The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


23. Chapter Twenty Three


      I have to say, it's no surprise that I've been getting lost, the amount of rooms there are, in the house or mansion, whichever of those it is, probably the latter.

      I won't bore you with all the facts, but Jer... I mean dad gave me a tour of all the estate which included; living room (unbelievably huge TV, and very nice fireplace), library (lots of books and shelves), a kitchen (very modern and shiny. Damien would be disturbed to know that Paolo winked at me), indoor swimming pool (the word big does not do it justice), gym (lots of equipment and machines that I had never seen or heard of before), cinema (I vowed that I would be making use of this room a lot), games room (which basically consisted of a gigantic TV, a comfy looking reclining chair and all the games consoles ever invented. I noticed that everything in this room looked brand new, and wondered if Je... dad had just never used them, or had bought them for me), there were also numerous bathrooms and bedrooms and some other rooms (they all became a bit of a blur after a while). Honestly you could spend a day inside the house/ mansion and not have seen everything inside.

      We went outside after that and Jer... I mean dad (I have to get used to saying that) told me that the estate (yep, it was actually called the Scott Estate), had been in his (our) family for nearly one hundred years, and it was made up of nearly fifteen acres of land which was mainly woodland or lakes.

      Jer... Dad (grrr this is getting annoying) and I were talking to Gerald, who had been tending the vegetable patch (well I say patch it is actually in a giant greenhouse), when Howard appeared informing us that lunch was ready.    

      Dad (ha! I said it! Still feels weird though...) and I went inside and sat in the Dining Room while Howard brought big shiny platters of food out to us.

      The table was soon full and I didn't know what to eat as it all smelled and looked delicious. I ended up having a bit of everything and was soon stuffed like a Christmas turkey.

      "I have an important meeting later, Meg, so I'm going to have to go to Baugh Technologies. Will you be alright here?" Jer... (Darn I thought I had it...), I mean Dad asked dabbing the corners of his mouth with a serviette.

      I nodded, thinking of all the fun I could have wondering around the house/ mansion and just doing whatever I wanted. "Yeah, I'll be fine.

      He smiled. "Good, I will try not to be too long, but I'm not sure how long this meeting will take. Help yourself to anything you want."


      Half an hour later and I was waving goodbye to J... oh man, I mean dad, as he drove off in a fancy sports car.

      Turning away from the window I gazed around the room I was stood in, which was the living room.  My eyes were of course instantly drawn to the massive TV, but I decided against watching the TV and wondered down the corridor, peering through the open doors I passed along the way.

      When I passed the Dining Room, I saw Mary talking to Amy.

      "Hello," I said, stepping inside and smiling at them. "How are you both?"

      Amy blinked at me nervously but Mary grinned and walked over to me, pulling me into a hug.

      "Meg, my darling how are you this morning? Settling in?"

      I smiled. "I'm fine thank you. Do you need any help with anything?"

      Amy seemed surprised at my offer of help, but again Mary was the opposite.

      "That's very kind of you, my lovely. Yes a hand would be nice."

      I ended up helping Mary and Amy for nearly an hour sorting out the big cabinet that ran the whole length of one of the walls in the Dining Room.

      "Thank you, sweetheart." Mary told me when we had finished.

      "That's alright." I replied, glad that I had been able to help.

      It had been a good experience for me anyway, as I had chatted with Mary and Amy, once she had got over her shyness.

      Mary told me to go and enjoy myself, but I ended up wandering to the kitchen where Paolo made me an ice cream sundae and I spent a while sitting and talking to him in the kitchen (Damien wouldn't be happy if he knew).

      After that I went outside and talked to Gerald (who may look grumpy but he is actually really nice).


      It was getting dark by the time I went back inside.

      I was looking for the living room but ended up in the library.

      Intrigued I went inside, amazed at the sheer number of books.

      I scanned the shelves, looking for a book to read.

      Smiling I took 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens from the shelf.

      We had read 'Great Expectations' in English last year. I recalled that Hayley had been in my class.

      My eyes widened in shock as I remembered Hayley's last words. "Meg, I had such... great expectations for you."

      Surely she hadn't meant... it had been one of her favourite books I realised, not knowing where I had learned that information from, I guess I must have overheard it.

      Scrambling for my phone, I hastily put the book back on the shelf and called Damien.

      "Damien?" I nearly cried when he answered. "Damien, I just worked out something!"

      "Whoa, slow down Meg. What's happened?" He sounded confused, and sleepy. I hoped that he hadn't been sleeping and that I had woken him.

      "Remember Hayley's last words?"

      "Yeah," Damien said, obviously wondering where I was going with this.

      "She said 'I had such great expectations for you'." I said.

      "I wondered why she said that, you think you know why?"

      I nodded enthusiastically. "Yes; she meant the book."

      "The book by Charles Dickens, but why?"

      I sighed. "I'm not sure... it was one of her favourites. But I need you to get it out from the school library."

      "Meg, what if it's out?"

      I laughed. "Damien, who in our school will have checked out 'Great Expectations' voluntarily?"

      He laughed as well. "Good point, but are you sure? She might have just said that because of the blood loss."

      "Please, Damien, I think this is really important."

      He sighed. "Ok, I'll do it as soon as the library opens tomorrow."

      "Thank you!" I cried, wanting to hug him.

      "That's ok. Hey do you know when you're coming back? There weren't as many reporters around today."

      I bit my lip in uncertainty. "I don't know, I'll see."

      Damien yawned.

      "Am I that boring?" I asked, trying to sound as serious as possible.

