New Gnome Order

A New Guild arrives in the World (of Warcraft) and they make their intentions well known and their first battle retaking Gnomeregan. Come and join the fight in fight against them and help the Gnomes win back their city with three young ladies teaming up for their first raid together in beating back this new evil.


1. New Gnome Order debut


New Gnome Order debut


{The scene opens to a snowy hill side in Dun Morogh near the Gnome city of Gnomeregan. A couple of Gnomeregan Infantry men are seen patrolling the area. Something catches one of their eyes off in the distance. The infantry gnome takes out his standard issue gnomish binoculars and checks out the object.}


Gnomeregan Infantry #2: What is it? What do you see?


Gnomeregan Infantry: #1: It looks like a Guild Battle Standard, but I don’t recognize the Guild. We should inform the High Tinker of our findings.


{The infantry gnome hands off his binoculars to the other and he turns around and swiftly runs to New Tinkertown to inform High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque. The scene changes to New Tinkertown and the infantry gnome runs over to the command center with his urgent news. Gnomeregan Infantry #1 barges into the conversation that the High Tinker was involved in.}


Gnomeregan Infantry #1: High Tinker, we found something that needs your immediate attention. It looks like a Guild Battle Standard. This could mean an attack is imminent.


Gelbin Mekkatorque: An Attack?  What Guild would be foolish enough to attack New Tinkertown? Show me this battle standard.


{The Gnomeregan guard leads High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque back to the edge of New Tinkertown where is partner is diligently watching the suspicious guild battle standard.}


{Gnomeregan Infantry #2 notices the leader coming towards him followed by the observant guard.}


Gnomeregan Infantry #2: High Tinker. There is no change in the situation. Surveillance shows that just one Guild Battle Standard on the horizon and there is no other sign of anyone else in the area.


Gelbin Mekkatorque: Good work men. Let me take a look of the situation.


{Geblin Mekktorque uses his mithril-rimmed lenses on his goggles to view in the distance. He checks out the Battle Standard himself and tries to make out the insignia. A strange logo of a single eye is looking back at him.}


Geblin Mekkatorque: Fascinating indeed. Hmm, I don’t recognize that guild.


{Turning back to his loyal subjects.}


Geblin Mekkatorque: I know that landscape makes it difficult to see with the sun glaring off the snow, but you boys have to keep a sharp eye out for anything suspicious. And let me know right away.


{Additional Gnomeregan Infantry men arrive on the scene. The new arrivals fall together diligently and form a tight strategic line between the battle standard and New Tinkertown.  While the army is setting up their defense in case of an attack, suddenly and without any warning a shadowy figure appears to be walking up to the battle standard. It appears that a lone female blood elf warlock stands in front of a Gnomeregan army.}



Gelbin Mekktorque: (shouting) The Horde! High Alert men, the Horde is in Dun Morogh. RED ALERT! If there’s one there’s bound to be more in the area!


{Without hesitation the Blood Elf strides confidently out to the middle of the open snow covered area closing the distance between her and the Infantry and town. She begins to channel a spell. Mekkatorque and his men ready themselves for the impending attack. In an instant and without warning numerous purple circles appear around the blood elf. They twisted and moved until they formed a beautiful design that lies down horizontally and marks the snow covered ground. Several more purple circles materialise and form the vertical outline for a giant portal. This enormous gateway opens to a world full of unknown demon.}


{Mekkatorque wants to deflect panic in the troops before they break their defensive lines so he encourages his men to prepare for the unexpected. Secretly, their leader has no idea what kind of evil demonic minion the blood elf is about to summon. }


{The brave blood elf continues to chants uninterruptedly in an unknown ancient language eager to finish her spell. As soon as her lips stop moving and the wind whips her last words from her mouth a tiny dwarf-like arcane void walker is beckoned out of the mystically doorway. The tiny creature theatrically throws its arms into the air stretching as it now feels free and alive in this new world. }


{The Gnomes that were intently watching the scene unfold before them start to fidget and stir and before long several break their silence and begin to chuckle.}


 {Since the arcane void walker is a small pet sized minion made up of arcane energy and much smaller to that of the Gnomes themselves, they downsize any pending threat to them. More chuckles cover up the first to break orders, soon, most of the men start to follow their comrades’ ways of thinking}


Gnomeregan Infantry #2: High Tinker, what is going on?


