New Gnome Order

A New Guild arrives in the World (of Warcraft) and they make their intentions well known and their first battle retaking Gnomeregan. Come and join the fight in fight against them and help the Gnomes win back their city with three young ladies teaming up for their first raid together in beating back this new evil.


2. Weasel, Goblin Entrepreneur


{The scene opens in New Tinkertown.  A few hours after the unprovoked attack by the New Gnome Order guild, the weary Gnome residents have started the colossal task of rebuilding. }


{High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque is resting in the infirmary being treated by the Surgeon General, Cogspin ‘Doc’.}


{Word of the horrific damage had spread rapidly across the land and into the Dwarves’ capital Ironforge.  News was presented to the Council of the Three Hammers, Mruadin Bronzebeard, <Bronzebeard Representative>, Falstad Wildhammer, <Wildhammer Clan Representative> and Moira Thaurissan <Dark Iron Representative>.  After little debate, all three council members graciously agreed to support the fallen city and each send Dwarven reinforcements to Gnomeregan.}


{Captain Tread Sparknozzle, <Mekkatorque’s Advisor>, stands in the mist of the command center set up in New Tinkertown. Tread Sparknozzle suspiciously stares at the hologram projection of inside Gnomeregan. He is keeping a cautious eye on the members of the New Gnome Order as they move through the Gnomes’ Capital City. Elgin Clickspring, <High Tinker’s Assistant>, approaches Tread Sparknozzle to tell him some good news in the arrival of the Alliance reinforcements.}


Elgin Clickspring: Captain, I have an update report for you; High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque is resting in the infirmary.  Also the Stormwind soldiers have just arrived and have joined the Dwarven guards of Ironforge.  Everyone is eager to help us fight this new guild. We need to brief them and give them the first-hand knowledge we experienced during their first attack. We have all seen first-hand what they did to New Tinkertown.


{The veteran Captain nods in agreement with his assistant. He swiftly steps aside and waves the younger commander to take his place at the podium.}


Tread Sparknozzle: Thank you Elgin, take over here and continue to monitor Gnomeregan. It’s imperative that we stay one step ahead of the New Gnome Order.


{After Tread Sparknozzle surrenders the command, he rejoins the diverse Alliance troops that consist of Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes. The brave soldiers have vowed allegiance to fight to take back town of Gnomeregan. Tread Sparklenozzle stands before them with his head down and his hands clenching fingers, white knuckled on the edges of the podium. He takes a few precious moments to carefully prepare a motivational speech to address the dismal situation. Sparknozzle waits till the crowd settle down and silence is heard before he quickly snaps his head up and stares at the ones closest to him. With a serious look on his face he dives into his improvised speech. As an experienced speaker he used a tactic to gain the attention of the audience and clearly and piercingly stressed his first word.}


Tread Sparknozzle: Troops, this is far from being over even though the situation may seem dire at the moment; we are getting our defenses and strategies in place to prevent another assault. But it seems, without any provocation, four individuals have attacked our town with unimaginable powers and abilities.   Their surprise attack on New Tinkertown was swift and heartless before they proceeded to invaded Gnomeregan. As commander of the Gnomes, we’d like to thank the Kingdoms of Stormwind and Ironforge for their quick response.


{Sparknozzle pauses for a moment to look over those assembled. Making eye contact with several while nodding his head in greeting and acknowledging their presents, he forges stronger alliances with his men and the leaders of the new comers. He plunges forward, in the hopes to encourage each individual to fight as a unit. He bangs his fist on the podium to stress his first word.}


Tread Sparknozzle: TOGETHER, we can flush out these scoundrels before they can hatch another devious plan to take our city. We won’t allow Thermaplugg or copycats to rise up and destroy us again. Now let’s march into Gnomeregan together and defeat this dreadful Guild that calls themselves New Gnome Order.


{The mass shows their approval by offering a thunderous clap as Tread Sparknozzle finishes his pep talk and maneuvers his way over to the Gnomeregan Infantry.  The commander approaches the leaders of each group and deliberates his instructions. With little preparation, the men start to march into Gnomeregan where they take the elevator down into the city to begin the imminent battle.}


{The scene changes to inside the city. As the first group of makeshift soldiers, made up of Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes alike, meet up with Murd Doc of <S.A.F.E.>, they passed the devastation that remained after Thermaphugg blew up their escape route in his attempt to control the city.  The Survivor Assistance Facilitation Expedition that was designed to help Gnomes flee the city in the event of an overwhelming attack was now earmarked with inoperative rubble.}


{Finally, this unit which consists of 25 bodies reaches Murd Doc deep in the dungeon regions of the Gnomeregan.  Murd Doc sees them coming, he was on sentry duty in that part of the district.}


Murd Doc: I’m hoping Tread Sparkenozzle sent you here, because I followed that new Guild as they walked deeper into the city. I tried to keep up with them the best I could and to stay undetected, until they spilt up into different parts of the city.


