The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


4. Chapter Four


      About half an hour after I had finished my work, I got a text from Damien saying that he was about to go on Crystal Kingdom. I quickly turned on my TV and games console, logging onto the internet. Sure enough as soon as I did I received an invitation to play a game with dkw-94. With a smile I accepted his invitation and made myself comfortable in my beanbag (yep, how cool is that, I even have a beanbag).

      After what only seemed like minutes, but was in fact hours (eek!) later I heard Aaron shout that dinner was ready, and I quickly told Damien that I had to log off and would see him tomorrow.

      I walked into the kitchen and was hugged by Claire who had not long come back from work at the Junior School.

      "How are you?" She asked, brushing my fringe to the side so that she could see my eyes. "You look happy."

      I shrugged; I felt happy. "I'm fine, finished my homework."

      Aaron served dinner and we sat down at the table.

      "Looks lovely as usual, darling," Claire said, kissing him on the cheek.

      I smiled and started to eat.


      I went to bed the most happy I've felt for a while that night, which was strange, but I guess it's because I haven't had a proper friend in ages, and despite the encounters with the Lollipop Brigade, today was my best day at Lakeside High School yet. Oh how sad do I sound? Don't answer that; it was a rhetorical question. Please don't answer that question.


      I woke up full of anticipation of what today would bring, except from the usual insults and homework of course.

      It was colder this morning so I put a t-shirt on top of a long sleeved top, and pulled some jeans on as well as grabbing a jacket.

      I had a quick breakfast and said bye to Claire and Aaron who were sat at the breakfast bar.

      Damien emerged from his house a few minutes after I left mine, wrapping a scarf around his neck.

      He smiled when he saw me, and I crossed the road to join him.

      "Good morning, chilly isn't it?"

      I nodded. "Just wait though; it's going to get colder."

      He gave me an 'oh great' expression, which I couldn't help but laugh at.

      "What?" He asked, amused.

      "Has anyone ever told you how funny you are?"

      He frowned, appearing to be considering my question then grinned. "Yes they have actually."

      The twenty minute walk to school passed as if it were merely seconds, and we soon found ourselves standing in our form class by the radiators, warming our hands, Damien telling jokes and me bursting into fits of laughter, and receiving suspicious looks and some glares.

      Miss Fayre walked into the class and we returned to our seats.

      "Yesterday afternoon was fun; we should play Crystal Kingdom together again." Damien whispered as Miss Fayre started taking the register.

      I smiled. "Definitely," 


      Science was our first lesson of the day, and we sat near the front of the class.

      My fellow classmates were all gossiping about Sara Hills, the leader of the Lollipop Brigade. It seemed that she had been given a good telling off by her form teacher and was now in such a foul mood that if someone just looked at her, she would snarl at them and shove them out of the way.

      I turned to the girl sitting behind me, who I recalled was called Rebecca, and was usually pretty friendly. "What did she get told off for?" I asked, secretly glad that Sara had gotten her just desserts.

      Rebecca glanced around the room, I knew she was looking to see if we had any of the Lollipops in our class, as she didn't want to suffer Sara's wrath for speaking to me, I didn't really blame her. She leaned towards me, and I could see Damien move closer out of the corner of my eye.

      "Someone must have told that Sara's been bullying people. Her form teacher apparently told her how serious bullying is and that if he ever heard of her bullying someone again, she would be sent to the principal and be suspended."

      Damien let out a low whistle.

      My lips twitched as I resisted the urge to smile. "Good, it's about time."

      Rebecca gave a brief nod, before turning away and talking to the girl sitting next to her.

      "Silence!" A piercing shriek filled the room.

      Everyone stopped talking and turned to watch Mr Pieters stride into the room. He slammed his briefcase onto his desk at the front of the class, and stood with his hands on his hips.

      I had Mr Pieters for Science in year eight, and he's a good teacher, but there's two problems; one, he has a very short temper, and two, his voice sounds as though it hasn't broken yet, which I heard he used to get a lot of grief for as a teenager and got angry and had to have anger management, hence the short temper.

