mathues epic fight

this book is about a brave worrior who has to fight a horrible monster called andla he wins but his mother comes back with a bite will he survive this time round???


3. Meeting with his men

The morn of the meeting was of a plesent day. The sky was as blue as the deep blue sea that lay wast beneith out own feet. Suttle, thats how you would have decribed the wind that day, it didnt have a chill but you knerw it was there. Mathue ordered three of his bravest men from his army to be in their finest clothes or armor wair and meet him at the great hall of hydralac in one hour. In that one hour Mathue was to get ready, he wore his finest blood red,silk cape and his gold armor wair that was given to him by the king for killing another monster(but not as big as this one.) The great hall of hydralac was made out of solid timber wood and had bress rails and knokers it was quite inpressive. It was as big as six average sised houses long ways and hight. Every meeting feast an dparty was held there. At precicly three o'clock in the afternoon and Mathue was sitting in his large oak throne like chair and waited appon the arival of Christapher (chris for short), Alix and Bengimin(ben for short). The old timbre doors creaked as loud as a piercing scream of a ghost and breavly strode in the three men. Chirs was a tall broad shouldered man with long light brown hair with light blond hilights. Alix was a short musly man with short ginger hair with honey hilights and finally Ben, he was of average height with blond braided hair he had some mussles but definately had very broud shoulders all of the men were dressed in thier finest armory. They all at down by Mathue and beggan to listen to the story of andla and they were all equally scaird of this horrific monster. All of they quickly aggread to destroy this monster to the death, so theyarranged to meet at the last tall hill at the end of the more to make their way to a village close to ware they think the horrible monster lives.   

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