The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


19. Chapter Nineteen


      Oh how right I was.  

      Aaron and I ran down the drive, pushing past the journalists with their flashing cameras as we made our way to the car and quickly jumped inside.

      Cameras flashed in my face, pressed up against the car windows as Aaron started the car.

      I looked down, blinking away the dots that had formed in my vision from the bright flashes.

      Aaron revved the car engine, causing the journalists to scatter like bowling pins.

      "I'm so sorry about all this." I told him, head in my hands.

      "Hey, it's not your fault Meg, anyway you should know by now that Claire and I don't mind doing anything for you."

      I smiled, thinking not for the first time how lucky I was to have been adopted by Aaron and Claire.

      There was a mass of journalists at the front of Lakeside High School, so Aaron dropped me off by a side alley that led to the back of the school.

      "Will you be alright, Meg?" Aaron asked as I closed the door behind me.

      "Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll see you later, and thanks."

      I could feel his eyes on me as I walked swiftly down the alley, worried that at any moment a journalist would appear and blind me with their camera. Man this sounds like a video game where the aim of the game is to not get caught by the journalists. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as I thought of this.

      I arrived at the end of the alley and peered around the corner.

      I could see the courtyard that was situated at the back of the Gym. All I had to do was go in through the side door and then I would be safe (from the journalists anyway).

      Taking a deep breath a pelted over to the Gym and ran inside, closing the side door behind me with a big sigh of relief.

      I txt Damien telling him where I was, and he sent me a message back seconds later saying that he was on his way.

      Leaving the Gym I waited outside, away from all of the windows, aware that there might be journalists stalking the school grounds.

      "Meg," Damien's voice was anxious and I turned to see that his expression matched as he neared me. "Are you alright?"

      He swept me into a hug and I smiled.

      Releasing me he gave me a sad smile. "I saw all the journalists outside your house."

      We started walking to form class, avoiding all the big windows.

      "I know its terrible isn't it?" I shook my head unable to believe that I was front page news; after living a life of being ignored for several years all this attention felt so strange.

      People stared at me when Damien and I walked past them, and I felt my cheeks burn as if they were on fire.

      We were nearly at form class when a frightened looking Nick (Nipple Nick) barged past me, nearly knocking me over.

      "Nick!" I called after him wondering what was wrong.

      Moments later I knew the answer.

      "LOL!" That voice could only belong to Angel the second in command of none other than the group that ruled the school, the mini-skirt wearing, Lollipop Brigade.

      "Oh no..." I groaned. The only thing that could make my morning any worse was about to happen.

      Damien's eyes widened as he realised what was about to happen. "Oh Meg..."

      "Well, well, well..."

      I flinched at the sound of Sara's voice, and slowly turned around to face her.

      Sara was stood with her hand on her hips, wearing only a mini-skirt and a top that barely covered her midriff. Her voice was harsh as she spoke again. "Look what the cat dragged in."

      Giggles ran through the five other Lollipops and I dealt them a steely glare. I recognised all of them from around school, there was Angel of course, and Hayley who looked away as soon as my gaze turned to her, was it my opinion or did she look sad? Anyway where was I? Oh yes, the rest of the Lollipop Brigade... It was strange that the members had remained the same for so long actually, but since the start of term the other three members apart from Sara, Angel and Hayley had been Danielle, Tanya and Leanne, none of whom had ever paid me any attention even before they had become Lollipops.

      All of them except Hayley returned my glare.

      Beside me I could sense that Damien was becoming tense from our showdown.

      Sara continued her taunting. "It must be great for you getting all this attention Meg; everyone just usually ignores you, don't they?"

      I clenched my jaw, wanting so much to launch myself at her and beat her until she was black and blue for what she had done to me. I had to resist the urge to smile as I imagined myself doing that.

      "What's the matter, Meg? Cat got your tongue?" Her beady black eyes were boring into mine, daring me to say something back.

      When it became obvious that I wasn't going to take the bait Sara huffed and turned to face her followers. "Come on girls, let's go and talk to that wall over there; anything's got to be better to talk to than Meg."

      The Lollipops sniggered and followed Sara down the corridor.

      I thought I saw Hayley cast me a brief apologetic look, but may have been mistaken.

      Damien let out a low whistle. "Wow that was impressive, Meg."

      I blinked as if coming out of a dream. "I didn't know I had so much self control."

      With a laugh he took my hand in his and pulled me gently down the corridor. "Come on, we are going to be late to form class if we don't hurry up."

      The bell rang for the start of form time the moment I stepped foot in the form room.

      The students had been distracted by the bell, and didn't notice me and Damien until I walked up to Miss Fayre where she was sat at her desk.

      "It's her!" I heard someone say in what I think was meant to be a whisper, but it came out in more of a yell.

      I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and gave Miss Fayre, who was looking up at me with a sad look on her face, a small smile and said. "Sorry we are late Miss."

      "That's fine, Meg; I can understand why."