      Mr Pieters scanned the classroom, nodding at those of us he had taught before, which included me.

      The class was silent for the whole lesson as Mr Pieters taught us, but as soon as we were all in the corridor on our way to our next lesson, everyone started talking again.

      "Well I see what you meant about his voice!" Damien shouted, trying to make his voice heard over the outrageous noise.

      I smiled and walked with him to the P.E. changing rooms.

      "I have to go and see the School Nurse, shall I meet you back here at the end of the lesson?"

      Damien nodded. "Yep, I was meaning to ask you how your knee is actually."

      "It's better thanks, I'm not hobbling anymore." I glanced around watching out for Sara as I didn't want to be caught in her warpath.

      Damien must have realised what I was doing and gave me a gentle push away from the changing rooms. "Go on, I'll see you later."

      I gave a small laugh and waved bye to him.


      "Meg, how are you this morning?" Nurse Martin asked me cheerfully when I entered the sickbay.    "Just take a seat, I won't be long, I just have to finish up with little Melanie here."

      I sat down and said hi to Melanie, who I recognised as one of the year sevens the Lollipop Brigade had hijacked the table from at lunch yesterday.

      "I'm fine thanks, Nurse Martin."

      "Good. Now I'm afraid that this is going to sting, Melanie."

      Melanie nodded, face clenched in preparation of the pain to come. She gave a small hiss as Nurse Martin cleaned the cut in Melanie's arm.

      Within five minutes Melanie was gone and I was in her seat.

      "Let's have a look at your knee then, Meg."

      I rolled up the leg of my jeans and waited as Nurse Martin removed the bandage and peered at my knee.

      "Well it's looking a lot better, but you won't be able to do P.E. today." She rummaged around in a cupboard and found a clean bandage. Kneeling back down beside me she wrapped my knee up again. "You were lucky that you didn't need stitches, Meg." She told me seriously as she stood back up and washed her hands.

      I nodded silently and rolled my jeans back down.

      Nurse Martin put a hand on my shoulder and I looked up at her. "You will tell someone if it happens again, won't you Meg?'

      I muttered a reply and wondered to myself as Nurse Martin wrote a note for Mrs Goff, if she had been the one that had told Sara's form teacher about Sara's bullying ways. I silently cursed myself for telling Nurse Martin last year that it had been Sara that had been the cause of all my 'accidents'. 

      "You're all set to go then, Meg." Nurse Martin said, handing me the note.

      I stood up and thanked her.

      "You take care, and I don't expect to see you back here anytime soon."

      Walking to the changing rooms, I thought over Nurse Martin's parting statement. It must have been Nurse Martin that told Sara's form teacher. I didn't know if I should thank her or not.

      Mrs Goff was yet again unimpressed with my note and I was ordered to disappear for what remained of the hour again.

      I hadn't been given any Science homework, so I sat in the library and read my Crystal Kingdom book. It's certainly not the first time I've read it, as it's the first one, but I'm going to re-read the series as I haven't read them for a while.

      Speaking of books, that reminds me that I have to tell Damien that I'm working this afternoon. Yep, I have a job; I actually work at the local bookshop, Sterling Books. It's the best job ever! Well for a 'Book-Lover' like me. My boss is really nice too, and I get a discount.

      My reading made the hour pass quickly, with memories of the game of Crystal Kingdom that Damien and I played yesterday leaking into my mind and making me burst out laughing several times when I remembered his comments, earning disapproving looks from the Head Librarian Mrs Mill.


      "What's the diagnosis then?" Damien asked when I met him outside the changing rooms.

      We hurried away before the Lollipop Brigade could appear, and sat in our form room as it was too cold outside.

      "Well, it was a close call, but I don't need to have my leg amputated." I laughed.

      Damien smiled. "That's good news."

      "We have Maths next, what did you think of Mr Kelly yesterday?" I asked, taking a bite of my breakfast bar.      

      He shrugged. "He's ok; at least he was trying to make it fun."

      I nodded. "Oh, I won't be able to walk home later as I've got work."

      Damien looked surprised. "Where do you work?"

