The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


20. Chapter Twenty


      The assembly was just like the ones that we had had for Nurse Martin and Mr. Lee, except from this time Mr. Walsh spoke to us briefly about depression, and gave us information about counselling.

      We had to go to English straight after the assembly and everyone was in a sombre mood, except Sara and Angel who walked into the room giggling.

      Mrs. Cowell walked in and immediately set us work to do, I guess that it was to keep us distracted.   

      The work was however to look through newspaper headlines to look for metaphors etc. What didn't help though was the fact that most of the newspapers had my ugly mug slapped over the front page. One newspaper even had two whole pages devoted to, and I quote "tragic childhood of fostering before being found by Mr. and Mrs. Reese who were unable to have children of their own". I felt my blood boil at the reference to Claire and Aaron.

      Sara and Angel were laughing to themselves, and earned several disapproving looks from Mrs. Cowell.

      From where I was seated I could see that they were defacing the photo of me that was on the front of their newspaper, and I let out a low groan.

      "Are you alright?" Damien asked looking and me with worry.

      I rested my head on the table. "Define 'alright'."

      He gave me a sad smile. "You were right when you told me about all the murders."

      I frowned and leaned my elbow on the table. "That's the odd thing though; the murders or disappearances are all usually members of the Lollipop Brigade, not teachers. There has been the occasional random student."

      "Hmm... weird,"

      I nodded. "Yep you summed it all up in that one word."

      It seems funny that as I said that a crazy journalist crashed through the doorway and started taking pictures of everything.

      I shrieked and flung myself under my table.

      Fortunately seconds later two muscular security guards appeared and dragged the guy away.

      "It's safe to come out." Damien told me once the reporter had gone.

      I sighed and sat back on my seat. "It's not even as if I'm royalty."

      The students that were sat nearby that heard my comment eyed me with interest.

      "I'm not!" I nearly cried, praying that I really wasn't.

      Mrs. Cowell came over to me. "I think you had better go and see the Principal, Meg."

      I packed up my stuff and stood up.

      "Can I please go too, Mrs. Cowell?" Damien asked.

      She regarded him for a moment before sighing. "Yes I suppose so."

      "I don't think I've ever been to see the Principal before," I told Damien as we walked down the corridor to the main building. "Except when getting awards of course,"

      "Awards?" He asked in interest. "What sort of awards?"

      "Just French ones mainly,"

      "That's impressive," Damien said.

      I smiled. "Ooh I had better be careful, that's twice now I've impressed you today isn't it?"

      He laughed, but then went silent as we had arrived outside Mr. Walsh's office.

      I knocked on the door, and an exasperated sounding voice told me to enter.

      "Ah, Meg," The Principal, Mr. Walsh said when I walked in. "And you are?" He gazed at Damien in confusion.

      "Damien Wood, Mr. Walsh." He said, politely.

      "Wood... oh yes, well come in, come in."

      Damien and I walked over to Mr. Walsh's desk and sat down in the two chairs that were in front of the desk.

      "Well, Meg you are in quite a situation aren't you? First of all there were the journalists, then that poor boy..."

      My face fell. "Sir that had nothing to do with me,”

      He looked shocked. "Oh no I know it didn't Meg, I'm sorry if it sounded like I was suggesting that you did. No, it's just today has been one hell of a day."

      "Mrs. Cowell sent me to see you? A journalist came into the room and started taking photos."

      Mr. Walsh sighed and rubbed his temples. "I see,"

      "The security guards got rid of him pretty quickly though."

      The Principal looked at me. "We have your father, Jeremy Scott to thank for those; he hired them."

      I was surprised and quite pleased that... my... dad had organised that, it was very... thoughtful I guess is the right word. Man that sounds weird; it was thoughtful that my dad arranged security guards for my school... so strange.

      Mr. Walsh stood up and walked over to the window. He peeled back the blinds, and I could see the reflections of flashes as the waiting journalists went crazy at the sight of movement and took photos.

      "There are still lots of reporters out there." Mr. Walsh said. "So there isn't really any point in you going home yet. They gave up yesterday after lunchtime, so hopefully they will leave soon. You should go back to your class."

      I nodded and stood up. "Thank you Sir and I just want to say that I'm really sorry about this whole situation, I know it mustn’t be easy for you."

      He smiled at me gratefully. "Thank you, Meg. I know it mustn’t be easy for you either."

      Damien and I left Mr. Walsh's office and walked back down the hallway to English.

      "Hang on," I said, frowning as something occurred to me. "We would have heard a shot when Nick... killed himself, wouldn't we? But I didn't hear a shot, did you?"

