New Gnome Order

A New Guild arrives in the World (of Warcraft) and they make their intentions well known and their first battle retaking Gnomeregan. Come and join the fight in fight against them and help the Gnomes win back their city with three young ladies teaming up for their first raid together in beating back this new evil.


5. BigBadWeasel, The Holy Gnome


{The scene opens to the three women walking back into the Launch Bay of Gnomeregan. They notice that it’s a been quiet than it should be and Steward walks over to where they met Face of <S.A.F.E.>.}


Steward: Face? Are you here? Where are you? Are you stealth?


Dannon: I don’t like this. They said they’ll have reinforcement here by the time we finish dealing with Desire.


Steward: Maybe they went on ahead of us and are fighting BigBadWeasel right now?


Brooks: Let me try something. I might be able to find him.


{Brooks shoots out a flare and it falls to the ground lighting up the area and will help unstealth whatever is hiding in the Launch Bay, but nothing is revealed.}


Steward: Well we’ve come this far and we can’t give up now.


{Steward heads into the last tunnel that leads to Tinkers’ Court. Brooks and Dannon stay back and turn to one another.}


Dannon: Are you sure about this? This mage masterminded the destruction up on the surface to the Gnome town. I don’t think the three of us will be enough.


Brooks: I know what you’re feeling too and if he really is as powerful as we think… She’s already gone into the tunnel. I’m not leaving her alone to fight this battle all by herself.


{Brooks heads into the tunnel to catch up to Steward and leaves Dannon alone in the Launch Bay.}


Dannon: Brooks! This is a suicide mission we’re going on…


{Dannon realizing she isn’t going to talk her friend out of this mission.}


Dannon: Wait up. You’re going to need my healing spells if we’re going to actually have a chance with winning.


{Dannon sprints into the tunnel to catch up to the other two.}


{The three walk down the dark and quiet tunnel. They get far into the tunnel and see a blue light coming towards them.}


Steward: What’s that?


Brooks: I don’t know, but whatever it is. It glows in the dark.


{It dawns on Steward that the thing approaching them in the Arcane Voidwalker that was patrolling the tunnels on Gnomeregan earlier.}


Steward: Oh no, this is not good. This isn’t good at all.


Dannon: What? What is it?


Steward: It’s the Voidwalker and its almost here.


Brooks: Well we really don’t have a choice now. We can’t turn back.


{The three get into their attack stance waiting for the Voidwalker to arrive.}


Steward: They said this was the thing that caused the explosion on the surface.


Brooks: We’ll be ok. Dannon could shield us from the damage.


Dannon: No, I can’t. It only absorbs a certain amount. If this thing is as powerful as it was on the surface. It’s pretty much going to destroy us. I suggest we run back and find a different way.


Steward: No, it’s too late for that. It’s here.


{The Voidwalker stops just in front of the three. It begins to glow brighter as it charges itself for its arcane explosion ability. Brooks takes out an arrow from her quiver and loads in on her bow. She fires it at the Voidwalker, but its arcane energy causes the arrow to veer off and completely miss hitting it.}


Brooks: What? That’s impossible. I aimed directly at it.


Dannon: Brooks, I just want to say its been fun and I blame you completely for dragging me into this situation.


Brooks: Love you too, Dannon.


{The Voidwalker releases its build up energy in a form of an explosion and the blast is aimed in the direction of the women. They cower in fear of the immient death, but as the blast gets close enough it suddenly absorb by Steward’s shield.}


{The women open their eyes and look up and see the Voidwalker still there. It looks to be puzzled and there attention is now focus on the shield.}


Steward: What kind of magic did the Warlock do to this shield?


Brooks: You know Steward. That was a great idea picking up the shield before we left the Labs.


Dannon: I’ve never seen magic like that before.


{The Voidwalker begin to charge itself up again and it glows brighter. Steward looks at Brooks and Dannon and they step aside and let Steward take this one. She looks at the shield and then the Voidwalker. Steward takes a step and she throws the shield turning it into an Avenger’s Shield and it streaks through the space between the two and hits the Voidwalker causing the arcane’s essence to disappear leaving its shackles to fall to the ground. The shield returns to Steward’s hands.}


Steward: Wow. I don’t think that will be bothering us anymore.


Brooks: Dannon, what do you think of our chances now?


Dannon: I… I don’t really know what you’ve gotten me into, but I;m ready to see this through.


