The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


1. Chapter One


      "Oh no!" I moaned out loud when I saw who was walking towards me.

      Lifting my book up so that it covered my face I continued walking through the school gates, seemingly oblivious to the beating I was about to receive.

      "Looks like Miss Book-Lover hasn't changed at all over the holidays."


      With a sigh I stopped walking and lowered my book to find myself being glared at by Sara Hills and Angel Pebble (yes that's her real name, some people call her Angel Pee-brain), the two most popular girls at Lakeside High School.

      Sara looked me up and down. "Looks like she still hasn't got any fashion sense," She added, hands on hips.

      "LOL!" Angel shrieked.

      I was annoyed at the dig at my clothes (jeans and t-shirt. That's right no uniform this year! Apparently now that we were Year 11's we were allowed the privilege of wearing our own clothes and were expected to dress maturely. Sara and Angel both needed to look up that word in the dictionary (though Angel probably doesn't know what a dictionary is, poor girl) as their ensembles reminded me of a certain celebrity. Can you guess who? Ok, I'll give you a hint; all they need is a Chihuahua in a handbag and their outfits would be complete. Yes that's right, Paris Hilton) but I was even more annoyed at Angel's 'lol'-ing.

      "It looks like you still haven't learned how to speak English." I retorted.

      Sara snorted in a very unladylike way. "Whatever Miss Book-Lover, is that your latest boyfriend?" She asked gesturing to the book in my hand.

      "At least I can read."

      Honestly, you would have thought that after three years she would have come up with a better nickname than that. My one for her and her groupies is so much better.

      Growing bored, Sara slipped her arm through Angel's and gave me a haughty look. "Whatever Book-Lover," Then with a final glare they stalked off.

      "School's the other way Lollipop Brigade!" I called after them, earning a glare in return.

      If looks could kill I would have died years ago.

      Did you like it? Lollipop Brigade, on account of you know, the 'lol'-ing.

      I watched with distain as Sara and Angel chose their next victim, Nipple Nick.

      You're probably wondering about the nickname, well Nick has three nipples. The Lollipop Brigade found out about it last year and ever since, Nick has been known as Nipple Nick.

      Poor Nick has it worse than me; he's constantly teased by the Lollipops whereas I only get abuse once a day if I'm lucky.

      Nick and I used to be friends. We used to sit together at lunch, until the day Nick's secret was revealed. I hadn't even known that Nick had a third nipple, but if I had I would never have told anyone.

I wasn't there but I heard that it happened when the boys were changing for P.E. I say hello to him every time I see him and we have the odd chat, but if we're seen together the Lollipop Brigade descend and accuse us of harboring more secrets. As a result, I think Nick avoids me.

      With a glance at my watch I engrossed myself in my book and continued walking. Seconds later I was sent sprawling as I walked into someone.

      "Oww," I groaned rubbing my knee.

      Looking around for my book I saw it and went to reach for it, but another hand appeared and picked it up. Peering up I saw a guy around my age looking down at me. He was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. He wasn't über-hot as Sara would say, but he wasn't a sight for sore eyes.

      "Sorry," he said, lowering a hand to help me up, which I accepted gratefully. Handing me back my book, he spoke again. "I'm Damien."

      "Thanks, I'm Meg. Are you new?" I asked, not recognising him.

      Damien was in jeans and a t-shirt as well. He nodded. "Yeah, I was actually looking for my form class, could you help me?"

      I smiled. "Of course, who's your form teacher?"     

      He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and peered at it. "Miss Fayre,"

      "That's my form teacher too, come on I'll take you to our form room."

      Damien thanked me and we started walking. "So you like Crystal Kingdom?" He asked gesturing at my book.

      "Are you kidding?" I practically cried. "I LOVE Crystal Kingdom! I have all the books, and the game and heaps of other stuff!"

      Damien laughed at my enthusiasm. "Me too,"

      I couldn't believe it; I had found someone else that actually liked Crystal Kingdom as well as me!

Assuming that you don't know anything about Crystal Kingdom, I will explain what it is. Crystal Kingdom is a series of manga books written and illustrated by an English author (yes manga are usually written by Japanese people) about a girl named Ebony who is looking for a legendary crystal that is meant to have healing powers, so that she can save her mother who is dying from an illness. Along the way she meets Felix who it transpires is not human but from another world. Felix is a magician and is on a quest, though he doesn't tell Ebony what it is. He promises to help Ebony find the crystal, which they do and they go back to Ebony's mother and save her. But when the crystal is activated Ebony and Felix are transported to another world, Felix's world, where there are seven powerful crystals (the crystal they found is one of them and it was Felix's quest to find it). Then a race begins to find the other crystals before an evil magician named Sygrove.

