The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


13. Chapter Thirteen


      Monday morning arrived and in the morning I tried to persuade Claire to allow me to go to school, even though I knew what her answer would be. I have to admit that I was kind of relieved when she said no and told me to stop arguing; as I'm dreading seeing Sara and all the other Lollipops at school, and am still really freaked out about what happened.

      I spent most of the day reading, and having naps in which there was the odd nightmare involving shattering glass.

      It must have been mid afternoon when I was in an uncomfortable foetal position, the discomfort due to my sore thigh, when some of Damien's words from the evening before popped into my head.

      "Jeremy Scott..." I murmured, my eyebrows drawn into a frown.

      I hadn't realised that his surname was Scott. It was an uncommon surname around where I lived, and when I had been living in Ipswich; I don't recall ever meeting another Scott.

      With great care and difficulty I shuffled out of bed and hobbled over to my computer. Sitting down on my chair I switched my computer on. When it was ready to go I went onto the internet and searched for information on Jeremy Scott. Touching my mum's wedding ring that was on the necklace around my neck, I scrolled through all the different sites which had popped up until I saw a promising looking one which I clicked on.

      By the time I switched off my computer half an hour later, and dragged myself back over to my bed I hadn't learned much about Jeremy Scott as there wasn't actually very much information about him, but I did learn that he had once been married but was now a widower an had been so for over ten years, which would explain what I had overheard Damien's parents, Tom and Emily, saying the other day.

      I couldn't help but smile as I thought about trying out the demo for the new Crystal Kingdom game.

      I received a text from Damien saying that he was on his way to work and that school had been boring without me, which made me smile even more.


      Wednesday was the fateful day that I was allowed to return to school, but that was only because as I had said to Claire, we finished early as so it wouldn't be a good way to ease back into school life.

      Aaron insisted on driving Damien and me to school, and during the journey I went over the plan that I had formulated during my boring and unproductive days off; it had occurred to me that I had obviously done something to catch Sara's attention which is never a good idea, therefore I would do nothing that could offend her, I would become invisible to her and her Lollipop Brigade cronies. I realised that my teachers would no doubt notice, as according to my plan I wouldn't be able to answer any questions correctly, but at this precise moment in time it seemed more important to be invisible to the Lollipops.

      I was no longer sporting a bandage on my head, but I had one on my thigh, which wasn't visible as I was wearing jeans, but I was hobbling as it still hurt to put pressure on my leg.

      As Damien and I walked (well, limping in my case) to form class the students milling around watched me in interest and I felt my cheeks grow red at their attention.

      I stumbled and Damien linked his arm through mine, lending me strength and support.

      I smiled at him gratefully. "Maybe I should have a walking stick?" I asked.

      He laughed. "Yes then you could use it to knock people out of the way or trip them up."

      "That sounds good, maybe I should get one."


      My first lesson of the day was Art, in which I sat next to Hayley Conner, yep the Lollipop.

      I kept my gaze averted from her all lesson, my patchy memories from the theatre bathroom rushing though my mind, as I tried to concentrate on shading my drawing properly.

      As soon as the bell went I hobbled out of the classroom and away to Maths.

      Throughout the whole Maths lesson I could feel Damien's confused gaze on me; he had obviously noticed my odd behaviour, which involved me mainly being silent and keeping my eyes downcast.

      We walked out of the Maths classroom and to our form class, as the weather was again rubbish.

      I flinched in pain as I sat down on a chair and rummaged around in my bag for some food.

      Damien looked pensive. "Are you alright, Meg? You were really quiet in Maths."

      I bit my lip unsure what to say in reply. "I've... got a bit of a headache. Sorry if I worried you."

      He nodded, and I was unsure if he had believed me.

      "Any idea when we will play that demo?" I asked taking a bite of my muesli bar.

      Damien seemed to brighten up at this. "Oh yeah, it will probably be next week some time, but as I work Monday four o'clock to seven, and you work Tuesday and Thursday four to seven o'clock it will have to be Wednesday or Friday."

      I nodded excitedly. "I can't wait; it's going to be great! Are you only going to work Mondays then?"

      "There's going to be some more hours available soon."

      "It's really good that you got a job so soon." I told him.

      He nodded. "Yeah it's a relief really; as it means that I will have extra money to save or spend."

      I smiled knowing how he felt; I had been relieved when I got my job because I didn't feel like I was sponging off Claire and Aaron as much.

      The bell went and we walked to English, which I hadn't been looking forward to; Sara and Angel were in Maths but they sit on the other side of the classroom to Damien and me, but in English they unfortunately sit closer, too close for comfort in fact.

      A quick glance around the classroom as I limped in told me that luckily the two Lollipops weren't there yet, much to my relief.

      Sara and Angel soon appeared however, and I immediately lowered my gaze as soon as I saw them.

      I heard them giggling away as they walked passed and I let out a low groan.

      Feeling Damien's hand on my shoulder I looked up as much as I dared, and saw him gazing at me in worry.

      "Are you ok?" He asked. "Are you in pain? Do you want to go to the nurse?"

      I shook my head. "No, I'm ok thanks."

      Mrs. Cowell walked in and I watched in dismay as she approached me and asked if I was feeling better.

      I nodded and gave her a weak smile.

      The English lesson seemed to drag on forever and I was dreading the moment that Sara decided to make a 'witty' comment.

      That moment came when the bell went and we were packing out stuff away.

      "Some people will do anything for attention." She muttered as she and Angel walked past.

