chris, Alix had been walking for days now with little walter left on them they had to start rationing things out which made them pritty adgitated most of the time so there was a bit of biccering between them but nothing much. Worst of all they haddnt had a shower in days so they all began to smell of sweat. As they looked foward they saw the shear height of the mountain that they had to clime, never the less they started off on their epic clime and desent of the mountain herbiouis. They got about half way up the mountain when Ben couldnt go on no more his lips were blue and his hands were purple but Mathue, Aliix and Chris couldnt let him fail on them so the hoisted him up into the cold windy air and carried on walking. By midnight they were at the peak but now all of them cuoldnt go on so the stayed at the top untill morning which wasnt a good idea. During the night there was a blisard and to top it all aff blistering winds and frost bite on every part of the skin thinkable. This made the men cold weak and painfull but their hearts were true and gold and they new they had to decende this mountain for themself and ever more so the people of sweenden. This gave them the last bit of enerjy they needed to decende mount herbiouis, it wasnt going to be easy though because there was rocks and snow storms and blasts of wind like you have been put in a room with a huge fan. Ben cut himself ona sharp rock when he slipped on a piece of clear ice so the rest of the men had to carry him the rest of the way down the mpountain so even though the were in freezing tempritures the all (appart from ben) had a trickle of sweat sliding down their numb cheaks. Finally after a two day climb and decent they had made it and bens leg had stopped bleeding and had turned into a scab so he was able to walk again which was a big relefe for the other three man carring him. They could see the lake that was described to Mathue and they headed for it with their swords heild up proud like a trophie and they called out battle music to worn Andla that they were approching. The three men dived into the dirty green couldoured water of the lake and made their decent to Andla's cave right at the very bottem of the merky pool of doom. After swimming for atleast half a day they reached the bottem and spotted Andla and Andla spotted them and ran out of the cave with a loud scream and a set of razor sharp teeth.

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