      "At the local bookshop, I work on the till."

      He looked impressed. "Cool. I need to get a job actually, do you know if there are any jobs available there?"

      I frowned. "I don't think so, but I'll ask for you. You should ask around town, there's bound to be a job going somewhere."

      Damien nodded. "Yeah I will do. I haven't actually been into town yet though. We finish early tomorrow don't we? Do you want to get some lunch in town and look around the shops?"

      I smiled. "That sounds good; I'll look forward to it."

      The bell went and we went to Maths.

      Mr Kelly wasn't there when we got to the classroom so everyone was talking loudly, including me and Damien. That was until Sara and Angel stormed in.

      Silence descended and Damien and I exchanged worried glances.

      I cringed when Sara threw her bag on the table before slumping into her seat.

      Angel sat down beside her, glowering at everyone that was watching them.

      Sara started muttering under her breath, her fists clenched. I had never seen her this angry before, and I'm ashamed to admit that I was scared.

      Mr Kelly walked in and Angel could be heard muttering soothing words to Sara.

      Mr Kelly eyed them. "Is everything alright girls?"

      Angel nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, Mr Kelly, everything's fine."

      He seemed reassured by Angel's lie and started writing notes on the board.

      I peered at Sara and could see that her jaw was clenched. I silently prayed (though I'm not usually religious) that no one would do anything to provoke her.


      The lesson seemed to drag on, but the bell eventually rang and we packed up our bags.

      Sara walked past the front row where Damien and I were sat. She paused by me and I flinched. Sara swept a hand across my desk, knocking all my belongings onto the floor. "Oops," she said, smirking.

      I bit back an insult (I don't like to swear) and waited for the giggling Sara and Angel to leave the classroom.

      Damien helped me to pick up my stuff, and I quickly stuffed it all into my bag, and left the room blushing furiously.

      "Thanks," I said as I walked Damien to his History class.

      He looked angry. "There was no need for that."

      I shrugged. "When she is angry she takes her anger out on other people."

      "It's just wrong though." Damien said shaking his head.

      I gave him a grateful smile. "I know. I'll see you later, ok?"

      He nodded and walked into his History classroom.

      With a sigh I walked down the corridor and to my Geography classroom.

      We watched a video in Geography which made me sleepy, so I was yawning and rubbing my eyes as Damien and I walked to the cafeteria.

      "That boring am I?" He asked with a smile.

      I shook my head as we sat down at a table in the corner. "Of course not, I'm sorry it's just that we watched a video in Geography and it made me sleepy."

      He laughed. "It's ok, I was just teasing you know."

      I ruffled my bob and laughed. "I know. So how have your first two days at Lakeside High School been so far?"

      Damien shrugged. "They've been alright. I'm glad that I made a new friend so quickly though."

      I smiled and took a bite of my sandwich.

      "One that like Crystal Kingdom too," He added.

      I laughed and told him about when his comments had made me laugh when I had been sat in the library.

      He smiled. "They weren't that funny."

      "Yeah they were." I told him. "We'll definitely have to play it again soon; we need to earn more gold."

      Damien nodded. "Yep, we need to save up. Any chance you'll be able to play it after work?"

      I bit my lip as I considered his question. "I don't know... I work four to seven, and I'll need to do my homework afterwards. I'll text you if I can."

      "That's ok, I think we've got a guest coming for tea this evening, so I might be busy anyway, but yeah text me if you can."

      When we had finished our lunch we went and sat in the Library in the corner, pretending to be reading, but were really talking.


      The bell went and we walked to English, laughing to ourselves.

      It was like Damien had given me a new lease of life, and I was loving it.

      We started poetry in English, which was ok, but rather boring if I'm honest.

      After English, I had French and Damien had I.T. I walked him to his class and we bid farewell to each other, vowing to walk together to school the next morning.

      Madame Yves, I'm relieved to say didn't pull me aside again at the end of the lesson, but did praise me several times during the lesson, which I have to admit I enjoyed. Hey, a girl has got to be good at at least one subject right? Mine just happens to be French.

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