The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


12. Chapter Twelve


      The bus journey was nearly two hours long, and Damien and I spent most of the time chatting away which was nice.

      The play was about murder and romance; you know the usual happy and cheerful play.

      Damien and I filed into a middle row and sat down at the end.  

      After fifteen minutes the play started and within the first five minutes there was a murder.

      There was an interval halfway through the play and Damien and I bought ice creams, I just love how they sell ice creams at plays, don't you?

      Anyway the play eventually started up and there was even more murder, and a couple of intimate scenes which I couldn't help but blush at.

      About halfway through the second half I had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom.

      I whispered that I was popping to the bathroom to Damien and he nodded and watched as I quietly left the theatre.

      On my way out I told Mrs. Cowell that I was just going to the toilet, and made my way down the corridor to the toilets.

      Opening the door to the women's bathroom I was assaulted by the sickening stench of overpowering floral perfume, and almost stopped when I saw who was in the bathroom. Oh yes, it had to be members of the Lollipop Brigade didn't it? In this case, Sara, Angel and Hayley.

      The above mentioned Lollipops stopped in their gossiping as they applied make up in the mirrors and glared at me.

      I hurried to a cubicle, silently cursing my bad luck.

      There was silence and I waited for the Lollipops to resume talking, but they didn't.

      Fortunately someone turned the tap on, and I took the opportunity to relieve myself (sorry if that grossed you out).

      Flushing the toilet I left the cubicle and walked over to the sink.

      Unfortunately I didn't see the water on the floor and slipped over, and hit my head on the tiled floor with a loud crack.

      I let out a groan and gazed up at the ceiling in shock as my vision blurred. Hearing a shattering noise I tried to move my head but it hurt too much.

      My vision was darkening and I saw the outline of someone with light hair walking towards me, with something shiny in their hand. There was a stabbing pain in my thigh and I cried out as darkness descended on me and I passed out.


      The next thing I knew I was being shaken awake.

      My vision started to clear and I could see Mrs. Cowell in front of me looking really worried.

      The rest of my senses started to return slowly to me, and I nearly cried out at the sharp throbbing in my thigh, and the dull ache of my skull.

      "Meg," Mrs. Cowell was shaking me again. "Meg, can you hear me?"

      "Yes," I whispered, taking in my surroundings. For some reason my leg was being elevated and compressed by other worried looking teachers.

      "Can you tell me what happened?" Mrs. Cowell was peering at me intently.

      I put my hand to the back of my head where the dull ache was coming from, and recoiled in horror as my fingers found a sticky mess. I looked at my bloodied fingers in shock.

      "I... I came into the bathroom, and went to the toilet... I must have slipped when I was coming out."

      I blinked and realised that I was shaking.

      An ambulance arrived, and several people helped me stand up, after I insisted that I would be able to stand up and walk.

      I gasped when I put pressure on my right leg and looked down to see the top of my right leg of my jeans bloodied and torn.

      I was led out to the front of the theatre, past hordes of whispering students, including Damien who I have never seen looking so worried.

      I was sat down in the back of the ambulance and the paramedics attended to me, as Mrs. Cowell watched smiling at me encouragingly.

      The paramedics bandaged me up, but nothing they could do could stop me from shaking. I was so shocked and freaked out by what had happened though that it wasn't really surprising that I was shaking uncontrollably.

      Mrs. Cowell rang Aaron and Claire as I was admitted into the hospital, it's lucky that Lakeside has a hospital really, even though Lakeside isn't a very big place.    

      I was pampered by nurses and doctors and was made to stay in a hospital bed.

      When Claire and Aaron arrived my thigh was bandaged and the cut had been stitched up, the deep cut in my thigh turned out was due to a large shard of mirror which had somehow, and I had no idea how, had become stuck in my thigh. Also my head was bandaged so I must have looked like a right numpty.

      "Oh Meg, darling!" Claire cried as soon as she saw me, and rushed to my bedside before sweeping me up into a crushing, but loving embrace. "What happened? Are you alright?"

      Once Claire had released me, Aaron hugged me.

      They sat down beside my bed.

      "I don't really know what happened," I told them. "I can't remember."

      My shaking wasn't as bad as it had been but Claire must have noticed it because she reached out and took my hand in hers, squeezing it gently.

      "Are you sure you are alright?" Aaron asked.

      I felt so bad for causing them so much worry. "I'm fine, really. When can I go home?"

      Claire gave me a small smile. "The doctors want to keep you in for twenty four hours because of the shock, and to make sure that you're doing ok."

      I sighed. "I won't be able to go to work then; can you call Anna for me?"

      Aaron laughed. "You're in hospital and all you can think about is the fact that you can't go into work tomorrow!"

      I smiled, and winced as my head throbbed.

      "There's someone waiting to see you." Claire told me, smiling kindly.

      I was surprised. "Who?"


      I felt like such an idiot; how could I have forgotten about Damien?

      Claire and Aaron left the room, and I waited for Damien to appear.