      I saw Damien clench his fists and I placed a hand on his arm. "Just ignore her." I told him.

      His expression was pained, but after a while he nodded and after we had finished putting our books and pencil cases in our bags we left and walked to Science.


      Science was dull but thankfully went quickly.

      Damien and I were soon stood outside the front of the school, the wind whipping my hair across my face.

      My phone started vibrating and I sighed when I saw that it was Aaron calling me.

      "Yes?" I answered, putting my finger in my ear as I tried to hear what he was saying.

      "Hi Meg, how are you? Do you want me to pick you and Damien up?"

      I repeated the question to Damien who shrugged. "Yeah ok, or did you want to go into town?"

      "I would, but my leg is hurting."

      "Ok that's fine."

      Nearly five minutes later and Aaron pulled up in his car and Damien and I got inside.

      "Have a good day you two?"

      I shrugged and said that it was ok, as I put my seatbelt on.

      I could feel Damien's gaze on me for most of the journey home, and grew nervous wondering if he had figured out my plan.

      When we got back to my house, I asked Damien if he wanted to come inside.

      He nodded, and I could tell that there was something that he wanted to say to me by his distracted expression.

      I waited apprehensively for what Damien had to say as we got drinks and something to eat in the kitchen.

      Aaron was hanging around the kitchen so I gestured to Damien stealthily that we should go upstairs.

      Damien ended up helping me up the stairs, me leaning on him, which I have to admit I quite enjoyed, oh man what's happening to me?!

      As soon as my bedroom door was closed and Damien and I were seated I prepared myself for the grilling that I was no doubt about to have.

      Damien turned to me. "What was that all about today?"

      I looked down. "What was what all about?" I asked trying to sound and look as innocent as possible.

      He had an odd look on his face, and I swear I heard anger in his voice when he replied. "You know what I mean Meg; you were really quiet in all the lessons we had with Sara and Angel, you were trying not to get noticed by them weren't you?"

      I didn't answer, and felt my cheeks grow red and I'm ashamed to say that tears prickled at the corners of my eyes.

      "Hey," Damien said softly, moving beside me and sitting down. "I'm sorry I just want to know why that's all. Will you tell me please, Meg?"

      He took my hands in his and I sniffed.

      "It was... when I went to the bathroom in the theatre; Sara, Angel and Hayley were there."

      I saw Damien's expression harden. "Go on,"

      "When I went into the cubicle it was all quiet, then someone turned a tap on, I guess that's where the water that I slipped on when I came out of the cubicle came from. I banged my head when I slipped and fell, and it hurt to move." Tears were running freely down my cheeks, and I could feel myself shaking.

Damien pulled me into his arms and held me close. "Then what happened?"

      "I heard something shatter. My vision was blurry, but I saw someone with blonde hair with something shiny in their hands."

      He had become tense. "One of them attacked you?"

      I nodded. "Or all three, and they all have blonde hair."

      Damien was muttering furiously under his breath. Then lifting my chin up so that our eyes were level, he said. "You can't let them get away with this Meg; what if they do it to someone else?"

      I gazed at him, aware of how close we were. "I can't Damien, they will get me again. I don't even know what I did to deserve this, what would they do to me if I told on them?"

      He sighed, and pulled me close again. "Oh Meg, I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have had to go through that. I can understand why you don't want to attract their attention but something needs to be done about this. First the Hall of Mirrors incident and now this... they need to be stopped."

      I closed my eyes and rested my head on Damien’s shoulder as I tried to get the image of a sneering Sara out of my mind.


      The next day was Thursday, and at the end of form time Miss Fayre pulled me aside.

      "Meg how are you feeling?"

      "I'm well thank you Miss." I said, wondering why she had pulled me aside.

      "I'm glad, you look well. On a more serious note, this morning I had a conversation with your Art, Maths and English teachers. They told me that you weren't your usual self yesterday and that you were very quiet and didn't answer any questions."

      Ah, so that's why she pulled me aside, it's about the effects of my plan.

      I didn't say anything, so Miss Fayre gave me a worried look. "What's the matter Meg? Does this have to do with Friday?" She placed a hand on my arm gently. "Are you being bullied?"       Warning bells were ringing in my mind.

      "No, I'm not being bullied Miss; I just wasn't feeling very well yesterday."

      Miss Fayre didn't look convinced, but nodded. "Very well, but you will tell someone if you're being bullied, won't you Meg? Bullying is a very serious matter."

      I nodded. "Of course I will Miss."

      "Good, now you'd better go off to class."

      Damien had been waiting for me outside and walked with me to my French class.

      "What did she say?" He asked.

      I sighed. "She said that my teachers had noticed yesterday that I wasn't my normal self."

      Damien nodded. "Good, you really should tell someone, Meg."

      When I didn't reply he asked. "Who is Sara's form teacher?"

      "Mr. Lee, why?" I said wondering why he would want to know that piece of information.

      "No reason, have fun in French."

      I stood outside my French classroom watching in confusion as Damien walked away. "I.T. is the other way!" I shouted when I saw him turn and walk down the wrong corridor.

      Madame Yves appeared and smiled kindly at me. "Meg, how are you?" She asked in French.

      "I'm well thank you Madame." I replied in French.

      I entered the classroom and sat down, all the other students staring at me.

      My eyes grew wide and I nearly cried out when I realised that Damien must be going to see Sara's form teacher, Mr. Lee at that moment in time. I silently cursed him and found it hard to concentrate for the whole of my French lesson.

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