New Gnome Order

A New Guild arrives in the World (of Warcraft) and they make their intentions well known and their first battle retaking Gnomeregan. Come and join the fight in fight against them and help the Gnomes win back their city with three young ladies teaming up for their first raid together in beating back this new evil.


3. Dionne, Mysterious Worgen


{Steward, the Paladin continues to be on the front lines of the battle with the New Gnome Order. As she steps into the tunnel leading to the Launch Bay part of Gnomeregan, she is suddenly greeted by B.E Barechus of <S.A.F.E.> who rides over to her on his Mekgineer Chopper.}


B.E Barechus: Greetings Steward. Murd Doc sent me to aid you in your efforts to defeat BigBadWeasel and his cronies.


Steward: Thank you. I was kind of hoping for a lot more reinforcements, but I guess a gnome on a motorcycle is good enough for me.


B.E Barechus: Most of the troops are gathered in the Dormitory. They are setting up a command center there. Let’s continue shall we?


Steward: Sure, we can’t allow them anymore time in Gnomeregan so they can further make plans on destroying it or taking completely over.


{The unlikely pair takes the upper path of the tunnel together. B.E Barechus upon his Mekgineer Chopper while Steward walks. After noticing the disturbing quietness in the tunnel Steward motions for Barechus to be quiet and on the alert as she cautiously moves forward.}


B.E Barechus: This isn’t good. I don’t even see Thermaplugg’s minions around. Do you think the New Gnome Order did something?


Steward: From what I saw on my battle with Weasel… I wouldn’t put it pass them.


{Steward whispered quietly as she crept slowly forward.}


B.E Barechus: I heard about the destruction they did to New Tinkertown. What kind of thing could do so much damage?


Steward: Shhh! Quiet. I hear something.


{Steward pulls out her sword and shield getting ready for whatever is coming through the tunnel. B.E Barechus wisely puts his Mekgineer Chopper in reverse and gives her some room. The Paladin patiently waits for whatever to show up while the suspense builds up inside of B.E Barechus. He fidgets and begins to crack under the pressure. Before a few seconds pass, he spins the Mekgineer Chopper around and drives off back to the Dormitory.}


Steward: Where are you going?


B.E Barechus: I’m going to get you some reinforcements like you asked.


{Steward watches with disbelief as B.E Barechus flees. She then turns her attention back to the unsettling feeling in the tunnel. She realizes she is all alone and she takes in her surrounds. She sees the lower level of the tunnel and quickly jumps down and tries to hide against the wall.}


{Almost as soon as she backed into the shadows, the Arcane Voidwalker appears.  He was patrolling the tunnel and looking for any intruders. He follows along the path of the tunnel and stops right above Steward. It senses something is wrong and begins to blow brighter like it did when it attack New Tinkertown.}


{Steward leans forward a little to take a peek of the Arcane Voidwalker above her. She catches a glimpse of it and quickly goes back to hiding up against the wall. She slowly starts to move away heading deeper into Gnomeregan. Not wanting to be caught by the powerful Voidwalker, she does her best to avoid detection and sneaks by the Voidwalker in complete silence. When she attains her target, the stairs leading back up to the upper level, she slowly and quietly climbs them while taking a looking  back over her shoulder to spy on the Voidwalker, but he is now gone. Thankfully the Voidwalker did not discover the Paladin and continue its patrol all the way back to the Hall of Gears. Steward makes haste and continues on her path to the Launch Bay before it comes back.}


{Steward makes it to the Launch Bay where she discovers that Thermaplugg’s minions are still alive and have been incased in a Hunter’s frost trap. She with a quizzical look on her face, she attentively investigates the frozen Gnomes and machines as she walks up to one of the traps. Gently she presses her hand against it. She feels the cold solid block of ice. Instantly she knows that the Worgen Hunter must be nearby.}


{As she contemplates what to do next, Steward unexpectedly hears noises coming from the center platform in the Launch Bay area. She sprints over to the ramp that leads to the center platform. She quickly races up to the top of the ramp and she finds what she was expecting to see, Dionne, the Worgen Hunter. He was preoccupied and busily working on one of the consoles on the platform. She takes in a huge breathe and shrieks across the way at him to get his attention.}


Steward: What is your scheme, Dionne? What kind of money venture are you planning on making from this raid?


