New Gnome Order

A New Guild arrives in the World (of Warcraft) and they make their intentions well known and their first battle retaking Gnomeregan. Come and join the fight in fight against them and help the Gnomes win back their city with three young ladies teaming up for their first raid together in beating back this new evil.


4. Desire, Powerful Queen


{The scene opens at the bottom of the Launch Bay. The new team of Steward, Brooks and Dannon has successfully landed on the ground after their jump from the platform. They look around and notice two pathways to choose from. One leading to the Engineering Labs and the other leads to the Tinkers’ Court.}


Steward: Alright, so which way do we go?


Dannon: I’m sure whichever way we choose will have a New Gnome Order member at the end of it.


{When Dannon finishes her statement the three warriors hear a voice calling out to them.}


Face: Psst, over here. By the Tinkers’ Court tunnel.


{The three follow the voice over to the Tinkers’ Court path. They find Face of <S.A.F.E.> standing by and concealing himself in a stealth form.}


Steward: That is amazing. We can barely see you.


Face: Yes I know, it’s an amazing skill and it saved my butt when BigBadWeasel and Desire found their way down here. BigBadWeasel went to Tinkers’ Court where Thermaplugg is. Desire went to the Engineering Labs. That’s all I know.


Steward: Alright, so which one should we tackle first?


Face: Oh yeah, there is another Blood Elf here in Gnomeregan. She followed Desire to the Engineering Labs.


Brooks: Ok, we’ll go after Desire in the Lab first. That’ll give you time to get enough reinforcements here to help us face BigBadWeasel.


Steward: Sounds good to me.


Face: Good Luck.


{The newly formed team leave Face and enter the corridor leading to the Engineer Labs. Steward voices her concern as soon as they are out of hearing range of Face.}


Steward: I didn’t see any Night Elves or Draenei around when I arrived with my unit. Did Darnassus and Exodar also send support for the Gnomes?


Brooks: No. We were in Stormwind when we heard about the invasion and decided to check it out.


Dannon: She did most of the deciding. I was busy trying to find a good bottle of wine at Gallina Winery. They have their famous pinot noir wine and it’s ok.


Steward: Thanks for the advice. If we make it out of here I’ll make sure to toast it in Stormwind.


Brooks: Yeah well, when we got to New Tinkertown we heard about the attack on one of the units. I knew we could be of service. Of course, after twisting Dannon’s arm…


Dannon: You know you wouldn’t have gotten this far without my Lightwell nearby.


Brooks: Sure, I might actually use it this time.


{Steward watches the tension between her partners build up and she tries to change the subject.}


Steward: Alright, well you’re probably wondering why a girl like me would sign up for the Stormwind army.


Dannon: Now really, I was thinking how far Brooks would get before I Life Grip her back to me.


Brooks: You’re such a Brat. Anyways, Steward I’m listening.


Steward: Well it was during the Stonemasons’ Guild riots…


{Brooks stops Steward in the middle of her sentence by holding on her arm in front of the other two.}


Brooks: Hold on. Do you hear that? Listen! Something’s coming this way.


{The three women get into their attack stance and watch in the distance when a Turbostrider runs towards them.}


Dannon: What is that?


Steward: It’s a Mechnastrider that the Gnomes ride. I didn’t see this model up on the surface though. It must be BigBadWeasel’s.


Brooks: That must make it pretty dangerous then.


{The Turbostrider charges at the three with its blazing speed. The women leap out of the way just before the strider passes them. Steward and Dannon go left. They hide behind the Gnome’s aircraft that are place in the corridors. Brooks however stands in the middle of the corridor until the last possible second before she side steps to the right. The Turbostrider seemingly doesn’t even notice Brooks as it runs right by her.}


{Brooks pivots on her toes and wields her bow and arrows and prepares herself to fight the Turbostrider.}


Brooks: Go ahead Steward. Finish your story.


Steward: Now, are you sure?


Brooks: Yeah. I’ve got this.


{Turbostrider stops at the end of the corridor and spins around. Steward hesitates for a moment, drinking in the situation before she opens her mouth and continues her tale.}


Steward: Well I was just going to say I was a little girl back during the riots and I remember when Queen Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn was killed by that rock.


