We are perfect, I just know it. I don't care if I have to bend over backwards to marry you, but that is what I'll do. Even though you don't know me!


1. Us together equals perfect

The moment I lay eyes on him, I knew he was the one, despite all past romantic issues, we could still do it. His eyes are so perfect, like a waterfall flowing. His hair, wow! It's a perfect shade of gold, thick and bushy. His accent is magnificent, Italian and soft. I could not fault him, even if I tried. What? He's staring at me now, his lips are moving but nothings coming out. He looks hurt and betrayed, I am confused.

"Hello?I said, what is your name, you lovely young girl?" he repeated glaring at me uncomfortably.

"Oh, I apologise, I didn't hear you the first time, sorry. My name is Summer-Ann, but you can call me Ann, what is your name?" I asked intrigued if a hot boy like this, had a name to match.

"My name is Blake Haliday, but everyone calls me Alex Pettyfer the actor, because I kind of look like him, but I don't see it!" he said, his hair blowing delicately in the wind.

"I don't think your a spitting image on Alex, your well fitter," I say regretfully. My face turns red and I start to blush.

"Well, thanks, see you around, got to go back to work at Hollister, see you," he says bending towards me to kiss me on the cheek. Oh wow, that was amazing, why wasn't it on the lips, I am not worthy of lip connection?


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