{Dionne lazily raises his head up from his work long enough to respond to her allegations.}


Dionne: Don’t even try to put me in the same boat as that Goblin. We’ve all had our reasons for doing what we did. The Goblin wanted gold. BigBad wanted power.


Steward: And you?


Dionne: You wouldn’t understand.


{Dionne goes back to work on the console. Steward takes another step onto the platform, easing herself closer to Dionne.}


Dionne: Don’t come any closer. I don’t want to hurt anymore people than I have too.


Steward: I can’t do that. I have to stop whatever you’re doing. If you really are sincere about not wanting to hurt anyone else, then I’d suggest you up now.


{Steward ignores Dionne’s warnings and continues walking on the platform. She makes it a few steps before hearing the growl of a feline cat, which has jumps out onto the center of the platform. Without warning, a purple spectral cat pops out of stealth form and it lets out a fierce growl.}


Steward: Oh, so that’s what you were warning me about.


{Steward takes a step back keeping her distance from the cat. As she steps she hits a hidden button with her boot. The Hunter’s trap begins freezing the ground around her turning into ice. The Paladin struggles to keep her balance. The cat leaps towards Steward, but she swiftly strides to the left and drops to her knees. The ice actually helps her to away from the feline’s pounce.  As the Spectral cat lands on the patch of ice it spins around uncontrollable on the ice and then its legs slide out from under it.}


{Unfortunately her quick movements make her slides all the way to other end of the unforgiving ice. She manages to trip another trap during her slide. Her response to the new situation was instantaneous as she moves puts her shield between her and the ground as the trap explodes. The blast launches her into the air. With her background on in hunting, training and self-preservation, she flips around and manages to land back on her feet. She was amazed at her own skills}


Steward: Woah, did you see that?


{When Steward turns her attention back to the situation at hand and she notices that the cat is still trying to get back to its feet, but quiet badly slipping on the ice despite the length of its claws. Dionne hasn’t bothered to even watch what was going on and he continues to work on the console.}


Steward: Unbelievable.


{Steward turns to Dionne and wields her sword and shield ready for the fight against the Worgen Hunter.} Steward: Your little pet and traps didn’t work against me, Dionne. And now you have nowhere to run. Why don’t you just give up and surrender?


Dionne: But I thought you wanted to know my reasons for joining the New Gnome Order. And what am I getting out of this little raid?


{Steward realizes Dionne is reaching for his gun.}


Steward: Drop it!


{The Paladin orders but Dionne choosing to ignore the command and grabs his gun anyways. Quickly he turns and fires off a rapid shot. Steward holds her shield out to protect herself from the bullet, but she doesn’t see or realize that Dionne fired an Ice Trap at her instead of a bullet. Before she has a chance to react to the ice trap, she becomes imprisoned in a block of ice.}


Dionne: You’re never going to know my reasons for why I am doing this?


{Dionne looks over at his pet cat and sees it still having trouble getting its balance on the ice. He shakes his head in embarrassment and recalls the cat back into the stable.}


Dionne: I don’t care for this…this stalling anymore. The Goblin, Blood Elf and Gnome have had their fun with this raid on the Gnomish City, but now it’s time to end it.


{Dionne returns his attention back to the console. He activates the device he installed on the console and then he purposely turns back to face Steward. Dionne cast his Hearthstone to teleport himself out of there.}


Dionne: I’m sorry it had to come to this, but BigBadWeasel told me to stop everyone from reaching deeper into Gnomeregan, so you’re not going to achieve that.


