The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


2. Chapter Two


      The morning proceeded in pretty much the same way. After a lesson about the average rainfall and temperature of a city in Peru, I met Damien and we walked to English together. People stared as we sat down together and I couldn't help but smile at their surprise. I felt like saying, see I can make friends, I can be normal, despite what you think of me; the Lollipop Brigade deserves the thanks for that, yep if they don't like you they can make your life miserable.

      Fortunately the work we did in English needed to be done in pairs, so I worked with Damien. In between the work we chatted about other things, and it sounds silly but since that lesson it feels like we've known each other for years not minutes. Damien made a witty comment when Sara, who is unfortunately in our class, insulted me that left me in hysterics much to Mrs Cowell's surprise and annoyance.

      After English we had break and sat in the courtyard, eating and chatting away. Today has got to have been, well so far anyway, my best day at school ever.

      I was interrupted mid-sentence in our conversation about the Crystal Kingdom game by the bell, and we quickly gathered our bags before making our way to the changing rooms for P.E.

      "See you on the other side." I said with a smile as we hovered by the separate changing room doors.

      Damien smiled nervously and we went our separate ways.

      I have never been interrogated so much in life as when I entered that changing room. As I changed into the hideous Lakeside High School compulsory P.E. kit which composed of a grey polo shirt and black shorts (not a skirt thank goodness), I was bombarded with questions about Damien by those from my form class and people that had seen us together. It was the most that anyone had said to me in years.

      "Who's that guy you were with?"

      "Is he your boyfriend?"

      "He's hot can I have his number?"

      The list goes on.

      I answered them as best as I could, nervously and with red cheeks as I changed into my P.E. kit.

"He's called Damien. No, he's not my boyfriend. I don't have his number." His number! Honestly I only just met him, why would I have his mobile number? (I didn't say this aloud obviously).

      The questions suddenly stopped as the door to the changing rooms swung open and Sara, followed by Angel and some other cronies, that I didn't recognise, walked in glaring around haughtily. They went over to the free bench and started changing.

      I pulled up my navy hockey socks before putting on my trainers and tying the laces, waiting for Sara to say something in revenge of Damien's witty comment earlier.

      Our P.E. teacher Mrs Goff appeared and instructed us to go outside and run a lap around the field.

      I kept an eye on Sara and the other Lollipops as I walked past them, but failed to see Sara's foot as she put it in front of me and was sent sprawling ungracefully onto the floor where I landed in a messy and bloody heap.

      Sniggers erupted from the Lollipop Brigade as I hobbled to my feet, blood falling from a huge gash in my knee.

      Mrs Goff scolded me for being so clumsy and ordered me to go and see the school nurse.

      With what I hope was an 'I'll get you back for this' glare at Sara, I hopped out to the hallway cringing at the pain as I moved.

      Eventually I made it to the Nurse and she sighed when she saw me, telling me to sit down in the chair.

      "Back so soon, Meg?"

      That's right, the School Nurse, or Nurse Martin as I have come to know her, and I have met before, on several occasions actually, all of them thanks to Sara.

      "What happened this time?" Nurse Martin rummaged around in a cupboard for some bandages.

      "I tripped in the changing room, must have caught me knee on the edge of the tiled floor." I said, pretending to be reading the posters on the walls which I already knew off-by-heart.

      Nurse Martin knelt down in front of me and started to clean my cut.

      I flinched in pain silently cursing Sara, not for the first time believe me.

      Finished cleaning the cut, much to my relief, Nurse Martin started to bandage it. "It's quite deep; you won't be able to do P.E. for a couple of days."

      If she thought I would be disappointed at that fact then she was very much mistaken.

      "You should really tell a teacher Meg, before it gets any more out of hand." Nurse Martin said, standing up and washing her hands.

      I suppressed a sigh. "I don't want to give them any more ammunition then they already have."

      Nurse Martin tutted, "Oh Meg," she handed me a note to excuse me from P.E. for the day. "Come back tomorrow and I'll have a look at your knee."

      I could feel her disapproving gaze on my back as I slowly trudged back to P.E.

      Out by the field, Mrs Goff seemed unimpressed with my note and ordered me to get dressed and to disappear for the hour.

      As I limped back to the changing room I saw Damien stretching at the edge of the running track, and he paused mid-stretch to give me a wave and a worried smile. I waved back, blushing and continued to the changing room.

      I slowly got changed back into my t-shirt and jeans and wasted what remained of the hour by doing my Geography homework (I know! Homework on the first day back!), then waited outside the changing rooms, five minutes before the bell was due to go off, for Damien to emerge.

      He walked out the door as soon as the bell went and pulled me aside as the hallway became suddenly packed with bodies. "What happened? Are you ok?"

      I was flattered at his concern and was, not for the first time today, glad that I had made friends so quickly with him.

      "I'm fine, just fell over. Do you want me to take you to I.T?" I practically shouted over the yelling students that were streaming past us.

      He nodded, and I led him outside.

      "Did you enjoy P.E?" I asked as we crossed a courtyard.

      Damien shrugged, watching as I tried to walk quickly and flinched with every movement. "It was ok, we just ran around the track."

      We arrived outside the room in which Damien's I.T. class was in, and said a brief farewell before I disappeared off to French.


      French seemed to drag on without Damien's company, which struck me as odd, as we had only just met. My French teacher, Madame Yves seemed to notice my discomfort and asked me to stay behind at the end of the lesson, much to several of my classmates delight; I've always been at the top of the class for French.

      "Meg, you didn't seem yourself today, are you ok? Is everything alright at home?"

      Why is it that whenever something seems wrong, the teachers always ask me if it's something at home that's wrong? Why don't they realise that it's something (or rather someone) at school that's the problem? I guess it's because they know I'm adopted that they always ask me if it's problems at home though.

      "No, everything is fine, Madame, I'm sorry if I didn't seem myself, I'm not feeling well today. I'm sure I will be better tomorrow."

      Madame Yves nodded, not completely convinced with my response. "Alright, I shall see you tomorrow, take care Meg."

      I left the room feeling suspicious. Had Nurse Martin told the teachers about my trouble with the Lollipop Brigade?

      I was brought out of my thoughts by someone calling my name.


      I turned to see Damien walking towards me.

      "I'm glad I found you, I was wondering where you'd gotten to when I couldn't see you waiting for me, but I found your French room. Are you ok?"

      I smiled and tried to forget about my conversation with Madame Yves. "Oh I'm fine. Shall we get some lunch?"


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