The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


3. Chapter Three



      The Lollipop Brigade is constantly changing.

      I remember one week last year there was a new member every other day, except for Sara and Angel; they've been Lollipops from the very start.

      My first day of school at Lakeside High School was the first day of year eight; I moved to the town of Lakeside (it’s next to a lake, original I know) during the summer holidays before the start of the school year. Anyway, on my first day Angel had already started following Sara around like a lost puppy, so I guess they met in year seven.

      Needless to say as Damien and I were sat in the cafeteria eating our lunch and a brand spanking new set of Lollipops rolled in, each wearing miniskirts and high heels, I wasn't surprised.

      The Lollipop Brigade communed around a table, scaring off a couple of year sevens, and I got a good look at the new Lollipops. I was shocked to see Hayley Conner, previous teacher's pet and do-gooder among the latest recruits.

      I blinked in surprise and turned to see Damien watching me, an eyebrow raised in question.

      I quickly explained about the Lollipop Brigade and my surprise.

      Damien was intrigued. "So that's what you meant before in form time. There was a similar group at my old school in Winslow, but there was a new member once a month tops. What happens to them all?"

      I nearly choked on my sandwich. Wide eyed I said. "You haven't heard?"

      Damien frowned. "Heard what?"

      I put my sandwich down. "Some of them go missing, and several of them have committed suicide within two weeks of being chucked out of the Brigade. I've seen Sara throw someone out of the group." I shuddered involuntarily. "It was awful... Jenny... it was like she was possessed the way she was screaming and begging to be let back into the group..." I blinked away tears. "She was found three days later."

      Damien was silent and gazed over at the Lollipop Brigade. After a while he said. "My dad sure can pick them."

      "Your dad?" I asked, taking a bite out of my sandwich. "Do you move around a lot because of him?"

      Damien nodded, his fringe falling over his eyes. "His job, although it's technically his boss's fault; we always move because of him wanting my dad to be in a specific city etc."

      I smiled. "So what did you mean by 'my dad sure can pick them'?"

      He laughed to himself. "Well at my last school in Winslow, there was, like I said, the equivalent of the Lollipop Brigade, but at the one before that there was a group of boys and a group of girls that ran the school." Damien lowered his eyes. "There was a shooting... my friend Ben he..." He trailed off and I resisted the urge to put my hand on his.

      I gave him a sad smile. "Yep, your dad sure can pick them."


      As soon as we finished our lunch we went outside and I showed Damien around the rest of the school, which didn't take long.

      "What now?" I asked as we sat down on a bench, half an hour to spare.

      Damien laughed and ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know."

      I leaned back, gazing up at the cloud filled sky. "Hmm, well have you made any friends in your classes so far?"

      He pulled a face. "Not really, although there was this one guy in my I.T class that seemed ok, Drew I think his name was."

      "Oh, Dreadlock Drew? He's alright." I replied thinking of the time we had been partners for an English project.

      Damien smiled. "Dreadlock Drew? Is that what people call him?"

      I laughed. "Yeah, everyone gets given a nickname by the Lollipops, just wait, you'll get one soon."

      "What's yours?"

      "Oh you'll love it, it's very original." I told him. "It's Miss Book-Lover."

      His lips twitched. "Seriously? Wow, yeah you were right, very original, I can't wait to see what they come up with for me."


      We spent the rest of lunchtime chatting about random things, and when the bell went we walked to Maths together.

      I usually find Maths really boring, but Mr Kelly who had never taught me before, made the lesson fun and interesting so it wasn't too bad.

      Although there was one bad thing about it; Sara and Angel are in our class. Yep, just great.

      Damien must have noticed my reaction when they walked in because he asked if I was ok.

      I nodded and made sure to avoid eye contact with the Lollipops, even though Sara had gotten her revenge earlier and so shouldn't want to get me again, though I couldn't be sure.

      After the bell rang and Damien and I were walking out of the classroom, I heard Sara say to Angel. "I'm surprised that Miss Book-Lover hasn't bored him to death yet."

      I clenched my fist but continued walking.

      I took Damien to his Spanish class, and we promised to meet up afterwards at the end of school.

      My knee was throbbing as I walked to my Art class.

      Once inside I was seated by the teacher, Miss Norton, next to Hayley Conner the recently converted Lollipop. I swear I heard her snigger as I hobbled over to my desk. It looked like Sara had spread her victory around the Brigade.

      When everyone was seated Miss Norton got us to choose an object from her desk to draw. I chose an ornament and took it back to my desk, before spending the whole lesson drawing it.

      I was relieved when the bell rang and quickly put my things in my bag before walking as fast as I could out of the room and back to Damien's Spanish classroom.   

      He was already there waiting and smiled when he saw me.

      "Ready to go?" I asked and we started walking out towards the front gates. "I forgot to ask, where do you live?"

      "I think it's called Pasture Row."

      I gazed at him in shock.

      "What?" He asked amused.

      "But that's where I live! I live at Willow Cottage."

      Damien grinned. "I'm at The Orchard."

      I laughed. "That's opposite my house. What is the chance of that?"

      He smiled. "Pretty slim, I'd imagine."

      We walked and talked and soon arrived outside Damien's house.

      "I would invite you in but there are boxes everywhere."

      I waved a hand in dismissal. "That's fine; do you want to walk to school together tomorrow?"

      Damien nodded. "Yeah that would be great. Hang on a second." He fished around in his pocket and pulled out his mobile. "Can I get your number?"

      "Yeah sure,"

      We exchanged numbers.

      "Cool, thanks. What's your Crystal Kingdom username? I might play online later; we could start a game together if you like?"

      I smiled. "That sounds like fun, I'm msr-94. Text me when you're about to go online. See you tomorrow."

      I crossed the road and waved bye to Damien as he disappeared into his house. Walking up the gravel drive I opened the front door and closed it behind me once I was inside, taking off my shoes.

      "Hey Meg, how was school?" Aaron's voice drifted down the hallway from the kitchen.

      I trundled down the hallway, bag in tow. I made myself a drink and grabbed a biscuit, before perching myself on a barstool.

      Aaron looked up from where he was standing, preparing dinner. He's a culinary genius.

      I took a bite of my biscuit. "It was good actually. I made friends with the new boy across the road; he's in my form class and in some of my lessons."

      Aaron smiled. "Good, I get worried about you when you spend so much time alone. Got much homework?"

      "I did my Geography homework earlier, but I've got a bit of French and Maths to do." I drained my glass and put it on the draining board. "I'll go and do it now."

      He nodded. "Ok, I'll see you later then. Dinner will be at the usual time."

      Hoping that Aaron wasn't watching as I hobbled out of the kitchen, I then slowly went upstairs with my bag and went to my bedroom.

      I have to admit I've got a sweet deal when it comes to my room. I have a double bed, a large wardrobe, a chest of drawers, several bookcases, my own TV and games console, my own computer, but my favourite thing is my window seat. I love sitting on my cushion-filled window seat, and reading a book, come rain or shine.

      Right now though, I had to do homework, so I took my books out of my bag, sat down at my desk and got to work.

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