{Dionne finishes his cast and teleports out of Gnomeregan leaving Steward frozen in a block of ice while the explosive device begins to count down.}


{When all hope appears to be lost, the welcome sight and sounds of a Mekgineer Chopper is heard driving up to the platform with B.E Barechus and Murd Doc. After quickly looking over the situation Murd speaks tries to reassure his frozen comrade.}


Murd Doc: Don’t worry Steward. The G Team is here to save you.


{Murd Doc hops out of the side car of the Mekingeer Chopper and walks over to Steward and tries to figure out how to get her out.}


Murd Doc: Steward? How did you get inside of that?


B.E Barechus: Hey Murd Doc, check this out over here. What do you think this is?


{Murd Doc walks over and checks out the console with Barechus.}


Murd Doc: It’s like some kind of clock and it’s counting down to something.


B.E Barechus: Look’s kind of like a smart device like Thermaplugg used during Operation Gnomeregan.


Murd Doc: Yeah and that was a bomb.


{Murd Doc and B.E Barechus both realize what they are dealing with and scream out “Bomb!” at the same time. They begin to run around in a panic mode for a few seconds before Murd Doc takes control and runs back over to the console and tries to detach the device.}


{A Female Night Elf Hunter and a Draenei Priest walk up and join the rescue crew. They check out the block of ice. The Priest nods and immediately begins to heal Steward inside the ice. The Night Elf takes out her axe and uses her strength to swings it as hard as she can at the block. The block shatters and frees Steward.}


{Steward collapses forward limply and tries to catch her breath.}


Steward: Thank you.


The Night Elf, Brooks: Don’t mention it. We’re the backup that you requested. I’m Brooks and the nice priestess that healed you is Dannon.


{Steward gets to her feet and turns to Brooks and Dannon. She holsters her sword and thanks the two properly.}


Steward: Well I guess we’ll be working together then.


{Suddenly Murd Doc removes the device from the console and holds it in the air.}


Murd Doc: I did it! I’ve successfully removed the device.


{Steward turns and stands with Brooks and Dannon as all three watch the Gnomes.}


B.E Barechus: Great work Murd Doc. So the device is deactivated then?


Murd Doc: No. It’s still activated and can still explode.


{Murd Doc eyes widen as he realizes he is holding the bomb.}


Murd Doc: Oh No!


{Murd Doc comically tosses if back and forth in his hands before he throws it to B.E Barechus who catches it and continues to panic. He runs with it around the platform and accidently trips falling to the floor. The bomb goes flying into the hands of Dannon.}


Dannon: Oh My God! Brooks, what do I do?


Brooks: I don’t know.


{Dannon tosses the bomb to Brooks.}


Brooks: Don’t toss it to me.


{Brooks tosses the bomb to Steward.}


Steward: Hey! Ok this partnership isn’t starting on a good note if we’re passing a bomb around.  

{Steward tries to hand of the bomb off to anyone, but no one wants it. It’s as if the bomb is hot and Steward juggles it from hand to hand until she misses one catch and it gets knock to the ground. Everyone gasps as it hits the ground and bounces a couple of times. Everyone’s heart skips a beat with every bounce of the bomb expecting it to go off and blew them apart. Luckily on the 5th bounce the bomb hits one of the hunter’s traps and it becomes incased in ice.}


Steward: That’s good right? It’s frozen.


Brooks: I think so.


{Everyone exhales and breathes a sigh of relief as the immense danger is now over.}


Murd Doc: We’ll have to have a controlled explosion later so this device won’t hurt anymore. You three need to continue on your mission to get the last two members of the New Gnome Order. We believe that Desire, the Blood Elf Warlock is in the Engineering Lab. I’d suggest that as the next target you explore.


{Murd Doc makes his way over to the chest on the platform. He flips the top open and grabs some objects out. He spins around and tosses a couple of parachutes to the adventurers. After putting the parachutes the small group continues on their mission by jumping off the platform. Using their parachutes to glide down to lower part of the Launch Bay, the team are on the lookout for trouble since the Engineering Labs are on this level and are close by.}

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