mathues epic fight

this book is about a brave worrior who has to fight a horrible monster called andla he wins but his mother comes back with a bite will he survive this time round???


1. mathue, who is he?

Mathue is a brave worrior who is very tall and hansome he has long flowing orban hair that reaches the brim on his neak. He wairs clothes of silk and armor of pure solid gold. The king thinks he is the bravest man in all of northen england, because he likes him so much he gives him lots of presents for fighting of the most feable monsters. Over the years the King has given Mathue; a solid gold sheild with an emerald crest, a ruby red helmit, a platnum sword with his name ingraved in it and the love of his life and the Kings daughter louiese. Her hair was red with brown hilights she is the princess and will soon be queen but for now she was wrapped around the arms of Mathue but soon she would have to part with her lover because he was to go to an epic battle with the trecherous monster andla

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