The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


24. Chapter Twenty Four


      A wave of nausea threatened to overwhelm me as I returned to consciousness.

      With a groan I opened my eyes to discover that I was lying down. Though how I knew this I don't know considering that the room was spinning.

      As my senses returned to me, I was aware of a tightness around my wrists and ankles and tried to lift my head to see my feet, but couldn't. So instead I looked to the side and my eyes widened at the sight of my wrists being confined by crude handcuffs which were cutting into my wrists. It seemed that I was strapped to a metal table of some kind.

      I blinked several times and the room stopped spinning. The nausea had fortunately calmed down, though it was still in the pit of my stomach which was feeling a bit like a washing machine.

      Groaning I wondered where I was and why on Earth I was being restrained.

      I gazed up at the ceiling which was high up and seemed to be made of metal. Maybe I was in a warehouse of some kind?

      "Oh good you're awake."

      I wanted to burst into tears; it had to be her didn't it? It had to be Sara Hills, leader of the Lollipop Brigade and possible mass murderer.

      Her expression was like that of a cat that had cornered a mouse as she sneered down at me.

      "Why are you doing this?" I asked, fighting against my restraints, and wanting to get the hell out of wherever I was.

      "Oh Meg, it's nothing personal don't worry. We're only doing it for the money."

      Yeah right, of course it was personal.

      I was starting to feel drowsy and had to fight to stay awake.

      "We?" I asked my thoughts muddled. "What money?"

      Sara hissed annoyed. "Them," she said gesturing behind her.

      The rest of the Lollipop Brigade appeared, all except Angel I noticed, and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

      All I could think of was how angry Damien was going to be with me for letting this happen.

      "What did you mean about money?" I asked.

      "You really are thick aren't you?" Sara snarled. "We're holding you ransom; your rich daddy is going to have to give us a lot of money if he wants you back, which reminds me, I need to send him a present so that he knows we're serious."

      Sara reached forward and removed my necklace from my neck.

      "No!" I cried, tears forming in my eyes. "You can't! Give it back!" I pulled against my restraints causing them to cut into my wrists even more, resulting in trails of blood running down my wrists.

      Sara gave me a smile and slapped me. "Shut up! If you want to still be in one piece when you see your daddy again then I would be quiet and do as you are told."

      I bit back a sob and turned away, letting my tears fall freely down my cheeks.

      I heard Sara walk away and start muttering to the other members of the Lollipop Brigade.  

      My phone was vibrating in my pocket and I tried to reach for it, but the restraints cut into my wrists even more and I gasped in pain.

      Sara turned around, eyes wide in fury. "What are you doing?" She demanded stomping over to me.  Then reaching into my pocket she pulled out my phone. "Ah, look its lover boy." Showing me the screen she dropped my phone on the floor and crushed it with her high heels. "Oops..." She flashed me an evil grin before stalking back over to her followers.

      I glared after her, glad that she didn't know that Damien and I had found out her secret.

      I heard a noise and lifted my head up, trying to see what was happening.

      I recognised Angel's voice, and guessed that she must have just walked in and that the noise I had heard had been a door.

      Sara's face appeared in my vision again, and I wanted so much to spit in her face, but knew that I would come to regret it.

      "Good news," Sara told me looking sly. "Some old friends of Damien's have just arrived. I asked them to come to help me with Damien; apparently he's good at getting away. Not this time though."

      She turned around and I felt myself panic; if they were going to do something to Damien then I had to stop them.

      "Wait!" I shouted, my voice echoing around the building.

      Sara stopped walking and turned to face me. "What?" She asked her eyes narrow slits.

      I gulped, before saying. "I know what you've been doing." I tried to sound brave, but my voice didn't sound brave, not to me anyway. "I know about the Sisters of Justice."

      She flinched at my words and her eyes flashed with anger. "You know nothing." She hissed.

      "I know that you pushed Hayley Conner in front of that car." I glared at her with all the hatred I had harboured for her over all the years she had teased me. "I know that you murdered Nurse Martin, Mr. Lee, Nick and all those Lollipops, I mean all the missing and dead Sisters of Justice. I also know that it was you that attacked me in the theatre bathroom."

      A dangerous glint flashed in Sara's eyes and she put a hand over my mouth, her face inches from mine. Her perfume made me feel even more nauseous as the floral scent overpowered my nose.

      "Shut up," She told me, eyes flashing. "You don't know anything. I wish you'd died that day."

      "Sara?" Angel's voice was timid. "We need to talk to the others."

      Sara grunted and removed her hand from my mouth.

      I had to resist the urge to bite her, as I knew it would accomplish nothing.

      Sara strutted away and I had another go at trying to escape, failing yet again.

      I could hear Sara arguing with the other Lollipops, or should I call them by their actual name, the Sisters of Justice? No. My name for them is much more accurate. They don't dispense justice anyway.

      "No!" I flinched at Sara's scream and the desperate tone to it. "She knows too much!"

      I gulped realising what I had done. Well Damien definitely wasn't going to be happy with me now... especially if Sara killed me.

      I cringed as Sara appeared holding a knife. "Any preference to how you want to die?" She asked a crazy glint in her eyes.

      I figured that if I was about to be murdered then I was going to go out with flying colours.

      "Did all the others get a choice too?" I asked, trying to brake free of my restraints.

      Sara glared at me. "If you're going to be like that Meg, then I'll just choose myself. Since last time I stabbed you, I think I might try something else this time..."

      With surprising speed for someone wearing high heels and a miniskirt, Sara jumped on top of me and her hands found my throat.

      Laughing manically her nails dug into my skin as her hold on my throat tightened.

      I tried to cry out and to shake her off me, but I felt my strength disappearing as I failed to get enough oxygen.

      Spots appeared before my eyes and I thought; this is it, I'm going to die.

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