{Turbrostrider charges back toward Brooks. She launches one of her traps directly into its path and as it steps on it the ground freezes to ice, slowing its speed.}


Steward: I was so sad I cried for days, weeks after it happen. I loved her so much. That’s when I wanted to become a guard. I wanted to take up the sword in her honor.


{Brooks expertly takes out a few arrows and puts them in her bow. She fires them at the slow moving Turbostrider. Two arrows strike the upper part of the right leg, one arrow hits the side of the head and two arrows miss completely.}


{Brooks shakes her head disappointed with her accuracy. She takes out one arrow from her quiver and slides it into her bow. She aims and fires her Kill Shot at the Turbostrider and manages to hit it in the sweet spot that deactivates the machine. It crashes to the ground and breaks into several pieces. The head rolls on the ground coming to a rest at the feet of Brooks.}


{Steward and Dannon step out from behind the aircraft and rejoin Brooks.}


Steward: So I went to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind a few months after the riots ended. And there I studied how I could be a great Paladin and here I am.


Dannon: Fighting to help the Gnomes get their city back. Just like you pictured when you were a little girl.


Steward: It was all a little girls’ dream.


Brooks: Ok well, we got this machine out of the way. Let’s find those blood elves now.


{The three women take off running towards the Engineer Labs. When they get to the room they notice that it’s another round room with upper and lower levels. It also has a huge machine in the middle of the room. They discovery the Blood Elf Paladin kneeling on the ground catching her breath. All three notice some strange purple circles floating around her acting like a prison.}


Brooks: Looks like she is on our side.


Dannon: Really Brooks? It’s a Blood Elf. They don’t play well the Alliance.


Steward: I think she means she is here fighting against Desire like we are. Can you dispel whatever magic has her trapped?


Dannon: I can try, but Warlocks are very tricky with their spells.


Brooks: You’ll do fine. Just dispel it.


{Dannon thinks for a moment and then casts her dispel on the Blood Elf instantly removing the magic effect from her. She stands up and faces the three women.}


Brooks: So, am I right? Are you on our side?


Princess: I was sent here by the Blood Knights of Silvermoon to place Desire under arrest. This isn’t the first time she’s done something like this. She is power hungry and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Can you please help me take her into custody?


Steward: With your help its four against one. The odds are in our favor for this fight now.


{The warriors agree to help the Princess. Steward is the first to take off ahead of the others.  She is working her way around the upper level of the Engineering Labs.  She finds Desire on the far side using her shadow magic to empower in a shield.}


{Brooks catches up to her and stops Steward from running any closer to Desire. Brooks places her hand on Steward’s shoulder and she whispers a warning to her eager friend.}


Brooks: Stop! We don’t know what we’re running into. She’s a Warlock, remember.


{Desire begins to laugh and it gets Steward and Brooks’ attention. Desire stops her casting and turns towards them. She takes a couple of steps forward. Princess runs up and stands in between them.}


Princess: Desire, stop this at once. You can’t win here. We won’t let you.


{Desire smirks before she laughs at the bold statement.}


Desire: Let me? You won’t let me? How are you going to stop me? I’m far more powerful than every single one of you. I’ll burn your bodies to ash.


{Desire cast a summoning spell to summons her Incubus. It steps out of the shadows and faces the adventurers.}


Princess: I’ll take Desire. You three deal with the Incubus, but be careful. Its abilities are just as powerful as its master’s.


{As Desire turns and launches herself off the upper level of the Engineering Labs, a pair of demonic wings unfold out of her back.  She gracefully glides down to the lower level, strategically splitting the women up.}


{Princess gives chase after Desire and also dives off the upper level.  Her parachute ensures her a safe landing.}


{Steward, Brooks and Dannon are left to fight the Incubus.}


Steward: Three against one. We still have the odds on our side.


Brooks: I hope you’re right.


{Steward and Brooks step forward and draw their weapons. Dannon however stays back and Brooks senses something is wrong.}


Brooks: Dannon, are you ok?