      He appeared barely seconds later, practically running over to my hospital bed, looking as if he should be the one in hospital not me, he looked that worried and pale.

      "Meg!" He cried, and flung his arms around me, pulling me into a gentle hug.

      I started to smile, but my smile faltered when I realised how much I was enjoying Damien's hug. Surely it couldn't be right to want to be in someone’s arms forever, to want them to hold you close and never let you go?

      Damien released me and I felt disappointment bloom in my chest.

      He took my hand and sat down next to my bed, an odd look on his face. "What happened, Meg?"

      I looked away. "I don't know; all I can remember is slipping and hitting my head."

      "That doesn't explain the glass in your leg." Damien told me with a frown.

      I knew Damien was worried about me, but I was starting to get annoyed at all the questions, plus my head was starting to hurt even more.

      "Was there anyone else in the bathroom with you?"

      I tried to sift through my memories for information. "Umm, there was some of the Lollipop Brigade in the bathroom when I walked in, but I think they left as it went quiet."

      Damien was frowning, and was silent for ages.

      I nudged him gently. "Hey, what's the matter?"

      His expression softened and I gave me a weak smile. "I know it sounds silly but I was worried that I had lost you. I know we haven't really known each other for very long, but I feel that we have become quite close."

      My heart started to beat faster.

      Damien opened his mouth so say more, but the door opened and Claire walked in.

      "Time to go now I'm afraid, Damien. All being well Meg should be home tomorrow afternoon and you can come around and see her then."

      Damien nodded and gave me another hug, which was unfortunately briefer than the first hug; oh no what's happening to me?

      Claire and Aaron gave me a hug each before they left, promising to return tomorrow.

      I watched as they left, my smile disappearing as they left the room.

      What had happened in the bathroom of the theatre had really freaked me out; how on Earth had that piece of mirror gotten in my thigh? And so deep as well... The doctor had said that I was very lucky that the piece of mirror hadn't cut the artery in my thigh or become stuck in my thigh bone.

      I wanted to curl up in a ball but as my leg was being elevated I couldn't.

      I let out a sob as tears of frustration and fear trickled down my cheeks.

      I hadn't told anyone but I remembered seeing someone standing near me as I lay on the bathroom floor after slipping over, and that person had been holding something shiny in their hands. I had heard a shattering noise as well, but I couldn't remember if one of the bathroom mirrors had been broken when I was being led out of the theatre. Someone had attacked me, someone with light hair. Sara, Angel and Hayley had all been in the bathroom when I had walked in, and all three of them had light hair. I had heard a tap being turned on when I was in the cubicle, which might explain the wet floor... Had one or all of the three Lollipops attacked me? But why would they? It didn't make sense and I was starting to shake again.

      Closing my eyes I prayed that I would have a nightmare free sleep.


      Well my prayers were either unanswered or ignored as I had a night full of frightening nightmares, and woke up several times in pain and with my sheets wrapped around my legs.

      I drifted off to sleep several times during the day, for short periods of time, and often woke up feeling more tired than when I had fallen asleep.

      Claire and Aaron stayed by my bed for as long as they were allowed, and mid afternoon they sat and waited as a doctor examined my thigh (which was quite embarrassing) and my head.

      "Both seem to be healing well, but I would recommend that you stay in bed for at least a day or two. Your head and leg will be sore for a while, so take some painkillers."

      I nodded slowly, as not to cause any pain. "Thank you."

The doctor smiled at me warmly. "You're welcome, and don't forget to change your bandages daily, but take them off at night to let air get to the wounds."

      The doctor left after Aaron and Claire thanked her several times.

      I limped out of the hospital and into Aaron's car.


      We drove home, and once there Claire helped me up the stairs and into my room while Aaron made me something to eat in the kitchen.

      "I don't want to lie in bed for the rest of the day." I told Claire as she walked me over to my bed.

      "You heard the doctor." She told me, using her best teacher’s voice. "You need bed rest."

      With a sigh I reluctantly and awkwardly clambered into bed.

      Claire sat down at the end of my bed, and smiled at me. "You will tell Aaron and me if you remember what happened, won't you?"

      "Of course," I said, hoping that she couldn't tell I was lying.

      Claire kissed my head and stood up. "You can have Damien over if you want; at least then you will have someone to talk to."

      Nodding I thanked her and watched as she left the room.

      Grimacing in pain I leaned over and grabbed my mobile from my bedside table and text Damien to say that I was home.

      Aaron appeared a few minutes later carrying a tray. The scent of hot tomato soup filled the room and made my stomach rumble, after the tasteless hospital food.

      I accepted the tray from him gratefully, noticing that Aaron had given me some toast to dunk into my soup (toast is way better to eat with soup than bread, if you haven't tried it, do it!), and a hot chocolate.

      "Thanks Aaron, it's really kind of you." I smiled, licking my lips in anticipation of eating the no doubt delicious soup.

