The Apple Tree


3. Unexpected happenings

I collected the basket from the boot of the car, locking it as i began to walk over to the apple tree where mum stood. I noticed her tracing her finger along the rough bark of the tree.

Placing the basket on the floor next to me mum began to talk.

"This is where I met your dad" she told me in a soft voice. "We came here everytime that we wanted peace or privacy. Lovely place this."

"Mum, it's beautiful!' I replied.

She began to move her finger along the thick branches now, following the bumps and dips all the way to the end. She looked up at the brown autumn leaves in amazement. It really was pretty.

"It is isn't it?" There was a dangerous, almost menacing change in her voice this time.

She turned around to look at me again, right in the eyes. I've never been good with eye contact situations... they always seem so awkward. Her head tilted slightly to the left and mum started to make her way towards me.

"This is where you were concieved charlee, this is where I want everything to end too."

"Mum," she was starting to scare me "What are you talking about?"

Her face was pale in the moonlight and a creepy little half smile crawled up her cheek. Her shaky hand reached behind her and pulled out a small brown leather case.

CRAP! I thought she's scaring me!

"Charlee darling, I love you" she said, her head shifted back to a straight position. "But you haven't done me much good over the past few years, have you?" Something didn't sound quite right, she sounded like an empty shell.

"Come here honey, I want to give you something."

I didnt move.

"Honestly? You don't trust your own mother?"

My lips began to feel all tingly and warm, My face drained any colour that was left as I saw what she pulled out of the leather case. A knife.

"You're a clever girl aren't you? I really don't want a smartarse daughter." She sounded almost angry now. Her mousy brown hair blew in the breeze. Everything was dark now and was starting to feel like a murder scene from a crime programme. I now had a feeling that the picnic basket wasn't full of food. My stupid, imaginitive mind began to picture what could be in that bag... a black bin bag? To put my body in?

Oh shut up! I told myself.

"Mum, what are you doing? Please put that thing away!"

"You never understood, your smart but you never really knew did you charlee? I thought you'd know better. It's all your fault!"

She lunged at me, aiming for my chest with the knife but catching my leg just as I rolled away.

OH MY GOD! she's gone crazy!

By this point I had realised that somehow I would have to get away from mum quickly... with a huge gash in my leg.

Ok I thought. You can stall her!

"Mum, do you remember the last time you took me down to the park? Weran around, had a good time? Why can't things go back to being like that?"

I picked up a stone in my right hand. It was covered in grass and sandy mud, this felt so wrong! Nobody should ever have to do this. I used my energy to lift it up...

"Mum," I said with such a huge feeling of guilt "I love you so much."

I threw it at her leg. It hit her pn the back of the knee just hard enough to make her fall slightly. A twitch in her eye told me that it was time to go. I shot off as fast as I could, towards the woods was the plan; but with my bleeding leg and mum closing in behind me, it was harder than I'd imagined. I would make it into the woods before her but she would definitely be on my trail. I still continued to run, blood was dripping from my leg now but when your mother is running after you with a knife, you tend to forget about most of the pain.

The moon lit up the field that I was running through. The light didn't reach the woods though. It was pitch black in there.Not much chance of mum finding me tonight, as long as I was careful.

I ran straight into the darkness and somewhat safety of the trees, the temperature dropped a few degrees and branches caught on my jacket as I frantically dodged trunks and stumps. My pace was slowing and I was getting tired. I'd have to stop at some point but I just didn't know where.

It was only my mums scream of anger that made me pick up the pace again, but she seemed far away.

I turned around to see where about I was but of course I didn't have a clue. I was in the middle of the woods. In the silence of the pitch black night. 


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