The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


22. Chapter Twenty Two


      After dinner Damien's dad left saying that he should get back.

      I thanked him for dropping me off, and for looking after me, and waited in the entrance hall while Jeremy went outside and walked Tom to his car.

      I didn't know where Howard had disappeared off to, but I kept myself busy by looking at the odds and ends that were scattered on a cabinet. There were random ornaments and some photos in frames.


      I turned and saw Jeremy smiling at me.

      "How are you feeling?" He asked.

      "I'm ok, thanks for letting me stay here." I said, hands in my pockets.

      "That's fine, you can stay here anytime you know, and if there is ever anything that you want, just ask. We thought it might be a good idea for you to stay here for a while to get away from the reporters and to relax."

      I nodded. "That sounds good."

      "I will show you to your room. Howard put your suitcase in there earlier."

      We walked up the stairs and down another labyrinth of corridors.

      "I will show you around the house and introduce you to the staff tomorrow." Jeremy told me.

      I nodded but my attention elsewhere as I gazed around trying to take in my surroundings.

      Jeremy stopped outside a door, and smiled at me. "This is your room."

      He opened the door and I went inside.

      It was huge! There was a king sized four poster bed with curtains, a huge bookcase, a widescreen TV hung on one wall, a gigantic inbuilt wardrobe that seemed to stretch on forever, and a door that led to a bathroom with marble floors, a modern bath and separate shower and a sink.

      "Wow," I said gazing around in awe.

      Jeremy laughed, and gestured to the wardrobe. "There are some clothes in there, but I don't know if they will be any good for you; I did ask the shop assistant what teenage girls are wearing these days and they gave me some clothes, but they may have just been trying to get me to buy any old rubbish."

      I smiled. "Thank you, that's really kind of you."

      Jeremy hovered uncertainly. "I guess I should let you get sorted then. If you want anything just use the phone on the bedside table. Don't worry about having to be up for a certain time tomorrow."

      I thanked him and we hugged before Jeremy left me alone in my unfamiliar surroundings.

      I unpacked my suitcase, putting my clothes away in the wardrobe.

      The clothes that Jeremy had bought me were actually really nice, and some were designer labels.

      I changed into my pyjamas and sat on my bed wondering what to do with myself; I was tired but was too wide awake to attempt to go to sleep.

      In the end I browsed the bookcase and flicked through some of the books before watching some TV and then falling asleep in the early hours of the morning.


      I woke up crying around four in the morning, and wished that Claire was there to comfort me.

      I kept on having flashbacks of Hayley getting hit by the car, and of when she had died.

      I started watching TV again but must have fallen asleep because when I next opened my eyes the sun was shining and the clock on the bedside table was telling me that it was ten o'clock in the morning.

      I rolled out of bed with a groan and had a nice hot shower to wake myself up.

      I dressed in a pair of my jeans and one of the tops that Jeremy had bought me before going downstairs.

      I ended up getting lost amongst all the upstairs corridors, but eventually found my way to the stairs and down to the entrance hall.

      Howard appeared startling me.

      "Good morning Miss, did you have a good sleep?"

      I smiled, and lied saying that I had slept very well.

      "Shall I take you to the Breakfast Room?"

      I nodded, thinking: wow, a Breakfast Room? Is there a room for every meal?

      Howard led me to the Breakfast Room where Jeremy was sat reading a newspaper.

      He looked up when I walked in. "Ah, good morning Meg, how are you?"

      "Well thank you." I lied again. "That bed is really comfortable, and the shower was good."

      I sat down next to him, and Howard walked off only to return minutes later with a trolley of food which he set out before me on the table.

      "Thank you Howard," Jeremy said dismissing him. Turning to me he smiled. "Help yourself Meg, if you want anymore just ask Howard.

      I stared at the food in front of me not knowing which to choose. In the end I had jam on toast, exciting I know.

      "I see that you're wearing one of the tops I got you," Jeremy commented. "Are the clothes alright?"

      I nodded, swallowing my toast. "Yeah, they are really nice thanks. I've never had any designer clothes before."

      Jeremy smiled pleased. "Well I can take you shopping one day if you want."

      "That would be nice." I relied, returning his smile.

      It felt so weird to be sat in this completely unfamiliar house, eating breakfast with Jeremy, but it was quite nice as well.

      "Shall I introduce you to the staff later?" Jeremy asked, folding up his newspaper and pushing it to the side. "They are all very eager to meet you."