{The three women take off running to the end of the tunnel. They make it to the entrance to Tinkers’ Court and a huge door is closed and right outside is the notorious Thermaplugg inside one of his machines. The women slow down and stop several feet away from Thermaplugg.}  

Thermaplugg: What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here. No one is supposed to be here. Leave Gnomeregan immediately and no one get hurt.


Brooks: So this is Thermaplugg? At least he’s got his threat down.


Steward: Yeah, well we aren’t here to deal with him. We’re here for BigBadWeasel.


{Steward walks forward and tries to talk Thermaplugg about letting them pass.}


Steward: We don’t want to fight you. We’re only here for BigBadWeasel. We’re fighting on the same side…


Thermaplugg: Nooooo! Don’t come any closer. Go back and leave this place. You don’t belong here.


{Steward steps back and rejoins Brooks and Dannon.}


Steward: He’s a rude little gnome, isn’t he?


Dannon: He’s not going to make this easy for us. I say we zerg him and find a way to break open the door and then it’s just us and BigBadWeasel.


Brooks: I agree. He’s not giving us much of a choice in the matter.


{The women walk towards Thermaplugg and he starts to go crazy and screams at them to stay away. They continue to get closer and they end up stepping on a wire. The wire then triggers and explosion to Thermaplugg’s machine that ejects him out of it and he goes flying through the air and crashes into the ground several feet away. Dannon runs over and checks on him.}


Dannon: He’s still alive, but he’s completely out of it.


Brooks: He wasn’t warning us to get out of Gnomeregan. He was warning us of the trap.


Steward: I guess the two of them didn’t see eye to eye on a shared Gnomeregan plan.


{The door to the Tinker’s Court opens up letting the women into the room.}


Brooks: I think he knows we’re here.


{Dannon makes Thermaplugg comfortable and leaves him in the tunnel. She walks back to Brooks and Steward and together walks into Tinkers’ Court to confront BigBadWeasel.}


{Inside Tinkers’ Court the women walk to the center of the room where they find BigBadWeaselwith his back turned to them.}


BigBadWeasel: Congratulation on getting this far. I thought my recruits to my new order would’ve given you a bit more of a challenge.


Steward: Don’t underestimate us so easily. We’ve been through hell to get here.


BigBadWeasel: Well that makes me feel a little bit better knowing that my members put up one hell of a fight.


Brooks: But why, why would you do all of this? Why did you betray your gnome brothers and sisters?


BigBadWeasel: Betrayal? You honestly think I betray them. This wasn’t treason. It was a revolution. Do you honestly believed that all gnomes we caring and loyal? I’m not the only gnome that’s fed up with Mekktorque’s lies. He’s promise us we’ll have our home back and he’s failed. He’s let Thermaplugg turn it into a toxic waste site. Someone needed to step up and so I did. I went to Azshara and met with the Goblin in Bligewater Harbor and he promised to make a totem that would recycle the waste into something more useless.


Steward: He turned it into a weapon that almost killed me.


BigBadWeasel: Simply a test animal to conduct an experiment on. You Humans needed to be good for something. The Blood Elf promised me a powerful creature strong enough to help retake Gnomeregan with ease. Did you see it patrolling the halls of Gnomeregan?


Steward: We did. We also took care of it.


BigBadWeasel: What? It’s impossible. My Kirin Tor Familiar is the most powerful being in Azeroth. There is no way you could’ve beaten it.


{Steward takes her fighting stance and raises her shield up so BigBadWeasel can see what she has.}


BigBadWeasel: What is that? It can’t be. The Shield of Impenetrable Darkness. Why that double crossing elf. She never told me she was going to use her magic in enchant weapons. Well it’s a good thing you took her out before she had a chance to betray me. For that I won’t kill you and allow you to leave on your own accord.


Steward: I can’t do that.


BigBadWeasel: Don’t try to fight me lady. I’ve sought out power that would make me strong enough no one can defeat.


{The three of them take a step forward challenging the gnome to the fight and he quickly backpetals and tries to bargain.}


BigBadWeasel: Wait! Hold on, we really don’t have to do this. I’ve gotten my home back and taken out Mekkatorque. That’s all I wanted. Maybe now I can help you. Give you what you want.


Steward: You have nothing that I want.


Dannon: Hold on, let’s hear him out. This could be good.


Brooks: Dannon, now is really not the time.


BigBadWeasel: I heard your little story you told your little friends about the Queen. It was quite touching. What if I told you I could give you that moment back? A world where the Queen was still with us today?


