The Crusade of Roses

During the Cataclysm our forefathers in Gilneas were turned Worgen except for two humans, but now 200 years in the future the only humans left in the world is Aerilyn Selorien and the remaining members of the newly formed alliance,The Rose Crusade. The entire world is populated with only Worgens, wild and no humanity left with-in them. Silas the new leader of this Worgen population wants to make sure the whole population of humans and any other race is gone and only Worgens live. What he doesn't know is Aerilyn is enraged and is determined to leave him only a corpse when she's done with him.


3. The new Kolbolds

The next morning we were all called down to the main room of the tavern, or as i like to call it, Hell.

"Alright everyone we're kind of in a pickle right now.." Amelia stood infront of everyone, plump as always.

"We're down to the last candle and we're out of wax." She sighed wearily.

"As you see Aerilyn and all new members of The Rose Crusade, the candles are only thing keeping the worgans at bay. These candles are made from a special wax that comes from a very rare plant only found deep inside the Red river mine."

"Well everyone, we need to gather some more, but since the job is very undesirable. We must draw names for the two people who must go fetch some more."

"Anyways i have everyone's name on a piece of parchment and i have placed it inside of a bowl, I shall select two names at random now." She shoved her pudgy hand into the bowl and pulled out the first Parchment.

"Harold Riker" She read.

"Harold died last time you sent him." Someone shouted from the back of the room.

"Ah yes.." She disposed of his slip in the fireplace. Everyone in the room started to shake in anticipation and praying they weren't the ones to go.

Amelia drew another slip from a pocket in her apron. "Sylvia Wilkins"

Sylvia stood up immediately like she had just won the award of "Worst smelling and all around most ugly"

"Mum? Why do I have to go? I might break my nail like last time." She gave Amelia beady eyes and a pouty lip.

"Everyone must do their part Sylvia." She gave her a menacing look.

"The second name.." Amelia stuck her hand back into her apron pocket and pulled out a second slip. "Is.."

Sylvia stood up by her mother and crossed her fingers closing her eyes. You could hear a slight whisper of what she was saying. Not Aerilyn. Please oh please not Aerilyn.

"Aerilyn." Amelia read from the slip gesturing for her to come up.

Aerilyn rose and stood up by Amelia as she was handed a bucket.

"Sylvia will be your tutor. Good luck everyone."

Sylvia lead the way as she muttered. "Cmon let's get this over with."

They walked down a length gravel road neither saying a word until they reaches a old mine entrance.

The entrance was so old the arch way seemed like it would collapse if someone blew on it.

"Alright we need to get in, find the plant, cut off a leaf and put bucket underneath and let it fill."

"Got it." Aerilyn nodded.

"Good now follow me." She headed through the arch way and into the darkness with Aerilyn following.

"The plant is near the back so keep following and keep your trap closed."

Aerilyn followed her as they traveled past ores of copper and tin and several cave paintings.

Once Sylvia finally stopped she waved for the bucket as she cut off one of the leaves on a purple glowing plant.

"I don't see why we can't just take the plant to town and plant it there." Aerilyn watched a creamy gray wax flow from the hole in the plant, the flow was very similar to water but as she watched the wax in the bucket turned more solid.

"Alright got it all, and we can't plant it in town because the plant can only grow here, trust me we tried."

She lifted the bucket as she heard voices approaching in the dark.

"You no take candle!" A crackly high pitched voice squealed.

"We're not taking candles we're taking wax." Sylvia muttered.

"Wax make candle. You no take candle!" It squealed again as their wrists were bound behind their backs by some more of the creatures. They both then blacked out and woke up inside a campsite still inside of the mine. Surrounded. By Kolbolds.

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