The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


14. Chapter Fourteen


      "Hey what was that for?" Damien cried after I had hit him in the arm.

      "You went and saw Sara's form teacher, didn't you?" I hissed, as we walked to our form room.

      He shrugged. "So what if I did? Someone needs to know Meg."

      I resisted the temptation to hit him again. "She's going to think that it was me and then she's going to get me again."

      Damien stopped walking and turned to face me. "I won't let her lay a finger on you, Meg."

      He was deadly serious and I nodded, unsure of how to reply.


      The rest of Thursday flew by with me going to work. The only odd thing that happened was that I felt that I was being watched again.

      Friday morning started with P.E.

      Mrs. Goff must be so sick of seeing my sick notes, but she gave me a small glare and told me to make myself scarce for the hour.

      On my way through the changing room, I heard Sara shouting angrily but I don't know what about.

      I sat in the library and chatted with the librarian Mrs. Mill for most of the hour, then went and waited outside the P.E. changing rooms for Damien to emerge.

      Fortunately Damien appeared before any of the Lollipop Brigade, and we walked to Science together.

      That afternoon I had to go to the hospital to have my stitches removed, which wasn't too painful.


      Soon it was Saturday and I had work twelve o'clock to three, after which I met Damien and we went around town.

      My thigh was still sore, but it only started to really hurt after we had been walking around town for an hour or so.

      I mentioned that my thigh was hurting and Damien led me into a cafe, and told me to order whatever I wanted.

      As we waited for our drinks to be brought over to us, we chatted.

      "So how's your leg?" Damien asked, draping an arm over the back of the cushioned booth that we were sat in.

      "It's ok; I got the stitches taken out yesterday, as you know, which fortunately wasn't too painful."

      He smiled. "Good, I'm glad. Hey, do you want to see a movie after this?"

      "Which films are out at the moment?" I asked, thanking the waitress as she gave me the chocolate milkshake topped with cream and sprinkles, yum!

      Damien sipped his vanilla milkshake. "Similar ones to when we went and saw that comedy, I think."

      "Hmm, are there any films you want to see?"

      "Err I don't know... we could always see that comedy again, it was pretty funny."

      "Yeah, that sounds good, shall we go after this?"

      He nodded. "Yeah sure,"


      Half an hour after those delicious milkshakes, Damien and I were at the cinema and in the line to buy our tickets.

      It was pretty busy, but it turned out that nearly everyone else was going to see another film, so the screen that we were in was practically empty.

      Damien and I sat on the back row and chatted away, me laughing at his silly jokes while we waited for the film to start.

      I sipped my drink and Damien whispered something in my ear which made me nearly choke. I hit him playfully and laughed, gripping my stomach which was sore my laughing so much, as I leaned against Damien.

      He smiled at me and I smiled back.

      Hearing the door open I turned and saw a middle-age man walk in followed by none other than Angel and another member of the Lollipop Brigade.

      I sighed and turned to Damien, to see if he had noticed.

      He had and gave me a reassuring smile.

      I watched apprehensively as Angel and the other Lollipop chose their seat, which were two or three rows in front of us.

      "I don't think I've ever seen Angel without Sara before." I murmured surprised, unconsciously leaning closer to Damien.

      He nodded. "Did you see her yesterday?"

      "Are you joking?" I asked. "She was in such a foul mood I was sure that she was going to do something to me. Do you know why she was in such a bad mood?"

      Damien looked sheepish. "It was because her form teacher, Mr. Lee told her off, and she spoke to the Principal at lunch and has been suspended for a week."

      My eyes were wide. "A week? But surely Mr. Lee didn't believe you when you told him it was Sara that attacked me? I mean there's no proof."

      "No that's not why she's suspended; Mr. Lee told her off for bullying again, and apparently she went crazy and hit him, that's why she's suspended for a week."

      I gazed at Angel. "Wow, I bet Sara's furious."

      Angel turned around and looked at us.

      I let out an eek and ducked down, burying my head in Damien's chest.

      "Err, Meg? What are you doing?"

      I blinked, and realised what I had just done. Lifting my head up I gave him a cheeky smile. "Sorry..." I trailed off when I saw how close Damien and I were; we were very close. "I..."

      He smiled at me tenderly and reached out and touched my cheek.

      My heart skipped a beat and I found my eyes drawn to his lips which seemed to be moving closer to mine.

      "Excuse me," A gruff voice growled.

      Damien and I sprang apart and stood up to allow the man and a woman to get past.

      I was bright red when I sat back down, and couldn't bring myself to look at Damien.

      The film began and I felt his hand find mine and squeeze it gently.


      By the time the film had finished, Damien had sneakily put his arm around me with my noticing, and I had been leaning against him for at least half the film.

      We reached for each other’s hands simultaneously and laughed when we left the theatre.

      I knew that I was grinning like an idiot but was so happy that I didn't care.

      We walked back home together, slowly due to my leg.

      As we hovered outside, Damien said. "Do you want to come to mine?"