      He hovered by my bed, looking as if he wanted to say something but couldn't decide whether or not he should.

      "Yes?" I asked, wondering what it was he wanted to say.

      "You do like living with Claire and me, don't you Meg?"

      My eyebrows raised in surprise. "Yes, of course I do; you are both really kind to me and treat me like I was your real daughter."

      "You're not just like a daughter to us Meg, you are our daughter, and we will always love you, you know that don't you?"

      He was gazing at me kindly, but I was starting to get suspicious.

      "What's going on? Has something bad happened? Are you or Claire ill? Or is it something to do with me? Am I dying?" My words had become rushed and my voice has risen by the time I finished speaking.

      "Oh no, nothing like that Meg," Aaron told me, placing a hand reassuringly on my shoulder. "No, I just want you to know how much you mean to Claire and me."

      "Ok..." I was still suspicious, but decided not to pursue my suspicions, not at the moment anyway partly because I was so tired, and also because I was distracted by the delicious smelling soup.

      Giving me a kind smile Aaron left.

      "Well that was odd." I murmured.

      I was eating my soup when Damien appeared several minutes later. He still looked worried, but not as much as he had been at the hospital.

      My heart did something funny (odd funny, not funny haha) like skip a beat when I thought about the conversation Damien and I had had in the hospital.

      He had his hands behind his back.

      Smiling at me, Damien handed me a bouquet of beautiful red and orange flowers, which I didn't have a clue what they were, as well as a container of chocolate brownies. "My mum baked them especially for you."

      "Aw thank you, that's really kind of both of you."

      We hugged, but awkwardly as I was holding the flowers and had they tray complete with food on my lap, so they kind of got in the way.

      "They are beautiful." I sniffed the flowers and smiled.

      Then placing the flowers down on my bed I started eating my soup again (hey I was still hungry and didn't want it to go cold).

      "Can you remember what happened yet then?" He asked, moving my beanbag over to beside my bed and sitting down on it, which made him look really small.

      I knew that question would be one of the first things he said. I had decided straight away when I realised what had happened that I couldn't tell Damien; he would want to tell the police and get Sara in trouble, which I would and do also want to do, however Sara would then probably want to murder me, if she doesn't already.

      "No, I still can't remember." I hoped that my lie was convincing, and had some more soup.

      Damien regarded more for a while, which unnerved me, and then nodded. "Ok, but let me know as soon as you do. Hey, I've got some good news for you."

      I looked up full of interest. "Oh yeah, what is it?"

      He grinned. "My dad said that Jeremy Scott, do you remember him he's my dad's boss, wants the demo for Crystal Kingdom two testing soon, so we shall be doing that in the next fortnight."

      I almost rolled my eyes when he asked if I remembered Jeremy Scott, of course I did! He gave me a twenty pound note for no apparent reason. This made me think of the money in the envelope in my draw. A small voice at the back of my mind cried out "Scott? His surname is Scott?" But this was unimportant compared to the massive news that I would soon be playing a demo of the new Crystal Kingdom game!

      It's lucky that I had just swallowed my soup because otherwise it would have dribbled from my mouth (an attractive image I know) as I grinned like an idiot.

      "Really? Wow that's really exciting, I can't wait!"

      "Yes, hopefully you are better by then." Damien gave me a sad smile.

      "Of course I will." I told him, horrified at the thought of missing such an opportunity; things like that only happen once in a lifetime, although not for Damien of course, but for me certainly!

      He laughed. "Good. Will you be coming to school tomorrow then?"

      I bit my lip. "I don't think so; the doctor said that I should have some bed-rest and I don't think Claire will let me."

      Damien shrugged. "Ok, I'll just have to try and survive without you. Hey, I have work tomorrow from four o'clock to seven o'clock, so I won't be able to come around and see you until the evening, will that be ok?"

      I smiled. "Of course, good luck for your first day! But listen Damien; don't do anything to provoke Sara ok?"

      He frowned, tilting his head to the side and making his fringe flop over his eyes. "Why?"

      I almost squirmed under his gaze, not wanting him to know it had been the Lollipop Brigade (which member I didn't know) that had attacked me in the theatre bathroom. I couldn't help but shudder at the memory.

      Damien noticed my shudder and I pulled my quilt closer around me, saying. "I'm cold. Just don't provoke her though ok?"

      He nodded. "Do your leg and head hurt a lot?" He asked.

      "A little, but I have painkillers to take." I laughed. "I must look a right idiot with this bandage on my head."

      His expression told me that he didn't think I looked like an idiot and I looked away blushing.

      "What are you going to do with all your free time then?" Damien asked after a while.

      I turned to face him. "I don't know, I will probably just read and sleep."

      "While I'm at school doing work, lucky you,"

      I smiled. "Don't worry; I'll think of you working away while I'm snuggled up in bed reading."

      "Gee thanks." Damien laughed.

      Having finished my soup by now, I opened the container of chocolate brownies that Damien's mum had baked for me. "Brownie?" I asked.


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