Don´t forget (One Direction)

Denne historie har jeg IKKE skrevet!! Jeg har fundet den på en hjemmeside der hedder!!!!
Den er bare så sød at jeg var nød til at dele den med jer!!!
Så jeg vil håbe i nyder den lige så meget som jeg gjorde ;) Kathrine//


1. Cough Syrup


Ariana´s Point of View.

I sat on the floor, leaning up against the wall. I let the tears just fall. I let them fall as much as they wanted to. I would let my tears fall until my vision was so blurry I couldn´t see straight. Here I am, a nineteen year old girl getting over some boy that had me wrapped around their finger. I hated that I had simply let him in like there was no possible tomorrow. My jet black hair was around down and my face as I stared at the carpeted floor of my bedroom. I honestly didn´t care what I looked like right now. I was trying to move on but how could I? He had made it seem so hard to live without him, when it is actually. How could I have been so stupid? So.. So childish by just letting him in with the blink of an eye.   My heart ached as I stared out into the night. My window at my apartment looked over the city of London as I cursed myself for being so naive.

But somehow, half of me stated that it wasn´t my fault. But yes. Yes, it was.

My iPod blared throughout the room. “Cough Syrup” the Glee version played as I cried. I stood up and stumbled over to the other side of my room. I opened up the window and stuck my head out of it, looking down on the busy street. The sun was slowly rising this morning, and it was beautiful. I always loved the sunrise but I wasn´t enjoying it today like I usually was. A tear streamed down my face as I looked down once more. It flew off my cheek and hit someone’s head, making them look around trying to see if it was raining. I smiled softly and breathed heavily. I spotted a red-headed beauty making her way towards my building. I gasped in delight as I recognized her.   “Amy..” I whispered, in awe. I hadn´t seen her for the last four months and there she was. I ran away from the window and towards the door of my flat. I opened the door to reveal my best friend. She smiled at me but frowned when she saw my face. “Who´s ass do I need to kick?” she smirked. I shook my head and moved out of the way so she could come in. She hugged me tightly and burst into tears. I wrapped my arms around her neck, crying into her shoulder, just as the last line of “Cough Syrup” played out.

“One more spoon of cough syrup now, woah…”    



Her er det første!! håber i synes om den ;-) ligger næste kapitel ind senere i dag :) 

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