      I nodded. "Yeah that's sounds good, just let me drop my stuff off home and I'll be straight over."

      I ran (well, not really ran but kind of shuffled I guess) home, and dropped off my bag, quickly explaining to Aaron and Claire, who were sitting in the kitchen with papers and the laptop on the breakfast bar, that I was going over to Damien's.

      Damien had left the door unlocked for me, so I opened it and closed it behind me before taking my shoes off.

      "Hello?" I called out as I wondered down the corridor.

      Hearing voices in the kitchen I walked towards it.

      "Are you sure?" I heard Emily whisper.

      "Yes," Tom answered. "That's exactly what he told me."

      "But surely..."

      Tom and Emily looked up surprised as I walked in. "Hi, sorry to interrupt, but where's Damien?"

      Tom seemed to be speechless, so Emily answered my question. "He's in the garden, dear with the dogs. How are you Meg? You're looking well. We were sorry to hear about the accident."

      I smiled. "Yes, I'm well thank you. Sorry to bother you."

      I left the kitchen pondering what I had overheard, and wondering who they had been talking about.

      Grabbing my shoes I went to the patio doors in the living room and put my shoes on before going outside.

      "Damien?" I called, looking around. I started walking and called out his name again.

      I saw something flash in between the trees and the next thing I knew I was trying to run away as quickly as possible (which was not at all quick and probably looked hilarious due to my sore thigh) from three crazy, barking dogs. I was however bowled over and cried out as I was attacked by three pink tongues.

      Shrieking I cried. "Get off! Get off!"

      My attackers withdrew and I lay on the grass, my face covered in dog slobber, and my chest heaving from the exertion.

      Damien stood over me laughing at what had happened. Reaching down he held out a hand and helped me up.

      I gasped in pain when I put pressure on my leg, and had to lean against Damien.

      "You ok?" He asked, slipping an arm around my waist to support me.

      "Yeah, I'm ok." I gasped, and then laughed when I saw Betsy, Max and Frank sitting next to each other, and watching me with their tongues hanging out as their tails wagged.

      Damien was grinning mischievously and I grew worried.

      "What?" I asked.

      I cried out in surprise as I was lifted off the ground and wrapped my arms around Damien as he started running, with me in his arms.

      "What are you doing?" I yelled.

      The dogs were barking excitedly and running after us.

      Suddenly we were on the ground, and I ended up on top of Damien.

      Damien was smiling at me, his chest heaving (probably from the effort it took to carry me). He reached up and brushed my hair out of my face.

      I blushed at his touch and felt my heart quicken.

      We moved closer, our lips nearly touching when all of a sudden the dogs appeared and slobbered us, making it very hard to continue what we had been about to do.

      Laughing we stood up and Damien threw a stick over into the trees and the dogs ran after it.

I gazed at Damien. That was the second time we had been about to have our first kiss when someone interrupted us.

      He returned my gaze.

      "Damien! Meg!"

      We turned and looked in the direction Emily's voice had come from, and started walking back.

When we got to the patio, Emily was waiting for us. I could hear voices coming from inside the house; it sounded like Tom was talking to someone whose voice I knew I had heard before, I just couldn't remember where from, or who it was.

      Damien and I went inside, and I was surprised to see Jeremy Scott.

      He turned me and smiled. "Ah, hello Meg, how are you?"

      "I'm well thank you, Mr. Scott." I answered surprised that he had remembered my name.

      Tom, who was stood beside Jeremy was looking uncomfortable and the look he was giving Emily made it appear that he was imploring his wife to do something.

      "Please, just call me Jeremy." He told me, seemingly oblivious to his friend/colleagues discomfort. "Do you mind if we go for a walk?"

      I said that I didn't mind, and followed him outside.

      I saw Tom stop Damien from joining us, and grew worried; why did Jeremy want to talk to me alone?

      "I understand that you and Damien are going to be playing the demo for the new Crystal Kingdom game sometime next week?" Jeremy asked, hands in his coat pocket as we walked in between the trees.

      I nodded. "I'm very excited about it."

      He seemed pleased. "Good, I'm glad. So how are finding Lakeside High School? I understand that you started there in year eight?"

      Wondering who had told him that, I answered. "It's ok." I didn't really know what to say, why did he want to know this?

      "How's your job going?"

      I shrugged. "Its good thanks; it's been pretty busy lately." 

      He nodded. "That's good to hear."

      Was it? I didn't know what to make of all his questions. This situation was more than just a little bit odd.

      "So I understand that you are a big fan of Crystal Kingdom?"

      I couldn't help but smile at that comment. "You could say that."

      Jeremy glanced at me and must have seen my smile. "Well maybe when you come to test out the demo I could give you a tour of Baugh Technologies."

      "Really?" I gasped. "That would be... well brilliant!"

      He laughed at my enthusiasm and placed a hand on my shoulder smiling. "Then I look forward to seeing you again Meg. Take care."

      I watched as he turned around and walked briskly back to the house, hands in his pockets.

      I followed at a much slower pace, pondering what had occurred.


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