      I felt a pang of nervousness as this, but nodded.

      What if they didn't like me? I couldn't help but wonder.


      In the end I don't know what I was worrying about; they were all really nice.

      Jeremy introduced me to them after breakfast.

      The staff lined up in the hallway and I was introduced to them one by one.

      "You've already met Howard." Jeremy said, gesturing to the kind butler who smiled at me.

      I returned his smile and turned my gaze to the woman standing next to him.

      "This is Mary the housekeeper," Jeremy told me.

      Mary must have been about the same age as Howard, and was beaming at me. Her grey hair was pulled back into a bun, and she was wearing a plain dress and boots.

      "My if you don't look a spitting image of your ma." She said her voice soft as she grabbed my hands.

      "You knew my mum?" I asked shocked.

      Mary nodded. "I've been working for your da’ for going on twenty years now. Your mam was a kind and loving woman."

      I felt tears form in my eyes at Mary's kind words about my mum, and wished that I could have met Gail (my mum) properly before she had died barely days after I had been born.

      Next in the line was a man in his mid forties, who seemed to have a permanently grumpy expression on his face.

      "This is Gerald, the gardener."

      I nodded at Jeremy's words, and told Gerald that it was a pleasure to meet him, as I had said to Mary.

      His occupation certainly explained his clothes; mud stained dungarees, woolly hat and wellington boots.

      Gerald grunted in response, and heard Mary tut in disapproval. I thought I saw Gerald's mouth twitch at Mary's response, and he winked at me.

      Beside Gerald was the chef. How could I tell? Well he was wearing a chef's uniform of course!

      "Meg, this is Paolo."

      Paolo bowed to me, and kissed my hand.

      "Whata pleasura to meeta Mr. Scott'sa beautifula younga daughta,"

      I smiled at his accent and said that it was nice to meet him to.

      "Anythinga speciala you wanta makinga, don'ta hesitata to calla Paolo," The chef told me placing his hand on his heart. "I cana make youa anythinga youa wanta."

      As you probably guessed Paolo is Italian, and looked quite young, I would say probably mid thirties. He was tanned, with dark hair and maybe just slightly overweight.

      "And last but not least," Jeremy said, moving me along. "This is Amy, she's the maid."

      Amy smiled at me timidly.

      She was slightly shorter than me, really skinny with long ginger hair pulled back into a ponytail. She looked to be in her early to mid twenties.

      "Right," Jeremy said, clapping his hands and making everyone jump. "Back to work you lot, stop gawping and do what you're paid to do."

      Everyone ran off to where they were supposed to be and Jeremy laughed.

      "Do you need anything sir?" Howard asked, having remained where he had been stood.

      Jeremy shook his head. "No thank you, Howard."

      Howard disappeared. He seemed to have a knack for doing that.

      "They had been talking about meeting you ever since I told them that you were coming to stay." Jeremy commented, smiling. "Shall I give you a tour of the estate?"

      Estate? Wow, very posh.

      My phone started vibrating, making me think that my leg was having a fit or something. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and smiled when I saw that it was Damien ringing me.

      “Can you excuse me for a moment?” I asked, and at Jeremy’s nod I wondered off down the hallway, my phone pressed to my ear.

      “Hello?” I asked, feeling a bubble of excitement welling up inside of me.

      “Meg, it’s me. How are you?” Damien’s voice was drenched with concern and I felt bad for how many times I had made him worry about me.

      Glancing around to make sure that no one was nearby I answered. “Tired, as I didn’t sleep very well,” I hoped that from a mixture of my reply and my tone of voice Damien would deduce that my sleep had been full of nightmares. “Are you at school?” I asked, wondering what time it was.

      “Yeah, I just had break and I’m meant to be in class right now.”

      I laughed imagining Damien hiding away somewhere while talking to me. “My, my, aren’t you quite the rebel? You should be in class, why are you ringing me now?”

      Damien sighed. “I wasn’t sure if you would be up any earlier than it is now. Class is boring without you anyway.”

      I felt myself grin at this, and quickly turned around to make sure that I wasn’t being watched.             

      “Good.” Was all I had to say on that matter. “Any gossip to tell me?”

      “You’re joking right?” He asked.

      I turned serious and said. “Tell me everything.”

      “Where to begin?” Damien muttered. “Oh I know, how about the journalists?”