      He shook his head. "He must have done it when the bell rang."

      I nodded. "Yeah that makes sense. I still can't believe it though."


      As it was Wednesday we got to finish early.

      Damien and I had Science last, and we were stood peering out of a second storey window after the bell signalling the end of the school day had rung.

      "There's not as many of them out there." Damien commented.

      "Thank goodness." I muttered.

      Today I had felt as if I was some sort of freak being paraded around the way people had been staring at me, hey maybe I am.

      Damien and I descended the stairs and hovered by the doors.

      "Shall we just make a run for it?" I asked.

      He nodded. "Shall we?"

      "Yep, on the count of three, one... two... three!"

      Damien and I sprinted outside, surprising students and journalists alike.

      Cries went up as the journalists realised what was happening, and they ran after us, yelling my name, some even tried to grab my clothes.

      Damien and I were at the front gates when we had to suddenly slow to a jog due to congestion in front of us; the Lollipop Brigade we shuffling along the pavement.

      "Oh come on!" Damien cried aware of the urgency of the whole situation.

      The Lollipops ignored us and seemed to be having a heated conversation. Or rather Sara was talking loudly and rather angrily to the rest of the Lollipops.

      Damien and I tried to walk around them but they were blocking our way around, and the road was full of cars, so we couldn't overtake them that way.

      The journalists were right behind us now, and were shouting my name and questions, as well as trying to grab me again.

      Damien was getting angry and was trying to protect me as best as he could.

      There was the sound of screeching tyres and as I turned to see what was happening everything seemed to go into slow motion.

      One of the Lollipops, Hayley I think, yes it was definitely her, had somehow got into the road and was right in front of a car.

      I flinched at the sickening crunching sound that could be heard as Hayley got hit by the car.

      She was thrown into the middle of the road and more cars screeched to a stop, some crashing into each other.

      There was silence, even from the journalists as everyone stared at Hayley's mangled body in the middle of the road.

      "Hayley!" I cried, and ran over to where she had landed in the road, surprised that I had been the first to react.

      A large pool of blood was already spreading out from her head and several other places around her body. As I knelt down beside her, the blood soaked into my clothes.

      "Hayley?" I asked, seeing that her eyes were closed, and noting with horror the odd angle that her right arm and leg were at (that had been the side the car had hit her on, and then she had landed on the same side when she fell to the ground).

      A low groan escaped her lips and I checked her pulse, which was slowing drastically. She was covered in cuts and had gone really pale. Lines of blood were trailing down her face and from her lips.

      Damien knelt down beside me and pulled out his phone to call an ambulance. 

      "Hayley can you hear me?" I asked.

      I saw her eyelids flicker. "Meg?" Her voice was raw and it sounded like it hurt her to talk. She coughed and tears rolled down her cheeks from the pain it had caused.

      Hayley opened her eyes slightly then groaned and closed them. A raspy cough escaped her mouth.

      "Hayley, open your eyes; you've got to stay awake, an ambulance is coming soon."

      I glanced at Damien who nodded at me, his phone still pressed to his ear.

      I placed a hand on her cheek gently. "Hayley?"

      "It's hurts so much..." I heard her whisper. "Meg... I can't feel my..." She coughed again, and more tears ran down her cheeks mixing with her blood.

      By now my hands and jeans were soaked with Hayley's blood, and I was horrified by how much blood Hayley had lost.

      Hayley was ghostly white by now, and her chest was barely rising at all as she breathed.

      Her voice was strained as she whispered her last words, opening her eyes and fixing them on me. "Meg, I had such... great expectations for you."

      It was a few seconds after Hayley's eyelids had slid shut and her chest had fallen still that I realised that she had died.

      "No!" I cried distraught, and grabbed her shoulders. "Hayley wake up!"

      Damien removed my bloodied hands from Hayley and looked me in the eyes. "Meg, she's gone."

      Everything sped up again and the clicking of cameras could be heard.

      Furious at the journalists, I wanted to turn around and yell at them to stop, to leave Hayley alone in peace, but I couldn't move; I was frozen by shock crouched over Hayley's body, covered in blood and crying.

      "Meg, we need to go before the journalists try and get to you again." Damien was saying to me, but I didn't register his words; my brain was numb and Hayley's last words were screaming around my mind.  It didn't strike me that they were odd, only that I had been the one to hear her last words, that I had been the one to see her die. She had died right in front of me.

      "Meg!" Damien was shaking me just like I had shaken Hayley... a sob erupted from my lips.

      I barely noticed when Damien lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder. I must have been deadweight, but he practically ran away from the school and the scene of Hayley's death.

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