      So far there have been nineteen books, and Ebony and Felix have three of the crystals, though Sygrove has one as well. The next book is out next month. There has also been a computer game which was a worldwide success. The game was about books one to ten and there's meant to be a sequel. Sorry, you're probably bored after all that.

      Anyway needless to say, Damien and I walked to form class talking about Crystal Kingdom.

      Form time is usually a quiet affair with people hurriedly finishing off their homework. Today being the start of a new school year however, there was laughing and shouting.

      That is until Damien and I walked into the room.

      Noticing the sudden change in atmosphere, Miss Fayre looked up from where she was sat at her desk.

      Miss Fayre is the best form teacher I've had at Lakeside High School. I had her last year but not for my first year, oh no, in year eight I had Mr Dent who is crazy. I'm not joking, he talks to himself and if you say the wrong thing to him he practically bites your head off. One time someone asked if they could hand a trip permission form in the next day and he went berserk! I think he made the person actually cry. Needless to say the class was silent for the rest of form time and no one handed a permission form in late again.

      Anyway back to Miss Fayre, she is in her mid thirties and the kindest teacher ever.

      As Damien and I walked over to her desk all eyes were following us.

      "Ah you must be Damien Wood." Miss Fayre said standing up and smiling. "Welcome to 11JF. Here's your timetable and a map to help you find your way around. We sit alphabetically so you will be sitting next to Meg here."

      I smiled as she handed me my timetable for the new school year.

      Damien thanked Miss Fayre and we sat down at the back of the class.

      Now I know what you're thinking, why was I, Meg Scott-Reese the last person in the class alphabetically? Well for some reason unknown to myself there are no Smith's or Wilson's or any names like that, until Damien arrived of course now he's last in the register.

      Which brings me to my surname, Scott-Reese; well I'm adopted. My mother, Gail Scott, died days after I was born and on my birth certificate it says 'father unknown'. My adopted parents are Claire and Aaron Reese, and they adopted me when I was ten. I grew up in Ipswich and they lived just on the outskirts so I got to stay at the same school, which was good and meant that I didn't have to deal with a new school as well a new home and 'parents'. We moved to Lakeside three years ago though, for the start of year eight, because Claire got a teaching job at Lakeside Junior School. Claire and Aaron are great; they look after me, treat and love me as if I was their biological daughter, which has been great after ten years of passing through countless foster homes, all in Ipswich, feeling like a rejected parcel.

      Bodies turned and stared at us as we sat down and I looked down embarrassed.

      Miss Fayre clapped her hands, demanding everyone's attention and I breathed a sigh of relief; I wasn’t used to being the centre of attention and had found it rather uncomfortable.

      As Miss Fayre started the register I turned to see Damien reading his timetable.

      He looked up at me and said. "Are we in any of the same classes?" He smiled hopefully as I compared our timetables.

      "We're in Maths, English and Science together." I told him.

      Damien was relieved. "Good at least I will know someone. It’s hard having to make new friends all the time." Seeing my puzzled look he added. “My parents are always moving to different cities.”

      "It must be awful having to start again so often."

      He nodded. "I've gotten used to it though. Do you know any of our teachers?"

      "Yeah, we have Mr Kelly for Maths, he's ok, then there's Mrs Cowell who's nice if you stay on the right of her for English, and finally for Science... ah... we've got Mr Pieters, who... well just don't make him angry ok, or make fun of his voice."

      Damien looked confused. "His voice? Why would I tease him about his voice?"

      I shook my head. "I don't know, but people have before and well... just don't do it."

      The people sitting near to us were looking at us weirdly, which Damien noticed and commented on.

      I bit my lip. "Yeah, it's probably because they've never seen me talk this much before." In reply to    his quizzical gaze I added. "I usually just sit by myself."

      Damien frowned. "You don't have any friends?"

      Hoping that I hadn't just detected pity in his voice, I muttered. "No, I mean I used to but... that's what the Lollipop Brigade do, they divide and conquer."

      "What's the Loll...?”

      Damien was interrupted as Miss Fayre approached our table.

      "I'm glad that you two seem to be making friends. Meg, would you mind showing Damien around the school for me?" At my nod she smiled. "Good, now the bell for lessons will be ringing soon, you two can both leave early so that you can show Damien to his class."

      Miss Fayre returned to her desk at the front of the room smiling, and Damien and I gathered up our belongings before leaving the room.

      The cold wind ruffled my bob as we went outside and I rearranged it saying. "So what's your first lesson?"

      "History, what's yours?"

      "Geography, so we're in the same building."

      We waited outside Damien's History room until the bell went. I left him promising to meet him there at the end of the lesson, wondering how I had managed to make a new friend so quickly, and hoping that the Lollipop's wouldn't be able to ruin this friendship for me.


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