      "No, of course not Meg; I'm just tired." He sounded sad to have caused me offense.

      I laughed. "I know, I was just joking. I better go, but get that book ok?"

      "Yes, I will. See you soon."


      I was restless for the rest of the night as I waited for my suspicions to be either confirmed or denied.

      I received the fateful phone call before lunchtime the next day, after swimming in the pool and spending time chatting with Dad (yey! I did it!).

      "Meg," Damien sounded full of excitement. "You were right. I got all the copies of 'Great Expectations' out and in one of them I found a whole bunch notes that Hayley had hidden under the front cover. This is bad stuff Meg; she was making notes about the Lollipop Brigade or the Sisters of Justice, as they are officially called."

      I felt a shudder run through my spine and gulped, gripping my phone anxiously. "Go on,"

      "Hayley had been making notes about everything the Lollipops did, but especially on the dead members. She must have talked to Angel or something, because it turns out that in the days leading up to the disappearances or deaths of the Lollipops, they had all had arguments with Sara."

      I chewed my lip. "Yeah?"

      Damien continued. "Yeah, and get this, there is an initiation ceremony where the members sign their names in blood in a book to swear loyalty to the Sisterhood, and to the leader Sara."

      I groaned. "Oh that is so messed up. Do you think that Sara was behind all the deaths and disappearances of the dead Lollipops then?"

      "It seems that way." Damien replied. "Should I give the notes to the police? This is serious stuff."

      "I don't know," My mind felt like it was going to explode. "I'll come back to Lakeside tomorrow. I will have to convince Jer... I mean Dad to let me come back. Have you read it all?"

      "No, there are lots of notes; I don't know how she managed to do all this without Sara knowing."

      "Maybe Sara found out..." My mouth went dry as I realised what must have happened that day. "Sara must have found out that Hayley was doing something, and so she pushed her in front of the car."

      "Does that mean that Sara killed Nurse Martin, Mr. Lee and Nick as well?" Damien sounded worried, and I couldn't blame him; he was currently in the same town/ city (did I decide Lakeside was a city?) as a potential bloodthirsty murdering teenager.

      "That would make sense," I replied as everything started to make sense. "Nurse Martin told Mr. Lee about how Sara had tripped me up, and Mr. Lee told Sara off, and Nick... well she just didn't like Nick."

      "She wouldn't kill people just for those things would she?" Damien asked, unable to believe that Sara could be a killer.

      I recalled how angry I had seen Sara. "I wouldn't put it past her. If she did kill them, and all the previous Lollipops then she has killed a lot of people."

      "Stay where you are Meg." I was shocked at the determined edge to his voice. "If Sara is a killer then I don't want you anywhere near her."

      I felt touched by his concern for my welfare, but didn't like being ordered around. "No, if this is all true then we need to sort it out."

      "Sort it out?" Damien echoed, sounding shocked. "Meg, you are not going to confront Sara. I'm going to take the notes to the police."

      "Wait I didn't mean sort it out as in have a showdown with her." I couldn't believe he thought I would do something like that. "Read the rest of the notes first, and then if you think they're serious and not just a sick joke then go to the police." There was no way that Hayley would joke about something about that, but I wanted to see the notes before Damien gave them to the police.

      "Ok, if you want." He sighed, and I was surprised and pleased that Damien had given in so easily.

      "I'll see you tomorrow!"

      "Wait, Meg..."

      I hung up grinning; there was no way I was going to miss out on something as big as this.


      In the morning (Friday, whoa the days just seem to be flying by) I told dad (ha! I remembered!), that I was feeling really homesick as I picked at my breakfast.

      He looked worried, and I could tell that he was conflicted as to what to say.

      "Do you want to go back to Lakeside?" He asked, unable to look me in the eye.

      I felt bad for upsetting him. "Yeah, just for a couple of days though; I want to come back here."

      This seemed to perk him up and he smiled at me. "Ok if that's what you want. I have another meeting this afternoon, but Howard could drive you back?"


      I tossed my clothes and other belongings into my suitcase and practically ran down the stairs with my suitcase (I now fortunately know my way from my room to the stairs).

      Dad (yey!) and I had a big hug, and I felt tears prickle in my eyes as I waved bye to him from inside the car as Howard drove down the drive.

      I had never been in a chauffer driven car, but I was too nervous about getting to Lakeside to be excited about the whole situation.        

      I had spoken to Claire and Aaron the night before and told them that I would probably be coming back today. Both had important things to do however, so weren't home when I got back.

      I thanked Howard, hoping that he hadn't noticed my odd mood, and waved goodbye to him from where I was stood next to the open front door.

      Luckily all the journalists had given up and left so I didn't have to worry about them.

      I took my suitcase upstairs and quickly unpacked. Then sitting on my bed, I txt Damien saying that I was back.

      He replied minutes later saying that school had just finished, so he was walking home and would pop over with Hayley's notes as soon as he could. 

      As the minutes passed I grew more and more excited and nervous.

      After a while I grabbed my keys and put my shoes on after leaving Claire and Aaron a note saying that I was at Damien's; I figured that I would surprise Damien by being at his house when he got back. I knew he wouldn't be happy that I had returned to Lakeside after he had told me to stay wherever the Scott Estate was.

      I was smiling to myself as I locked the door. Then gasped as a cloth suddenly covered my mouth and someone grabbed me from behind. I kicked and screamed, but the sweet smelling cloth was making me feel woozy. My attempts at escape ceased as my hearing distorted and I became sleepy. I felt my body go limp as I fainted.


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