The Revelations of Meg Scott-Reese

Needs editing! The Lollipop Brigade. That's what Meg nicknames the gang of popular girls at her high school. They've made Meg's life hell and stopped her from having any friends. That's until Damien appears. But what if there is more to the Lollipop Brigade than meets the eye?


15. Chapter Fifteen


      I felt something brush my cheek and hit it away, muttering incoherently.

      "What?" I heard a distant voice ask. 

      With a deep groan I opened my eyes and gazed groggily around.

      Everything was slanted diagonally so I sat up, as I appeared to be sitting on a sofa.

      I could feel someone's arm around me and turned bleary eyed to see Damien looking at me with a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

      "Meg," He said shaking me awake gently.

      I had been nodding off again, and jerked myself awake. "Yes?" I frowned, looking around the room. "I'm still at your house?"

      "Yes you are," He laughed. "We came in here to watch some TV, and fell asleep pretty much straight away. Mum, Dad and Jeremy went off somewhere."

      My brain was hurting and I wanted to go back to sleep. "How long was I asleep for?" I mumbled, resting my head back against Damien's arm.

      "Only half an hour," He told me. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was finding the whole situation very funny.

      "Mm," I closed my eyes and snuggled up to Damien.

      "Hey, don't go back to sleep." He laughed, shaking me gently.

      "But I'm so tired." I moaned, rubbing my eyes.

      I heard Damien sigh. "Do you want me to take you home?"

      I nodded sleepily. "Yes please, would you?"

      He laughed and helped me stand up. "Come on then."

      Damien walked me home, while I tried to stay awake.

      He used my keys to get inside the house, and told a surprised Claire and Aaron that I was sleepy, before practically carrying me up the stairs.

      Damien set me gently down on my bed, and I curled up into a ball as best as I could, since my thigh was still sore.

      "Thank you." I whispered, already drifting off to sleep.

      The last thing I remember before going to sleep was hearing Damien chuckle to himself, then I felt his lips on my forehead as he muttered. "Sweet dreams, Meg."


      I spent Sunday pretty much in bed, apart from the odd occasion when I went to the bathroom, or downstairs to get food or drink.

      Damien popped over in the afternoon and we chatted for an hour or so. I'm surprised that we have anything left to talk about these days, considering how much time we actually spend talking.

      Anyway I must have looked a right state, still in my pyjamas, my hair not brushed.

      Damien left saying that he had some homework to do, and said that he would see me tomorrow morning.

      Claire walked into my room a few minutes after Damien had left, and I let out a small sigh.

      "Damien and I aren't..." Well haven't is what I should really have said.

      Claire held up a hand, stopping me mid sentence. "I wasn't going to say anything about that Meg, this is about something important."

      Wondering what was going to happen next I nodded slowly to show my understanding. "Ok..."

      Aaron appeared and joined Claire at the edge of my bed. He took Claire's hand in his and gave her a reassuring smile.

      Ok, now I was worried. "What is this about?" I asked, wondering if I had done something wrong.

      "Aaron and I have some exciting news." Claire told me, smiling.

      Oh it looked like I wasn't in trouble then, which was good. I nodded, wondering if we were moving house or something along those lines.

      Claire was beaming as she said. "Aaron and I are adopting a baby."

      I felt my mouth drop in a combination of surprise and shock.

      I saw Aaron and Claire exchange a worried glance.

      "A baby?" I repeated, for some reason my brain was having trouble this piece of information. "You are adopting a baby?"

      Claire reached forwards and grabbed my hand. "This baby isn't to replace you, Meg, no nothing like that. This baby is going to be a sibling for you, a brother."

      I could feel my eyes swelling with tears. "A brother?"

      Through my tear filled eyes I could see both Aaron and Claire crying tears of happiness.

      Claire pulled me into her arms, and then Aaron joined in as well.

      I let out a sob as my tears fell freely down my cheeks.

      A brother! I had always wanted a brother or sister, but I had never thought that I would get one.

      Claire put a hand on my cheek and peered at me, obviously unsure as to whether my tears we those of joy and sadness.

      "That's brilliant news!" I remarked.

      Aaron and Claire looked relieved which I kind of resented; had they thought that I wouldn't want them to adopt someone else? Well that makes me feel just great.

      I wiped the tears from my cheeks. "When are you getting him?"

      It was Aaron that answered. "At the end of the month, there's just some paperwork to finish off."

      I nodded and browsed my mental calendar; the end of the month was only in a few weeks.

      "What's... what's his name?" I asked.

      "Jake," Claire told me, eyes shining. "His name is Jake. Oh Meg, just wait till you see him! He's so adorable, only seven months old."       I couldn't help but smile and Claire started crying again, pulling me into a tight embrace.


      I told Damien the great news the next morning as we walked to school.

      "That's great! You're going to be a big sister, congratulations."

      I laughed and thanked him.

      "I always wanted a brother or sister," He told me. "But Mum and Dad didn't seem too bothered about having another child. Maybe I was so perfect that they didn't see the need for another child."

      I laughed and poked him in the ribs. "Or maybe you were so bad that you scared them off from having another child, in fear that it would turn out like you."

      I shrieked as Damien tickled me, sending some birds flying off into the sky.

