Giddy up! If you are looking for a magical book to read about a young girl and a horse then you've come to the right place! This is a real story on what happened to me and how horses and ponies came into my life. Staring: Emily. I've met and brought up many horses before. Here are the ponies that are in this book:
Stardust (Shetland), Blu (Shetland), Fry (Shetland), Tilly (Shetland), and Kippa (Piebald).
Here are the horses that are in this book:
Jet (black stallion), Bandit (Golden Palomino), Yogi (Palomino), Megan (Light bay), Sonia (Grey), Loveknot (Grey) and Willow (Grey).

So, enjoy reading!
PS: Grey horses are called Grey horses but they're atualy white!


1. Day after day

Do you ever complain about your usual life? Repeatative, isn't it? You wake up early, get dressed, brush your hair into a ponytail (for girls), eat breakfast (cornflakes, porrage, weetabix etc. I dont know what you eat!), brush your teeth and get your bag ready for school. I know you've done it. Yeah, you! You did it yeasterday. And the day before. And the day before that. Ok, Ok, I think we get it! But how do you feel about going to school? I bet loads of you love to go to school, right? Calm down love! I was only bieng sarcastic! Ok, you dont like going to school. But why? Oh yeah, its dead boring. But for some kids like Emily here, would love school if it wasn't for one thing. Bullies. Yuck dont they make you want to throw up? But you get two types of people bieng bullied. The lucky ones- the ones that can stand up to bullies or for themselves. And theres the unlucky ones- the ones that are affraid to stand up for themselves and for bullies. No, I dont get bullied, i'm just a text. But there is one little girl I know that gets bulliesd so badly, she comes home crying almost every day. Her name is Emily Natpix. Well she used to get bullied. She dosn't now. In fact, everyone is jelouse of her now. You want to know why? Let me tell you the story... 

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