{The Gnome (Humanoid) points with his hand indicating a passage to take.}


Murd Doc:  The path ahead of you leads you to the Hall of Gears. If you follow the upper level you should make it. But be warned, there are still some of Thermaphugg’s machines and some Troggs that are still be under the mind control by Thermaplugg,  that inhabit Gnomeregan. Good luck.


{Murd Doc moves aside and allows the soldiers to venture onward to the Hall of Gears. As the regiment gains access to the upper level they are met with a grizzly site of a dozen or so Trogg bodies laid out on the ground dead.}


Dwarf Hunter: Something bad has happened here. What kind of hideous magic does this new guild possess?


Human Warrior: It’s not going to matter. We have a job to do. They will feel the full might of the Alliance soon.


{The soldiers continue to press forward making their way through the upper level and trying to find the sanctuary of the dormitory. One of the Gnome Rogues walks to the edge of the upper level and takes an inquisitive peek over the side to the lower level. He sees puddles of toxic waste left over from the oozes that move around down there. He gives his head a visible shake to rid himself of an eerie feeling that settles deep inside him. Without missing a step, the inquisitive gnome walks along with the soldier and continues to look over the edge at the rumble and gears left behind of some timeworn disaster.}


{The watchful gnome suddenly spots the Goblin Shaman, Weasel, as he is stands in the bottom of the Hall of Gears. Upon hearing footsteps, Weasel looks up seeing the encroaching Alliances’ troops. In a split second, even before the gnome rogue has time to warn the troops, Weasel whines up and cast a Lava Burst.  Molten lava is hurled at the upper level. It hits the edge of the wall right next to the troops and a violent explosion erupts that caused the troops to heave in all different direction.}


{Weasel smirks seeing the devastation he caused.}


{On the upper level the alliance troops lay scattered on the floor. Virtually all of them still alive, many are wounded. One female Human Paladin raised her shield over her head protecting herself from any falling debris. After a few seconds and the threat of being hit or crushed have passed, she lowers her shield. The Paladin quickly analyses the conditions of the soldiers among her as they too begin to collect themselves. She cautiously inches over to the wall and takes an exploratory peeks over the ledge.  What greets her eyes is not a shock to her as she observes Weasel laughing and enjoying the destruction he caused to her team.}


{She doesn’t take his amusement lightly as she narrows her eyes, keeping them trained on him as she stands up. Murd Doc enters the scene as he rushes in to check on the situations after hearing the explosive commotion. She and Murd Doc catch each other in their sight and quickly reading the other without a single word being spoken, Murd Doc skillfully tosses a bag to her and she catches it in midair.}


Murd Doc: I see that you’re thinking of doing something crazy. You’re going to need that then.


{The Paladin looks at the bag in her hands then nods her thanks in Murd Doc direction.  Without another word or command spoken, she turns around and runs towards the edge and dexterously jumps off the upper level of the Halls of Gears. She as she free falls to the ground below, she uses the bag given to her by Murd Doc a parachute. This slows her decent so she can land safely on the lower deck.}


{Weasel watches her descent and he laughs at her heroic display.}


Weasel: They are just making this too easy for me. Like whacking Gnolls in a barrel…


{Weasel chuckles at his own wit as he begins to cast Lightning Bolts. Lightening hurls at the female paladin, but before it hits her she cancels her parachute by letting go of the fabric and she falls the short distance to the floor. She manages to land on her feet and immediately rolls forward towards Weasel. Weasel is quicker and rebounds and casts a Fire Totem that unleashes a huge Fire Elemental to deal with her.}


Weasel: Oh, what a clever little human you are, but you can’t win this. My Fire Elemental will rip you apart.