      “What about them?” I asked, chewing my thumbnail anxiously.

      “Well they were all over the school again, looking for you. But guess what? You aren’t on the front page of all the newspapers anymore.

      I breathed a sigh of relief. “Really?”

      “No, only some of them; Hayley’s death is on the front page of the rest of the newspapers.”

      I groaned. “Her poor parents,”

      “Yeah, there’s going to be a funeral next week some time, Hayley’s parents came this morning and said that anyone that wanted to go could do. Do you think you will?”

      I shrugged and then realised that Damien couldn’t see me. “I don’t know… I guess so but I had better see what Jeremy says first.”

      “I feel sorry for Mr. Walsh,” Damien told me. “You should see him Meg; he looks so drawn and tired, the poor guy.”

      Mr. Walsh had always done his best to look out for us students and I felt sympathy for him; he didn’t need all these things like suicides, accidents and long lost daughters of millionaires going on.

      “Anything else?” I asked, pacing the corridor.

      “Yeah, get this, Sara has already replaced Hayley.”

      I could tell by Damien’s tone that he was not impressed, in fact he sounded rather angry.

      My eyebrows raised in shock. “What? Who?”

      How could Sara be so cruel? Mind you, now that I thought about it, in the past she had always replaced the other dead or missing members of the Lollipop Brigade pretty quickly as well.

      Damien’s voice was harsh. “I know, right? Maybe she has to be surrounded by five little minions otherwise she feels exposed or something? Anyway the new Lollipop is Chloe. She’s in our Science class.”

      “Chloe?” I echoed surprised.

      Chloe had always seemed alright to me, but it seemed that like Hayley and countless others before her, Chloe had been turned to the dark side.

      “Yeah, anyway what have you been up to? Jeremy’s house is pretty big huh?”

      I couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re joking right? It’s freaking massive! It took me like ten minutes from when I left my room to when I found the stairs.”

      Damien laughed. “Yeah well I guess it is pretty huge.”

      “Jeremy just introduced me to all the staff actually. They all seem really nice.”

      “Yeah they are, just watch out for Paolo though.”

      I laughed. "Oh yeah? Why?"

      He coughed and I thought he sounded embarrassed as he said. "Well, he's a bit of a ladies man."

      I grinned at this and had to stop myself from laughing, as I could tell that he was being serious. "Ok, I'll be wary of him."

      I wasn't sure if Damien would be reassured by this, and I was still grinning at the fact that Damien didn't want me getting to close to an apparent womanizer.

      "Ok, well I had better go. I'll ring you later ok?"

      "Yep, but make sure that it's when you are at home! Speak later."

      Damien hung up and I put my phone back in my pocket, smiling to myself.

      I had no idea where I had walked to, and looked around wondering which way I should go down the corridor.

      Hearing footsteps I turned around and saw Howard walking towards me.

      "Are you in need of any assistance Miss Meg?" He asked, hands clasped behind his back as he smiled at me sincerely.

      "Yes please," I replied feeling like an idiot for getting lost again, but also feeling strange at being called 'Miss Meg'. "I'm looking for..." I wanted to say Jeremy, but thought that Howard might find it odd, so I forced myself to say another word. "My dad, do you know where he is?"

      Howard nodded. "I can take you to him if you want, Miss?"

      I smiled. "That would be brilliant thank you."

      Howard set off down the hallway and I followed.

      "Howard?" I asked.

      He turned and looked at me. "Yes Miss?"

      I bit my lip, hoping that what I was about to say wouldn't upset him. "Would it be alright if you called me Meg? Not Miss or Miss Meg?"

      He didn't seem at all upset or surprised by my request. Instead he laughed. "Of course, Meg, all you had to do was ask. I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable at all; you are my master's daughter after all, so I just couldn't presume that I was allowed to call you by your name. I'm old fashioned like that, you see."

      I smiled; I really liked Howard he seemed nice, and wasn't a cold and dismissive butler that I had feared Jeremy... oh what's the use I might as well just start calling him dad... so as I was saying, Howard isn't at all like I had been worried that he might be, lucky that.

      Howard led me to the Breakfast Room where Jer... I mean dad (really got to get used to saying that) had returned after introducing me to the staff.

      "Meg? Are you ready for that tour? That's if you want to look around?" Jeremy asked, standing up and walking over to me.

      I quickly thanked Howard as he disappeared, and turned to Je... dad. "That would be great."


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