The Crusade of Roses

During the Cataclysm our forefathers in Gilneas were turned Worgen except for two humans, but now 200 years in the future the only humans left in the world is Aerilyn Selorien and the remaining members of the newly formed alliance,The Rose Crusade. The entire world is populated with only Worgens, wild and no humanity left with-in them. Silas the new leader of this Worgen population wants to make sure the whole population of humans and any other race is gone and only Worgens live. What he doesn't know is Aerilyn is enraged and is determined to leave him only a corpse when she's done with him.


2. Never underestimate a dwarf

That evening after Aerilyn wounds were dressed and she was fitted into her new leather armor she was immediately herded like a sheep down stairs to the kitchen by Amelia whom was convinced that she needed to be stuffed in order to be able to survive. It was true Aerilyn was a bit thin but she wasn't anorexic, apparently either Amelia was part dwarf or she was missing a few bolts.

"Dearie would you like some chicken or some ham.. or some pork.." Amelia started to daze off into a food coma until Aerilyln spoke up.

"Some bread and some water would be alright to me." She smiled but Amelia was persistent.

"Dear, we need to fatten you up, I'll make you some chicken and i'll bring you some thing better to drink besides water."

"No really it's fi-" She was cut off as Amelia left the room.

Aerilyn headed over to the bar counter in the establishment which appeared to be a old tavern, one used before the cataclysm but restored recently, sure there was paint chipped on the walls and boards on the windows, but it was very hearth and warm to her. She pulled up a stool next to a very dapper man drinking what appeared to be ginger ale but she could be wrong. She tapped her fingers on the counter when the man's mug slipped from his hands and onto the floor while pieces of wood and glass flew everywhere. She peered over at him and he just ushered for her to be quiet as a very tall woman, perhaps night elf decent rushed into the room with a broom and a pan sweeping up all the shards and then as fast as she came she was gone.

"Had to create a distraction to get her occupied so i can talk to you Aerilyn." He whispered as his true form took over and next to her now sat a very plump dwarf with a long, wavy, ruby red beard.

"Magnus! How did you get here?"

"Gwen found me a horse and brewed me a disguise potion, hah those poor saps in the rose crusade saw me as a poor bloke and took me in."

"Why are you here?"

"Llana wanted you to have this." He dug in his trouser pockets until he pulled out a locket attached to a long gold chain.

"What does it do?" She inquired this greatly and examined the locket that was now placed into her hands.

"Dunno she didn't tell me, but she did tell me she spoke with Madame Yven recently if that rings a bell and from what she told her she figured you would need it."

"So i'm assuming it's not just for looks and it actually does something." She smirked.

"Not sure, these days your friend seems a wee bit bonkers so it might just be decorative or broken."

"Well i have to go before they know I was here and by the way that girl Sylvia should be running down stairs screaming her fat head of hers off in about.." He peered at a small golden watch connected to what seemed to be a elven fashioned chain.

"About right now." Sure enough Sylvia's scream could be heard from downstairs as she half sprinted half stumbled down stairs screaming about a dreaded smell in her room.


"Sylvia pipe down! And stop blaming Aerilyn for everything!" Amelia shouted from the kitchen.

"Mother! Don't talk to me like that!"

"Sylvia you know you have magic blood in you from your father and your mother was a alchemist."

"So you're saying my magic spurts caused this dreaded stench?" She growled at Amelia.

"Yes, so stop blaming everyone else and go upstairs."

"Fine!" She stormed upstairs so loud that you could of sworn godzilla was on the loose.

When Aerilyn was alone she looked down at her newly obtained locket and a grin shot across her face when she fingered it in the palm of her hand.



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