Gelbin Mekkatorque: I don’t know. I’ve never seen an arcane void walker before; I’ve only heard whispered rumors about their existence.


{Meanwhile the tiny purplish blue arcane void walker completely ignores the soldiers he begins vibrate and his purple hues get brighter and bolder as if he is glowing, a perfect sign that he is casting a spell of his own. The Gnomes watch intently and start to wonder just what such a small pet could do that would be harmful to them. And as they watch, the mini creature makes a small pop of an arcane explosion in the space between them and the creature and the Blood elf and simultaneously a massive explosion is heard in New Tinkertown.}


{In unison the Gnomes twist around to where the explosion is heard in town.  The Soldiers watch as a huge mushroom cloud of violently dark smoke bellows over the innocent town.  Screams from the town distract them and many want to go help the townies. Just as half of the men break rank, the voice of their leader brings them all back around.}


Gelbin Mekktorque: (shouting) We’re under attack! Attack!  Attack!


{He shouted the orders at the top of his lungs, hoping to reach the furthest of warriors. Like wild fire, his orders travelled along the long line of fighters.]


{The Gnomeregan Infantry swiftly turn their attention back to the Void Walker who is still standing in the middle of the snow barren plot. Instantly the guns target the Blood Elf’s pet. Each soldier stands ready to kill the little minion.}


{While the army takes aim at her valued pet, the Void Walker casts two blinding arcane explosions at the same time, one occurs in the open space between them and another directly in the mist of Infantry Gnomes, scattering them in a frenzied panic.}


{Not many were still focused on the spell caster as Mekkatorque was. He quickly and expertly gathers his wits about him and begins loudly barking out orders and trying to professionally control the situation at hand. His head swivels sideways and he glares at the Blood Elf who mysterious has company standing at her side. She had been joined by a Goblin Shaman. The Shaman smirks confidently at the destruction caused by the Void Walker’s pet and finding much amusement in the show so far.}


Gelbin Mekkatroque: Fight Gnomes! Destroy the Horde threat. We Won’t let them win.


{A brave Gnome Infantry stands and aims his gun at the Goblin. He looks through his scope and watches as the goblin casts an earth totem.  Unexpectedly a thick twisted root comes up from the ground and wraps itself around the gnome. Replacement shooters hastily take his position and aim their guns at the Horde threat. Multiple ice traps are shot in unity through the air over the heads of both the Blood Elf and the Goblin. The ice traps hits their targets, a good number of the frightened gnomes, instantaneously trapping them in a block of frozen water, freezing them in various stages of actions.}


{Majestically a Worgen Hunter steps into view and stands proudly and arrogantly alongside the Blood Elf and Goblin.}


Gelbin Mekktorque: A Worgen? Aligned with the Horde? What is the meaning of this? What kind of Guild would….?


{Gelbin is interrupted by one of his soldiers.}


Mystery Speaker:  A new guild, Gelbin.


{A Gnome steps out and stands with his fellow guild members. He is dressed in a white and black robe with shoulders’ of a woman’s head wearing a blindfold and a hood concealing his identity.}


Mystery Speaker: You don’t know me Gelbin, but don’t worry you will.


{The speaker brazenly steps closer to Mekktorque, his guild closing the distance with him. His voice is raised another octave so those in attendance can hear.}


Mystery Leader: You see Mekktorque, I am your predecessor. I’m here to fix your mistakes.  I will secure Gnomeregan after you’ve lost it and fail miserable while trying to retake it. This…

{The bold speaker spreads his hands in a gesture to include his fellow guild members, which are standing beside him and across the snow covered battle field.}  

 Mystery Leader:  This is the New Gnome Order. And I see you’ve already met Desire and her Arcane Void Walker.


{When the leader of the Gnomes is about to speak, he is cut off by the Predecessor and his audacious statements.}


Mystery Leader: And, If you won’t step down and let us through… I am sure Weasel and Dionne are dying to show you exactly what they are capable of.