      I nudged him playfully as we walked through the school gates, and almost bumped into someone.

      A huge crowd had gathered at the front of the school, and I could see an ambulance and police car parked by the main entrance.

      "What's going on?" I asked, standing on my tiptoes as I tried to see over the sea of heads in front of me.

      As I jumped up and down I caught glimpses of a body bag being brought out of the school, and being loaded into the back of the ambulance.

      My eyes were wide as I wondered who had died.

      The Principal, Mr. Walsh appeared and told us all to go to our form classes.

      Everyone was gossiping about whom it was that had died; though no one knew for certain, but they all said it had been someone from the English department.

      Miss Fayre arrived after nearly ten minutes, looking sombre and dreary as she trudged into the classroom.

      Her voice was hoarse when she spoke. "No doubt you all saw the ambulance and police car outside." She sniffed, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. "Mr. Lee's body was found by one of his students, the poor girl. The paramedics agreed that the cause of death was cyanide poisoning."

      There was an audible gasp around the classroom.

      "Was it murder?" Someone cried out excitedly, only to be hit by his neighbour.

      Miss Fayre shook her head. "The police don't know, but part of the English block has been cordoned off, so some of your English classes will be in different rooms. Also the water won't be working until at least this afternoon as it needs to be checked to make sure that there isn't any cyanide in the water."

      Students cried out in outrage about how they would need to go to the toilet, and other similar things.

      Miss Fayre waited until they had calmed down before she continued speaking. "If you want to risk dying from cyanide poisoning be my guest, but that is what is happening. The Principal was considering sending you all home," There were several cheers at this. "But he didn't want you to miss any of school."     This caused everyone to groan in disappointment.

      The bell rang and everyone stood up, ready to go.

      "Quiet!" Miss Fayre called. "There is an assembly in the Hall."

      We went to the Hall and filed into the empty rows.

      Mr. Walsh made a speech similar to Nurse Martin's, about how Mr. Lee had been a dedicated and excellent teacher who had always gone out of his way for his students.

      At the end of his speech, Mr. Walsh said. "As your form teachers will no doubt have told you, the water has been switched off until we can determine that the cyanide that caused Mr. Lee's death was not in the water, and therefore suicide or murder."

      There were gasps at the 'm' word and I rolled my eyes.

      Mr. Walsh dismissed us, and Damien and I walked to the building in which I had Geography, and he had History.


      The water was turned back on after lunchtime, and the news was that there was no trace of cyanide at all in the water.

      Half of the students in my Maths class asked to go to the bathroom when they heard the news.

      Mr. Kelly told them that they could go in pairs, and the two students that had been nearest to the door quickly disappeared before anyone had even moved.

      Mr. Kelly muttered an excuse and left the classroom, and we all laughed because we all knew that he had gone off to the toilet.

      "Must have been suicide then," Damien said, doodling in his Maths book.

      I frowned. "But he didn't seem at all depressed; he was always so happy... just like Nurse Martin. Their deaths just don't make sense."

      Hearing giggling I turned at saw Sara and Angel laughing to themselves.

      Sara whirled around and glared at me.

      I looked away as quickly as I could, hurting my neck in the process. Placing a hand on my sore neck I looked down at my desk, trying to get the image of Sara's ferocious glare out of my mind as memories from the Hall of Mirrors and the theatre bathroom whirled around in my mind, the very ones that had been the cause of my countless nightmares.

      Damien's hand found mine under the desk, and I squeezed his hand warmly in return.


      Damien had work after school, so I text Aaron to see if he would pick me up as I stood by the road the school was next to.

      I grew more anxious and impatient with every second that passed, due to the fact that the Lollipop Brigade had swarming not far away and every now and then I would catch snippets of their conversation, which were sometimes hostile comments about me.

      I could feel their eyes on me when Aaron finally arrived and I hastily got into the car.

      "Thanks for picking me up." I said as we drove away and I let out a small sigh of relief.

      Aaron smiled. "No problem. I heard something about a body being found at your school this morning."

      I rubbed my temples feeling a headache coming along. "Yeah it was an English teacher, Mr. Lee. He was killed my cyanide poisoning but they don't know if it was suicide or murder."

      Aaron frowned and didn't say anything else for the rest of the journey home, which was pretty short.

      Opening the door to the house, Aaron asked. "How's your leg?"

      "Better thanks." I said, going into the kitchen and getting a snack and a drink. "I've got lots of homework so I'm going to go upstairs."


      It must have been nearly tea time when I heard raised voices coming from downstairs. I stopped writing and went out to the landing, and peered down to see what was happening.       I heard a door close and the voices were cut off.

      Frowning I returned to my desk, concerned and confused.

      I finished my homework and went downstairs half an hour later to find Aaron cooking dinner and Claire working on the laptop on the breakfast bar.

      "Everything alright?" I asked.

      "Yes, everything is fine, Meg, why?" Claire asked, smiling away as if nothing had happened.

      Frowning I muttered a reply and waited for Aaron to serve up the food.

      Dinner was quieter than usual, as Claire and Aaron weren't their usual chatty selves, so it was obvious that something had happened, I could tell that it was something serious by the distracted way that Aaron and Claire ate their food. 

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