{Brooks turns and looks at Dannon who is in a dazed. Her eyes are rolled back in her head.}


Brooks: Dannon?


{Dannon’s eyes have a sense of lifelessness to them. In this weird state she mindlessly cast a Holy Nova spell that causes an explosion. With Steward and Brooks in range they get hit by the energy. The unsuspecting squad flies back several feet before crashing to the ground.}


Steward: Ow, what was that?


Brooks: That was her Holy Nova spell. It’s supposed to help her heal both of us at the same time, but not this time. The Incubus must have her charmed.


Steward: What?


Brooks: She’s under a mind control.


Steward: Oh. Well I guess that even things up then.


{Steward and Brooks pick themselves up. Steward looks at the Incubus and Brooks looks at Dannon.}


Brooks: I can’t do it. I can’t fight her. She’s my best friend. We journey together.


Steward: Ok you take the Incubus and I’ll take Dannon.


Brooks: Just don’t hurt her, ok?


Steward: Sure.


{Steward and Brooks change positions. Steward moves around with her shield in front of her. Dannon follows her with her eyes and awaits her instructions from the Incubus.}


{Brooks wields a pair of axes and charges at the Incubus. She is swinging blindly trying to kill it to free Dannon from its charm. The Incubus grabs Brooks’ arms as she swings her axes at it. The Incubus overpowers her and Brooks falls to her knees.}


Brooks: Steward! A little help!


{Steward runs over and with the butt end of her sword hits the Incubus in the back of the head. It releases Brooks and collapses to the ground. Steward helps Brooks up and together they turn towards Dannon to see if the charm is broken.}


{Dannon begins to cast a healing spell and brings the Incubus back to consciousness. The Incubus quickly snaps back up and become enraged. He throws a vicious back hand at Steward that launches her backwards into the wall. The Incubus then grabs Brooks by the throat with both hands. Brooks helplessly drops her axes to the ground as she slowly loses consciousness. The Incubus cruelly tries chokes the life out of Brooks, and slowly and lifelessly starts to sink towards the ground.}


{Dannon sways and starts to waver back and forth. Her eyes roll back into her head and then she snaps out of it because the charm is broken. She sees Brooks in trouble of being choked out. She casts a spell and makes a Lightwell near her.}


Dannon: Oops. Sorry wrong spell.


Brooks: I know you didn’t that one purpose, but thanks anyways.


{Dannon cast again, this time she uses her Hymm of Hope. Not only does it heals Brooks it also gives her enough strength to overpower the Incubus. She breaks one of her arms free and grabs the Incubus’ head and dunks it into the Lightwell. The Holy energy of the well coupled with the demonic presence of the incubus clash and smoke is seen rising up along with its tortured screams. Brooks lets go of the Incubus and it falls to the floor.}


Brooks: Use the Lightwell, huh? I might take your advice more often now.


Dannon: No you won’t.


{Brooks and Dannon walk over and help Steward up. They could hear Princess from below.}


Princess: How are you doing up there? Is the Incubus dead?


Brooks: Yes. How about Desire?


Princess: She just collapses all of a sudden. Must been when you killed the Incubus. She probably shared a connection with it. When you killed the Incubus it must have weakened her and she collapsed at the same time.


Dannon: So are we good then?


Princess: Yes. I have her in custody now. She can’t do anything. I’ll be taking her back to Silvermoon City now.


Steward: Well three down and one more to go then.


Brooks: Let’s get that Gnome.


Princess: Hey Ladies, Thank You.


Brooks: You’re welcome.


{The three adventurers now turn back and are about to leave the Engineering Labs, when Steward stops.}


Steward: Wait!


{Steward runs back over to the shield that Desire was channeling her magic into. It’s a silver colored shield with fluid lines and a strange purple glow to it. Steward tosses her standard issue shield aside and snatches up the new one.}


Steward: Whatever she was planning to do with this shield. It’s not going to fall into the hands of someone with evil intentions. Ok, now I’m ready.


{They head back to the Launch Bay and get ready to head down the final tunnel which will take then directly to Tinkers’ Court where BigBadWeasel and Thermaplugg are waiting and the scene fades.}

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