{The Goblin, Weasel and the Worgen, Dionne both nod their heads liking what they’re Guild Master is saying. A sinister smile crept across their faces and to show just how brave they are, they flashed their mugs at this that stood nearby.  Most of them were startled at how much audacity these three had to speak so lowly to their leader.  But no one dared moved without word from Mekkatorque. }


{Without waiting for a skip of his heartbeat, the Gnome leader curls his lip before replying to the arrogant intruder.}


Gelbin Mekkatorque: Step down? Me? Never!


{Gelbin almost spat on the rude visitors; his angry words spilling from his mouth in a string of heated passion. You could almost see the steams coming from his ears as he spoke with gritted teeth.}


Gelbin Mekkatorque: I’ve lead the Gnomes into epic battles on many occasions and we’ve heroically survive all of them. And we will do it again.


{His accent was thick with sarcasm and dripped of loathing and hatred of the men standing in front of him and the 3 still standing on the battle field.}


Mekkatorque: All You are is just another Thermaplugg wannabe. And you just wait until the people of Azeroth hear about this… this… treachery.  You mark my words, they will come and they will defeat you all.


{You could almost see the New Leader smile under the edges of his hood that cloaked his face as he addressed the old leader of the Gnomes in a very condescending tone, as if he was talking to a spoilt child.}


Mystery Leader:  All I can say is…Let them come and try. The New Gnome Order is under My leadership now and I will bring Azeroth together as one. It will be under both Horde and Alliance rule. Now step down and give the Gnomes their new king… Me… BigBadWeasel.


{Boiling over with madness and hating the impending threats, the General of the Gnomes begins shouting in a loud feverish pitch.}


Gelbin Mekkatorque: Never! And if you want into Gnomeregan then you have to get through me!


{Gelbin Mekkatorque swiftly calls upon his Mechanostrider, he immediately hops on it when it arrives. In the next instant he pulls out a motorized sword ready to duel the new rival and self-proclaimed king, BigBadWeasel.}


{Now you can see a smile spread on the new King’s face as the hood moves and reveals a bit more of his face.}


BigBadWeasel: Oh, I should be thanking you.  You see… You’ve made me a very happy gnome with your pitiful duel request.


{Nonchalantly, BigBadWeasel calls upon his trusted Turbostrider.   An answer to his call comes in the form of a red mechanostrider with flames painted on its metal wings. With one athletic stride, BigBadWeasel expertly mounts his ride and swiftly produces a motorized sword of his own to wield.}


{Both gnomes chivalrously charge into battle and holding their swords in the air. As they get closer to one another, Mekkatorque impatiently makes the first move by swinging his sword. BigBadWeasel nimbly moves in his seat so the swing of the sword flies over him. At the same time as Mekkatorque is alongside of him, BigBadWeasel swings his sword, low aiming for the legs of Mekkatorque’s mechanostrider. A direct hit as one of the Mechanostrider’s legs is detached from its body. Within seconds, Mekkatorque loses his balance on the now defective strider and Gelbin crashes into the snow. Defeat is seen clearly in Mekkatorque’s eyes the moment his head is raised from the ground.  He lost the duel and the right to the Gnome army in the matter of mere minutes and with one wrong impatiently move.}


{ BigBadWeasel turns his Turbostrider around to face the fallen Mekkatorque.}


BigBadWeasel: You’re a foolish king, Gelbin. The Gnomes deserve someone with greater powers and that gnome is me.


 {BigBadWeasel shouts in triumph of his victorious duel, his gloved fist held high and proudly in the air.}


 BigBadWeasel: New Gnome Order, Gnomeregan is ours to liberate from Thermaplugg and we will not fail!


{BigBadWeasel turns his Turbostrider back around and charges into Gnomeregan. Dionne gets on his four legs and runs wild after the new king.  Weasel summons his Mechano-Hog and that’s when Desire hops into the side car. Together this band of 6, ride into Gnomeregan and courageously take the city for their King, and their Guild, New Gnome Order.}

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