{Weasle guffaws as The Fire Elemental charges at the female human with its fists balls up, it begins to hammer away at her. She quickly brings her shield up for protection just as the first of the Fire Elementals’ fists pounces on the shield. The Paladin swings her heavy sword wildly at the Fire Elemental, trying to it kills it, but misses it and the attack continues.}


{Meanwhile, Weasel advances to the center of the room, his eyes swiftly scanning the pile of rubble and gears for something useful.  A smirk spreads slowly across his face with the ideas swarming in his head as he begins to cast something big.}


{She struggles with the Fire Elemental and she tries to get to Weasle to stop him, but the Fire Elemental continues to be the road block between them. The Goblin Shaman spell continues to try and smash her and pommels her with his fist. The Paladin strategically maneuvers her body while avoiding the intense attacks.}


{When the Fire Elemental backs her up against the wall and she can see Weasel is almost finished with his cast. She takes a calculated risk and does the most daring thing in her career so far. The brave female raises her sword in one hand and her shield in the other. She carefully keeps her eyes on her enemy as the Fire Elemental raised his hands in the air and began to rain down fists down on her. As fast as lightening, she rushes forward with all her strength she could muster; she thrust her sword forward and upward at the same time. She knew it wasn’t over yet, so she hastily drove her shield right through him, following her sword’s path, instantly defeating it.  She stood panting and sweating. The female began rubbing the perspiration off her brow as the fire dimmed and then extinguished in a puff of smoke.}


{Getting her head back into the fight, the Paladin  turns around and runs to the center of the room to stop Weasel, but unfortunately it’s too late. To her horror, he had time finish his cast. The Shaman summons a huge shaman totem that pops right out of the rumble and gear. It is like nothing no one has ever seen before.  The gears on the totem literally ooze green bubbles out of the top of it.}


Weasel: I did it. It worked! I’m going to be the richest Goblin in Kalimdor when I return. All the Orc farmers are going to want this.  A crop dusting totem!


{Weasel seemed very happy with his new accomplishment and he stood there admiring it before he knew that the Paladin had defeated his last cast.  She takes him off guard a bit when he hears her voice so close to him.}


Human Paladin: Gold? Really!? Is that the only thing that matters to you?


Weasel: Well… Yeah and I think I found my first test subject to make sure it’s safe.


{The warrior takes a couple of steps backwards wondering what kind of poison Weasel is going to make come out of that totem. Suddenly the unnerving gears on the totem begin to pump out a green cloud that floats over to her and engulfs her inside. She begins to cough uncontrollable and soon is unable to breath. After a few agonizing seconds she succumbs to the fumes and collapses to the ground. Weasel watches the results of his totem and just shrugs.}


Weasel: I’m sure one little human’s death won’t turn away potential Orc buyers.


{Weasel turns back towards the totem and rubs his greedy hands together thinking of all the profit he is going to make, when suddenly Murd Doc intrudes on his money making thoughts from the upper level.}


Murd Doc: Hey Weasel, here is some good ole fashion Gnomish Engineering for you.


{Weasel looks up at Murd Doc and to his dismay he sees a dozen or more fans being carried by mechanical propellers. As a group they descent down into the bottom of the Hall of Gears, the currents they are making blows the green cloud away from the female paladin and over to Weasel. He is the now on the receiving end of the toxic cloud and he soon surrenders to his own evil invention.}


{Slowly the Female Paladin begins to breathe again. Although choking and coughing, she manages to regains consciousness and swiftly gets to her feet. She witnesses Weasel dying. Instantaneously she runs over swinging her sword at the tainted totem. After several hard thunderous jabs, it finally breaks. It falls to the ground damaged and the cloud around Weasel disappears.}


Weasel: What…?!  What have you… done? That invention was going to make me over a million in gold!


{Weasel wails and becomes enraged at the Paladin. He immediately begins to cast another spell, but the heroine runs over and swings her sword.  With great timing she succeeds in slashing him in the face. The wound is gaping as Weasel collapses to the ground. Arrogantly she stands over his body and catching her breath, breathing in some much needed fresh air. She looks up to the upper level when she hears Murd Doc call out to her.}


Murd Doc: Incoming down below, Catch!


{She turns and looks up seeing a small object flying down to her. She reaches up and catches it in midair. She then hears Murd Doc’s voice from the small handheld device.}


Murd Doc: Tell me your name soldier?


{She holds the device in her hand, she rolls it over checking it out and eventually figures out how to use it.}


Human Paladin: Steward.


Murd Doc: Well Steward that was an impressive fight you just had. So I’m giving you this Gnomecorder so we’ll have contact with you inside Gnomeregan. You can continue on your way, and be aware that I’ll be sending support. At the moment, The G-Team is scattered throughout Gnomeregan and there to help if needed. There are three more members of the New Gnome Order to deal with, plus Thermaplugg is bound to be somewhere inside.


Steward: Understood. I’ll head deeper inside now sir.


{As soon as she flicks her new toy the Gnomeregan on standby, Steward fearlessly walks straight ahead into the tunnel that leads to The Loading Room area of Gnomeregan.}

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