Smiles for eternity.

This is a One Direction One-Shot. :)

If you need the right mood to read this, please listen to the piece of music, I'm adding, while reading.
As you read the last word, the last note will be played.

So, you have to read fast enough to catch it.
Hope you can do it. xx


1. Smiles for eternity.


It was a cold afternoon, and the place was silent. Liam walked across the lawn, when he finally saw him. “Niall!” he said, and walked towards him with a little bouquet in his hand. Niall was silent, so Liam just sat down beside him in the grass, and lay down the flowers besides Niall. “Long time, no see!” he said, with a little too much happiness in his voice. “How have you been?” Niall remained silent, so Liam went on; “You’re not mad at me, are ya? I just heard from Louis today! He and Eleanor are doing great in Paris! And Zayn is doing pretty good as a model! I haven’t heard from Harry in weeks though.. You have any idea what he’s doing?” Liam looked at Niall, who still hadn’t said a single word, and he sighed. “I brought some pictures.. Just to refresh the memories!” he said, while dragging out a couple of photos from his pocket. “See?” he said at the first picture. “Our first picture as One Direction!” he cheered. He let his finger slide over the old photo. “I miss that time..” he said with a mumbling voice. He sniffed once, but then wiped his nose in his sweater. “Okay..” he said, and took the other picture in sight. “Our last picture.. Together, that is.” he said, and looked down on five faces, smiling their last smile together. Five smiles, which would stay that way, for eternity. And never change again. Liam’s eyes started to tear up. “Oh lord, how I miss this..” he said, while tears rolled down his cheek, steady and slow. He hurriedly wiped them away and sighed with a dry throat. He sat there, by the side of his best friend, and they both remained silent for a long 10 minutes.


“I gotta go.. “ Liam said, after a long break, “Danielle is waiting for me! We’re going out for dinner tonight!” he said, with a cheering voice. He rose from the ground and first he didn’t turn around to face Niall, but he did. He couldn’t leave without a proper goodbye. “I.. I promise to come and visit you more often!” he said, while his voice was cracking. The last sight, and the realization, of the silent tombstone were too much for him to handle. He lost it. “Why did you have to leave me?” he said, now with tears streaming down his red cheeks. “It isn’t fair! You were my best friend! HOW COULD YOU!” Liam cried at the light-grey stone. He sobbed and laid his hand on the big stone, where the words “Here lies Niall James Horan. A beloved son, brother and friend. He will forever be missed.” starred back at him, almost as if they were judging him. “It wasn’t fair..” he said with a fading cry. He stood there, trying to catch his breath again. “I miss you so much, Niall.. WE miss you so much. You were the one who kept my world together.. I don’t know how much longer I can handle this.” After a couple of minutes, he had regained his breath and he looked at the tombstone again. “I promise you, I will visit you again soon!” he said, before he turned around and walked away. He didn’t look back, but if he had, he may had returned later on.


But fate had other plans. After his visit at the graveyard, Liam went back to Mullingar, where he was staying at Nialls dads house. But before he ever reached the city, he was hit by a car. He was rushed to the hospital, and for four hours, doctors were fighting to save him. But they lost. Liam died in the hospital, with more eternal bleedings. But he was smiling the whole way through the pain. Some doctors even said, that they heard him whisper. Only a few words. “I promised you, I would visit you soon.” and then he was gone. 

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