The Crusade of Roses

During the Cataclysm our forefathers in Gilneas were turned Worgen except for two humans, but now 200 years in the future the only humans left in the world is Aerilyn Selorien and the remaining members of the newly formed alliance,The Rose Crusade. The entire world is populated with only Worgens, wild and no humanity left with-in them. Silas the new leader of this Worgen population wants to make sure the whole population of humans and any other race is gone and only Worgens live. What he doesn't know is Aerilyn is enraged and is determined to leave him only a corpse when she's done with him.


1. The Rose Crusade

Aerilyn noticed that morning that all of her supplies eerily vanished from her backpack except for some stormwind brie and some frostweave bandages scattered across the floor. Next to her open bag lead a trail of bread crumbs, like something, or someone took off with her supplies. She stood equipping her bow and followed the path of crumbs till it lead to a small building. The door was partially cracked open and she could hear faint breathing coming from within. As she entered she noticed she wasn't alone anymore. Around here stood a group of humans like herself, and on the table laid her supplies.

"Greetings." She spoke to the child infront of her. As she bowed with great empathy the child raised her firearm with her pudgy little arms and growled.

"How dare you speak to me in such a tone!" Her thin blond hair seemed to have acted with her rage as it started to turn black.

"Sylvia! Leave the poor girl alone, she looks starving." A plump woman with gray mahogany streaked hair spoke eying Sylvia with what appeared to be a glass eye.

"But ma! She's the gal i looted in her sleep!" Sylvia hissed.

"Well we're caught, but least we can recruit a new member to the crusade." The woman replied.

"The Crusade?" Aerilyn peered over at her in utter curiosity.

"The Rose Crusade is what she's gettin' at" Shouted a man about the woman's age in the back of the room.

"Well you seem fit enough but you need some food and armor dearie." She examined Aerilyn from a distance.

"By the way, my name is Amelia Wilkins." She spoke peering at Aerilyn's scratched covered body."

"What in the name of Azeroth happened to you?"

"Worgens that's what." Aerilyn scowled at her wounds.

"Oh dearie im surprised you haven't any infections, anyways we need to clean you up and dress your wounds, and while were at it we must get some food in you! You're skin and bones!"

"Sylvia! Find some clothes to fit miss..." She paused.

"What is your name?" She peered at Aerilyn.

"Aerilyn." She shouted continuing her command with Sylvia.

Sylvia glared back at Aerilyn like a perfectly wrapped birthday present after finding out that it's not hers and all she gets is a sack of beans.

"I can tell we will be good friends." Aerilyn muttered sarcastically catching Sylvia's gaze.

"Now sweetie we will get you suited up and you can decide if you would like to join the Crusade." She smiled as Aerilyn nodded, but really Aerilyn was thinking of a while different idea, she wasn't planning on really joining the Crusade, she just wanted her stuff back and gather more supplies and get the heck out of dodge.



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