      Damien and I went and sat down at our table, and I ignored the uncomfortable feeling that was growing in my stomach from all the pairs of eyes that were glued on me.

      Miss Fayre called out the register and when the bell for the first lesson rang, she asked me to stay behind.

      "Are you alright, Meg? I understand that you must still be very shocked by the whole situation; it's not the sort of news one receives every day."

      "I'm fine," I told her. "I'm sorry about the press outside."

      She patted my arm comfortingly. "It's not your fault Meg. I just hope they go soon. You had better be off to class." 

      I thanked her and went out to the corridor where Damien had been waiting for me.

      "I will walk you to Art." He told me, scanning the corridor. I presume he was looking for journalists.

      "What are you, my bodyguard?" I laughed.

      He shrugged. "I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

      I felt touched by his remark and thanked him for walking me to Art when we arrived outside my classroom.

      "I'll meet you out here at the end of the lesson." Damien told me.

      I gave him a grateful smile and entered the classroom.

      My Art teacher, Miss Norton pulled me aside. "Are you alright, Meg? Should you be at school?"

      I didn't know if I should be annoyed or thankful for her concern, either way I answered. "I'm fine thanks Miss. Sorry about the journalists."

      She smiled at me sympathetically. "That's alright. Let me know if you need anything."

      Did she mean to do with school work?

      I sat down in my seat, starting to get frustrated that everyone was staring at me again.

      Miss Norton clapped her hands, demanding everybody’s attention and explained that today we would be painting. She allocated certain people to hand out newspaper, and Hayley gave me some. I swear her hands were shaking.


      Halfway through the lesson there was a loud shout and we all turned to see a journalist being chased off the school grounds by an official looking security guard.

      I smiled to myself but my happiness was short lived as it occurred to me that this meant that Mr. Walsh, the Principal had obviously had to employ security guards to keep the journalists off school property and felt guilty as the school wasn't made of money (it wasn't the last time I looked anyway).


      The bell went and I had a quick look outside before I left the classroom.

      Damien was waiting for me (how did he get here so quickly?), and we walked to Maths together.

      "You know Nick?" He asked. "Well he didn't turn up for Spanish. Did you see where he ran off to earlier?"

      I shook my head. "Not really, how strange."

      I hoped that Sara hadn't been giving Nick a hard time again; last year he had been suicidal by the time the Lollipops had finished with him.

      Yet again people stared as I walked into the classroom.

      I thought that Mr. Kelly would approach me and ask if I was ok like all the other teachers had so far that morning, but he only gave me a brief nod before starting with the lesson.


      It was only five minutes into Maths that a bloodcurdling scream could be heard echoing through the hallway. It was piercing and made me shudder.

      Mr. Kelly went pale and turned to face the door.

      More screams could be heard and some students ran to the door and out to the corridor before Mr. Kelly could stop them.

      Damien looked at me and I gave him a brief nod, and we joined the rest of the students as they streamed out of the classroom, ignoring Mr. Kelly's frantic shouts to stay in the classroom.

      It was chaos out in the corridor and we were swept up in the crowd as students milled towards where the screaming had come from.

      "Suicide!" Someone was yelling.

      Oh no, who now?

      As we neared where the suicide had taken place, I realised that we were heading in the direction of the boy's toilets.

      Damien grabbed my hand to stop be from being carried away and eventually the crowd stopped moving.

      People were jumping up and down on their tiptoes trying to see what had happened.

      Teachers soon arrived and the word starting spreading that it had been Nipple Nick that had committed suicide, by shooting himself with a handgun through the bottom of his mouth. Apparently it had been a year seven that had found him, the poor kid.

      I couldn't believe it; another death and Nick as well. Had he been depressed again? I should I noticed.

      Damien must have noticed my expression because he led me away from the toilets and the mass of students and to a concealed courtyard outside.

      "Are you alright?" He asked, placing a hand on my cheek.

      I nodded, feeling shaky. "Another death..." I muttered. "I should have known... I should have been looking out for him; Sara's always had it in for him, ever since she found out about his secret..."

      "Hey, it's not your fault." Damien told me soothingly.

      "But it is! He was depressed before I should have recognised the signs."

      "Meg," His voice was stern and he placed both his hands on my cheeks so that I was looking him in the eyes. "It's not your fault; no one could have known this was going to happen, so don't beat yourself up about it."

      I opened my mouth to protest but Damien gave me glare so I stayed silent.

      "We should go inside," He said, removing his hands from my face. "Before any journalists find us."

      I nodded mutely and followed Damien inside.

      We went back to Maths and the rest of the class soon trawled back inside, all pale and silent.

      Mr. Kelly must have followed us all after we had all gone to see what had happened, because he was muttering things like. "Such a shame," and "Poor boy, his parent's will be devastated."

      An ambulance and police car arrived not long after, scattering the journalists and making them all scramble for their cameras.

      Mr. Walsh came around to our classroom and explained that someone had committed suicide and that there would be an assembly instead of break.


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