The Apple Tree


1. Mel

I grabbed my phone as I looked up at myself in the mirror.

God, I thought, am I really going out like this!? My muddy blonde, half dry hair curled slightly as it reached my shoulders. It had never been straight nor curly, always just something in between. My eyes were a strange shade that seemed to vary from hazel to green with flecks of  yellow; and my spotty skin was far from perfect. I looked at my mismatching body for a moment longer before picking up my keys and heading out the door.

                                                                  * * * * * *

"Hiya!" said Mel as she opened the door, "Why are you so early this morning?".

She was attempting to fix a golden hoop earring onto her left ear and she was wearing a stripy sweatshirt and black tracksuit bottoms - She'd always been able to pull off any look, even if she wasn't that type of person!

"Uhh... sorry, got up early I guess!" I replied as I invited myself in.

We'd been best friends for years, so neither of us had a problem with it. Mel had always been prettier than me, brighter and nicer. She had everything going for her and yet she chose me to be her best friend. We'd shared so much about each other that there was practically nothing we didn't know.

"Ok, so I wasn't sure what I should wear.." she added, flustered "The stripy skirt and white top or this stripy jumper and white jeans!?"

"The jeans, It's supposed to rain today." I replied, not only thinking about the weather, but if she wore the skirt, I would disappear again. It was like that... having a friend like Mel sometimes you just have to sacrifice your existence. She's so stunning that nobody ever tends to notice 'the girl next door'.

Mel (short for Melony) had long perfect dark brown hair that was naturally gorgeous without her even doing anything with it! Her pale skin matched her dark pink lips and her skin had no blemishes - EVER!

"So what are we actually doing today? Cinema? Shopping? Boy spotting?" she winked at me.

"Bit of everything?" I replied

"Sounds good to me!"

She finished getting ready by touching up her mascara and brushing her face with powder ' 

" Right, let's go. I can't stand another minute of staying inside "



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