Steward: You’re lying and I wouldn’t want that world. It was in her death that create the paladin you see before you. The paladin that will defeat you.


BigBadWeasel: Oh, I am many things, but a liar I am not.


{BigBadWeasel begins to cast a portal opening up a moment in time of the Stonemason’s riots in Stormwind.}


BigBadWeasel: I told you I sought out my powers to become the most powerful mage in the Eastern Kingdoms. Go now, before the portal closes and be with the Queen again. Maybe you can change her fate.


{Steward grips her sword tight and she walks to the portal and looks to be contemplating her decision.}


Brooks: Steward, you can’t be serious thinking about this.


{Steward ends up swinging her sword through the portal and tells BigBadWeasel a flat out ‘No!”}


BigBadWeasel: I’m sorry to hear that. You didn’t want to change the past that’s fine, but I’ll make it so you don’t have a future.


{BigBadWeasel begins to cast an arcane spell.  The door to Tinkers’ Court opens and in walks Mekkatorque with the G Team and a full army to back up the women.}


Mekkatorque Gelbin: Sorry we took so long ladies, but your back up is here as promise. I’ve heard everything this lying scoundrel has said. BigBadWeasel it’s time you vacant Gnomeregan once and for all.


BigBadWeasel: Banishment? You’re banning me!? After I took back Gnomeregan! After I found a way to clean up the toxic mess you and Thermaplugg caused.


{BigBadWeasel turns red with rage and his power begins to shake the entire room. He cast Multiple poison totems that spring up from the ground all around the room and green gas fills the room.}


{Mekkatorque orders his men to quickly destroy the totems before the room is completely full.}


{BigBadWeasel continues his cast and summoning his own army of mirror images of himself that charge into battle fighting with gnomes, humans and dwarves that have come to fight for Gnomeregan.}


Brooks: Dannon, can you find the real one?


{Dannon cast her mind control spell trying to find the real BigBadWeasel, but just finds empty vessels that are fighting the gnomes.}


{Mekkatorques screams words of encouragement to his men with every mirror image defeated.}


{Steward fights her way through the crowded room of BigBadWeasel copies and finally finds the real one continuing to mass spam his clones.}


BigBadWeasel: There is still time. You can save her. Just take the portal.


Steward: What about you?


BigBadWeasel: My time is up. The Mirror Image will fade and it’ll just be me and Mekkatorque and his army. Congratulation you won this battle, but you can still have your dreams become reality.


{Steward turns to the portal and she really coming to a decision of taking it.}


BigBadWeasel: Too slow!


{BigBadWeasel takes the portal instead and Steward screams a “Noooo!”. She tries to jump in, but it’s too late and the portal disappears along with the mirror images of BigBadWeasel.}


Mekkatorgue Gelbin: We did it. We won. BigBadWeasel has retreated.


{Brooks and Dannon notice Steward on her knee and staring at the floor where the portal once was.}


Brooks: Steward, are you ok? What happened?


Steward: He’s gone. He took the portal himself.


Dannon: Wait, so he time travelled to the time of the Stonemason’s riots? This is going to be bad isn’t it?


{Steward stands back up and turns to Mekkatorque who walks over to the women to thank them for their service.}


Mekkatorque Gelbin: Thank you ladies for all you’ve done for us on this day. We gnomes have finally have our home back and we’ll try our best to make the recycle totems of Weasel’s less of a weapon. Tell me what guild banner to you ladies represent?


Brooks: Oh, we don’t belong to any guilds.


Mekkatorque Gelbin: Really, that’s a shame. You ladies do a fine job working together. Hate to see this be a one time thing.


Steward: It’s not. We’re going to the Cavern of Time in Tanaris. We’re going to ask the Keepers of Time there to sent us back to the Stonemason’s Riots and we’ll kill BigBadWeasel.


Mekkatorque Geblin: The Stonemason Riots, you say? I wonder what his purpose was to choose that point in time. Well good luck to you ladies and if you need anything feel free to ask.


Dannon: Well we’ve heard you the gnomish engineers could teleport us to Gadgetzan in Tanaris to make our trip closer.


Brooks: Dannon, did you just suggest us joining Steward on her quest?


Dannon: What? I’m invested now.


Steward: Thank you.


{The three women follow Mekkatorgue back to the Engineers Labs to continue on their quest, but for now the raid on Gnomeregan to defeat the New Gnome Order has ended.}

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